17 Online Opportunities for Spanish Teacher Jobs (2023)

17 Online Opportunities for Spanish Teacher Jobs (1)

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The number of companies hiring teachers and tutors online isexpanding at an annual rate of 14%.

Many schools are starting to offer “virtual classrooms” and the trend is expected to continue!

If you're looking for Spanish teaching jobs online, you've got itA unique opportunity to use your unique language and teaching skills outside of the classroom in an unprecedented way..

Then it's time to share your Spanish skills with the world.

It's easy to explore new ways to teach Spanish online, and there are many good reasons to take the digital step.

Maybe you already teach Spanish part-time or your 30-40 hours a week are just not enough.

You might want to guaranteeadditional sources of income.

Or maybe you just want an easy, home-made way to share your knowledge with others.

You're in luck: online Spanish teacher jobs can make that a reality!

How to Expand Your Spanish Teaching Opportunities

so you havehe spoke fluent spanishand nowthat's what you teach“Not only that, you are also very passionatelive off your language skills?

In today's booming online markets, you can teach from the comfort of your own home or while traveling.

Why settle for just your regular salary when you can expand your impact by doing and teaching more?

Things to Consider About Online Spanish Teaching Jobs

WhileStellar opportunities aboundthere are certainHints. For your own protection, be sure to read the contracts and agreements regarding online applications. Many people skip them because they are in a hurry or becauseHopewhich are relatively obvious.

Only apply if you agree to the exclusive terms and conditions. For example, many online tutors are criticized or removed from company lists for sharing contact information with students when the company dictates that they only communicate directly with students on their platform (they don't want you stealing students from them!!).

Another caveat is that many companies that hire teachers online will hire you as aindependent contractor, which means you will not receive a tax return at the end of the year. Therefore, you must arrange your own taxes.

(Video) Earn $133 Daily Teaching Spanish Online Without a Degree in 2023 | Teaching Spanish Online

In short, one of the biggest challenges in spreading your wings and flying to new horizons online issave your money and time wisely.

Check out the reviews (see our Glassdoor recommendations below) and reach out to the HR team if you have a question about a specific company. They will likely reply to you in a timely manner. They tend to be very accommodating and friendly because they want to benefit from your skills.

Online Spanish Teaching Jobs Ideas

1. Teach to learn apps

One of the big dogs in this mobile app learning space,Rosetta Stone is currently hiringat the time of publication of this post. Although they require native speakers to teach their K-12 students, being native speakers is not required. I still recommend signing up, even if you're not a native Spanish speaker.

One of the caveats is that they expect you to be available 6-10 hours a weekdays of the weekFor teachers who have a day off from their 9 to 5 lesson schedule, this might be perfect!

Other educational applications with greater query flexibility arehave classesjThe College Professor, which I will discuss in more detail below.

2. Virtual professor/tutor

Do you want the same permanent job as a class teacher, but with flexibility in terms of location?

Schools, both public and private, are increasingly aware of the benefits of individualizing education and using technology to meet individual student needs. For example,here is a schoolwho is looking for virtual Spanish teachers (at the time of publishing this blog).

Be prepared to take on any duties expected of a teacher, such as: B. Keeping office hours and discussing student progress with parents. Some of these positions require a teaching certificate, so make sure you qualify!

3. Author of educational blogs

Do you like to write about tips for language learning and your knowledge in language classes?

If you look for paid freelance blogging opportunities, you'll find that many companies and websites pay anywhere from $10 to $100 per article. Starting your own personal blog can also be rewarding if you are patient and put in the time.

Ad revenue varies wildly based on traffic, so you need to spend time building a virtual audience first. Personal blogs may contain advertisements for online marketplaces such as Amazon, which may generate revenue when Internet users browse and click on advertisements in your posts.

If you are interested in writing, editing, translating, doing digital marketing or creating YouTube content for a language learning platform, FluentU is a great company to work for.!

We're hiring paid freelancers to work on all of the above and more! All jobs are 100% remote and you can be part of a supportive and collaborative team.

See oursFluentU-Jobseiteto see what positions we are hiring.

4. Create your own content for educational websites

Yes, your creative language worksheets, eBooks or other learning materials can be monetized.

Many companies (e.g. Varsity Tutors) and schools pay teachers to do thisCreate problem quiz setsfor tutoring platforms and language courses.

The skill here lies in marketing, in addition to creating unique, high-quality material that makes learning easier.Payout rates depend on demand and can range from $5 to thousands.Some companies only acceptbetween 6.5% and 10% commission and the rest is yours.

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One that has gained a lot of traction in this area lately isUdemy, where you can sell and promote your own online courses.

5. Create your own content on YouTube

We've all heard about popular YouTube stars making the big bucks, and while it certainly takes time and effort to get there, there is a way to monetize your own personal instructional and learning videos.

For example, you can create digital music videos for free through your YouTube account andearn between 8 and 26 cents per ad impressionActivation of an AdSense account on YouTube. While it may seem like a small amount, it can gradually add up.

However, it is important to clarify that revenue is not generated from watching videos or clicking on videos, but from watching ads. The more viewers engage with the ad (the longer they see it)more you will do. It also depends on your target keywords, so you might want to research them. Who is Looking for Online Spanish Lessons and How Can You Win Them?

6. Create your own learning apps

The mobile market overtook desktop and laptop usage in 2014. 80% of internet users now own smartphones.

There is certainly a growing demand and some are saying that apps are the ultimate future of the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated in a keynote speech in 2015 that he believes the future of television also lies in apps, further expanding the possibilities of apps beyond iPhone and iPad to the big screen.

Of course, this option may take a little more time. You need to do research as your app needs to stand out from the growing competition. If you're not tech savvy, you may also need to find and hire someone to bring your teaching content to life.

If you create an app, you can make anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 a month, depending on how many people download it and how much you charge for it.Apple's iOS platform is the most popular and despite commission fees, 25% of app developers make more than $5,000 a month.!

Companies that hire teachers online

If you don't like the options above and just want to teach Spanish direct online, here are some great options that involve teaching in a more traditional sense.

Just make sure you have a strong internet connection. Also, your student roster starts building slowly, so be patient!


WyzAnt(WA) can be a good choice as they have earned a high ranking on Google (and pay a lot of money for it) when people search online for tutors.

In recent years it has become quite competitive as the company hires more and more experienced tutors who often compete with each other especially if they are listed as tutors in the same field!

The downside is that WA charges teachers a 40% commission on all your earnings during the first few lessons, although this drops to 10-25% as you continue teaching and solidify your skills.

8.The College Professor

Varsity Tutors (VT) offers online tutoringÖMeet students in person, as close as you like. While VT tends to pay more for face-to-face classes, online classes can also be inexpensive.

VT keeps its payments under control and automatically deposits into the tutors' accounts twice a week. FP Tutors also have the opportunity to create practice assignment sets for their subjects for additional income. In addition, they offer financial incentives to tutors if they refer friends as FP tutors or if they recommend external students to take FP courses.

Another advantage is that it offers a top-notch learning platforma living, editable whiteboard.You will find many creative and useful tools that you can use to teach effectively to a wide range of students.

The only downside to VT is that many of the online opportunities are quickly being eliminated due to increased competition.

(Video) The Master Negotiator! - Bishop T.D. Jakes

9.have classes

At TakeLessons(TL) you can quickly create a tutor profile. Your list will appear immediately when prospective students browse the listed teachers.

Here you can set your own rate (as opposed to VT) as well as your own availability. You will be notified of potential student inquiries via email.

Keep an eye out for blogging opportunities as well, as TL will regularly email you about topics for tutors to blog about, often topics potential students have been researching recently.

TL pays its tutors $50 per post of 500-800 words. The downside, similar to VT, is that if you're teaching a subject that's being taught too often, it can be difficult to find students.


Verbling is unique in its quest for spontaneity.

If you have an unscheduled block of time, it can be loaded whenever students book a teacher. For this reason, it is important to keep track of your emails. The average rate is $15 per hour, with the most expensive teachers charging around $25 per hour. dizzying shots15% of all commissions, which is quite normal.

Classes usually took placeHangouts do Google(I personally preferSkypeÖFacetime). That may still be possible, but now everything is integrated into a single online learning space, eliminating the need to rely on third-party platforms. Teachers receive feedback from students to help them improve their teaching.

A good option is to offer a discounted price on a class package or give potential students a $6 trial lesson.


Preply is a European company that hires freelance teachers (not only to teach languages, although their main focus is languages). He's growing in popularity and determined to increase his presence in the United States.

Unlike VT and TL who have their own teaching platforms, you teach through your own third party app like Skype.

The main benefit is that you can quickly register for classes, set your own fees, choose your schedules and use your own study materials!Preply works similar to an auctionlike eBay, so there is a lot of competition among teachers. You must highlight your profile accordingly! What is special about your teaching and your teaching style?


Lingoda is another European company that pays its tutors €8.5 per hour. Although there have been some harsh criticisms related to the low payout percentages, it can be a great place to get your feet wet.

It's a more relaxed and unstructured place to teach. Lingoda's biggest advantage is that you're likely to attract students from all over the world, not just the United States. However, this can also be a disadvantage as you may feel pressured to teach at odd hours due to time differences between regions.

work resources

If you don't want to teach or tutor at a specific company, you can explore even broader options.

So how about support with the online search for apprenticeships?

13in force

Indeed has come a long way since its inception in 2004. With over 200 million monthly visitors, it is the largest job exchange to date.

It also has an easy-to-use interface that saves your resume so you can easily send it to employers and they can get in touch with you effortlessly as well. However, many employers post their job listings outside of Indeed using external links to their own website, which makes things a little less smooth.

(Video) 10 Online Jobs That Pay $15/hr or More (for Students in 2023)

It still needs work! Be sure to include "remote," "virtual," or "online" in your search terms.

14glass door

Glassdoor is great for gaining insight into a company, its management, and salaries without speaking to or meeting its current or former employees in person. Through this "glass door" you can learn a lot of what you want to know before accepting or seeking a job with a company.

One of the downsides is that not all companies that hire language teachers online still have a strong presence on Glassdoor, with the exception of WA, VT, and TL. But it never hurts to look! It is likely that Glassdoor will continue to grow and cover more and more industries in the coming years.


Upwork is a marketplace for all types of freelancers, not just Spanish teachers. There is a wide range of freelance jobs here, and employers are constantly looking for everything from mobile programmers and graphic designers to, of course, online language teachers.

Of course, this site has its pros and cons.

The main benefit is that you can quickly find and apply for Spanish teaching jobs online and there are usually quite a few out there. One downside is that many employers and students looking for teachers don't know how to review the Upwork marketplace, but that could soon change given the site's growing popularity.


Yes I said it!

Sure, some techies believe Craigslist (CL) is becoming increasingly outdated due to the emergence of trending apps with sexier interfaces. However, this site has a lot of notoriety and many people still flock there to look for services.

There are still many hungry students looking for language teaching and teaching jobs at CL.

This is especially true for those interested in working directly with a tutor rather than through an intermediary company like those mentioned above. This is a huge plus for teachers as you don't have to forfeit commission income.

Posting your own educational ad costs a little money, but it's free to respond to other people's ads. If you choose to post your own ad, you must actively update it once a week or every 45 days, depending on where you live.


Fiverris is an online advertiser where you can advertise your personal education and language services. Although there was onesome bad reviewshinting at the possibility of fraud, don't rule it out just yet!

These reviews are from some frustrated users of Fiverr's services, not those who have their own services for sale. This site has become a favorite for services advertised for $5 and up, especially language tuition, and many of these are simple teaching jobs. After learning the interface there iscan earn a lot of money.

I hope you find these resources helpful in expanding your career online to new horizons!

Jason Linder, MA,She is a PhD student and an extremely passionate Spanish teacher and blog writer. In her free time, she enjoys soap operas, traveling around Latin America, meditation, yoga, exercise, reading and writing. Learn more about yourFree Spanish learning resources and tutoring.

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