Examples of "phrases" in a sentence (2023)


  • most were shortphrasesthey looked like orders.



  • These insteadphrasesSet the tone for the day.



  • Your vocabulary has it allphrasesthat other people are using it, and the explanation for this and the legitimacy of it should be obvious by now.



  • However, the exact meaning he attributes to such expressions is not entirely clear; and occur only occasionally and with air currentsphrasesmechanically repeated.



  • In Heliand, the Redeemer and his apostles are depicted as a king and his faithful warriors, using the traditional epic.phrasesit does not seem, as in Cynewulf or the author Andreas, mere imitation of recognized patterns, but the spontaneous expression of a man accustomed to singing heroic themes.




  • The content of the wedding invitation goes far beyond this.phrasesexplain who is getting married.



  • In addition, in various functionsphrasesand even throughout the verse the two are alike.



  • However, later on, the difficulty of keeping the rites of baptism and the Eucharist from the eyes of the catechumens, and the creeds and the liturgy from their ears, became a difficulty which had always been terrifying and which, after the fall, had become insurmountable. it caused a great wave of Christian rhetoricians such as Basil, Chrysostom, Gregory and CyrilphrasesBorrowed from Greek mysteries, but perhaps an actual application of precautions.



  • In the thirteenth century, however, with scruplesphrasespronounced the death sentence.



  • words andphrasesthese are the organic parts of a sentence by which languages ​​are classified.




  • This middle path was almost inevitable in the transition from feudalism to democracy; and quirky Italianphrases, primo popolo, secondo popolo, terzo pa polo, etc. indicate successive changes in which the oligarchy passed from one stage to another, on its way to being absorbed by democracy or tyranny.



  • select multiple keysphrasesand change the tone depending on the recipient of the thank you card.



  • Wedding invitationphrasesEloquently tell your guests all the information they need to know about your big day.


  • Just listening to the music, imagining the dancers in the room, and letting all that planning permeate will almost certainly start to inspire movement.phrasesand eventually the whole dance arrangement will find its place.


  • This led me to word choice andphrasesin Irish Gaelic, which I heard pronounced.


  • General keywords vs highly targeted keywordsphrasesSurprisingly, many companies still believe that more traffic will inevitably lead to more sales.

  • Trust itphrasesThe founder of the institution is the multimedia sculptor Robert.

  • UsephrasesPhrase searches are a useful way to increase the relevance of your results.

  • Write in a way that is easy to understand and avoid local slangphrases.

  • It should also be added that in theory, however difficult it may be in practice, a careful distinction must be made between legitimate rituals, understood as such, whether they are an integral part of the prayer, such as its verbal forms, or additions, such as gestures, attitudes, incense, oil or whatever, and the formalism of religious decadence, generally betrayed by its insignificance, by its jargonphrases, sung intonation, and so on.


  • The Syriac noun has three states - absolute (mainly in adjectival predicates or participles, but also with numerals and negatives in the adverb).phrasesetc.), construction (which, as in Hebrew, must be immediately followed by the genitive) and accent (see above).

  • In the writings of the mystics, ingenuity has exhausted itself in inventionphrasesto express the connection of this connection.

  • To express changephraseswere invented, which were widely used, although they involved a certain contradiction in terms, viz.

  • This is how the alchemists explained chemical actionphrasesas "like attracts like", stating that substances come together when one "loves" the other and vice versa when one "hates" the other.

  • However, Ha and HR differed mainly in spoken and written form.phrasesas we derived from a and 1 3.


  • Much of this should be taken from grammars, dictionaries, etc., where single lines or groups of lines are quoted to illustrate the correct use of words.phrasesor idiomatic expressions. Moreover, some reciters, not content with reciting the authentic verses of the ancient poets, have included some of their own compositions, and the religious changes introduced by Islam have mutilated many verses in order to adapt them to the teachings of the new creed. The language of the poems, like all the best Arabic literature, was the language of the Arabs of the central Arabian desert; and its proper use was the ambition of poets and scholars as early as the Abbasid period.

  • He has the knowledge of the world, the flexibility of a courtier, the Spanish vitality and the ingenium amoenum attributed to him by Tacitus, the fruits of which are sometimes seen in "Honey"phrases"mentioned by Petronius - pure aspirations allied with contradictory intentions - the contradiction of a man trying to get the best of two worlds, an ideal inner life and a successful real life in an atmosphere of an extremely corrupt court.

  • Kunze, Loofs, Sanday, and Zahn, on the other hand, find evidence of Oriental beliefs that are equally old and therefore different from Roman beliefs.phrasesas "One" (God), "Creator of heaven and earth", "suffering", "will return in glory".

  • he has itphrases"Creator of heaven and earth", "patient" and "crucified", with "under Pontius Pilate" after, not before.

  • Since Jerome was born in Pannonia, it can be assumed that he enters Nicaeaphrasesfrom the Jerusalem Creed to baptismal faith, and 1. It is likely that "one" was deleted in the first sentence.

  • Pliny's praise of Trajan and the defamation of Domitian were formulated in an equally extravagant way.phrasesbut the former is perhaps more uniformly based on truth and justice than the latter.

  • The old English "popinjay" and the old French papegaut have almost fallen out of use, but the German parrot is a large and very natural group of birds in general, which for more than twenty centuries attracts attention not only with its colorful plumage, but, it seems, primarily because of the will, with which many of them learn to imitate the sounds they hear, repeating words and evenphraseshuman speech with often surprising fidelity.

  • Indeed, it makes no sense to rewrite the gospel narratives in the Aramaic dialect spoken by Christ and the apostles, but the key theology of the gospels:phrasesB. "Kingdom of God", "the world to come", "Father in heaven", "son of man" - can be more or less reliably reconstructed on the basis of Jewish writings and their meaning can be judged independently of the meaning they received from Christian hands.

  • Moreover, in this way, fragments are not only taken out of context, but also put together, especially if they contain the same words or phrases.phrasesor you seem to have the same or similar thoughts or goals. The Talmud, referring to Prov.

  • He argues that "New Testament Greek can never be understood in the same way that Classical Greek is understood" and accuses verifiers of distorting the meaning by "translating into Attic".phrasesconveying an entirely different sense in later Greek, a sense recognized by the earlier translators, happily unaware that the context required it."

  • The French legal form mesne is still retained in some legal formsphrases(ver Mesna).

  • In the past it was considered a seat of discontent and melancholy, so it is.phrasesthan to "have a spleen", to be grumpy, capricious, taciturn, "spleen".

  • It gives the wrong colloquial sense, something out of the ordinary, an event that particularly attracts attention; Not greatphrasesas a phenomenal activity.

  • Recent scientific discoveries have completely refuted this legend, which is based on well-known facts.phrasesin monastic chronicles, and had not yet been heard in similar contexts.

  • Pahiavi's books, however, do not fit the subject matter at hand, which is the literature of a language formed by slight modifications and an ever-increasing mixture of Arabic words and ancient Persian.phrasesit originated in the 9th and 10th centuries AD and has remained the same in all relevant respects for the past thousand years.

  • We hear or hear about treatment methods that work in a small percentage of cases.phrasesfor example, "You are not responding to treatment."

  • I was writing The Ice King at the time, and this letter, like many others, reads as followsphrasesshowing that my mind was steeped in history.

  • Of course, he makes a lot of mistakes, twists words andphrasesputting the cart before the horse and getting into a hopeless mess of nouns and verbs; but so does a hearing child.

  • She remembers everything I told her about it, and when I told her mom I REPEATED THE WORDS EXACTLY ANDRETURNSI described it to her.

  • words firstphrasesand the phrases she used to express her thoughts were reproductions of what we used in conversation with her and which she unconsciously retained in her memory.

  • First of all, it lacks an accent in sentences and a variety of inflection.phrases.

  • When she managed to tell the story in more detail, the echo still echoed in her head.phrasesShe wrote nine years earlier.

  • The little princess, plump and pink, sitting in an armchair with work in her hands, talked nonstop, repeating memories and even memories of St. Petersburgphrases.

  • His conversation was always spiced up with a witty originality and ending.phrasesgeneral interest.

  • "I don't see anything, I don't remember anything," she continued, repeating what she usually didphrases.

  • We will follow this practice and refer to statements with one of these quantifiersphrases"Quantitative Statements".

  • often addictivephrasesare used in musical lyrics because they stay in the memory of listeners longer than spoken words.

  • To bephrasesof course, it can be reworked to suit the style of the document you are preparing.

  • For the purposes of the review, I focused on slightly reformulating some of your statements.phrasesto make them look more natural.

  • Like many intellectual groups, it cannot simply be reduced to a handful.phrasesor memorized methods.

  • UsephrasesPhrase search is a useful way to increase the relevance of your results.

  • Careful selection of keysphraseswant to use in your pay per click campaign is essential.

  • keyword or keywordphrasesshould be separated by commas.

  • It all boils down to wordplay and the ability to attract the attention of the jury with simple means.phrasesor cool slogans.

  • Driven by big drum soundsphrasesand pulsating rhythms, attacks the listener stealthily and forcefully.

  • Examples of threatsphrasesThese include "May cause cancer" or "Toxic by inhalation."

  • choose a few of themphraseswitnesses of the "tragic irony".

  • After applying a bit of simple algebra to something mundanephrasesand stereotypes, you can gain a new understanding of the secret of wealth and success.

  • Some field descriptions also had word marks or were truncatedphrases.

  • The teacher or teachers must choose keywords orphrasesYou want students to make choices.

  • In each episode, Dora and her monkey friend Boots accompany her on a journey full of puzzling problems based on a specific word.phraseswhile teaching Spanish as a second language to preschoolers.

  • Search on Google withphraseslike Jungle Nursery Theme and Jungle Nursery Ideas.

  • Stay calm and don't give in to the urge to finish your child's words.phrases.

  • Corporate gift cards come in a variety of designs, including pictures of a dog in various occupations (doctor, construction worker, etc.)phraseslike "Good job".

  • Emails claiming to be from someone trying to send you money may contain multiple emails.phrasesprompting for immediate action, such as "Reply ASAP!" or "This offer ends in one hour!"

  • easyphrasesTo complete your sentences, quote stickers let you put your thoughts, wishes and inspirations where they can be seen.

  • Quote stickers can be single letters, single words, or solidphrasesor phrases.

  • Depending on the source, you can make custom adjustmentsphrasesprinted on a sticker, or you may need several stickers carefully put together to make a list.

  • some common wordsphrasesand sayings are available as wall stickers.

  • unique words andphrasesB. "Believe", "Faith" or "Home is where the heart is" can be commonly found on the Internet, craft stores and decorating centers.

  • Many translation sites offer to translate words orphrasesfor you, but how do you know which is the best?

  • Thanks to the class structure, you are more likely to memorize lessons rather than repeat words and wordsphrasesfrom an online translator.

  • Here you can see words and slang entered by the userphrasesthat may be considered for inclusion in the dictionary.

  • When you enter the site for the first time, you can easily do simple translations of words, phrases, etc.phrases.

  • HowJSay - Although it works with both popular onesphrasesApart from single words, only English words and are spokenphrases.

  • Translate these words andphrasesfor you, but there is no way to hear them translatedphrasesonline.

  • Although this is no longer the case, many still remember some strange things.phrasesit caused.

  • letters shortphrases, simple geometric shapes and flowers are popular die options.

  • words andphrasesThese include "baptism," "holy spirit," and "new life."

  • TogetherphrasesPhrases, poems, song lyrics, famous quotes, funny quotes from loved ones, and ready-made scrapbook embellishments can all be great sources of phrases for your project.

  • The English language is full of colorsphrasesand phrases that are good for scrapbooking.

  • This large catalog contains over 4000phrasesand phrases grouped by the most common scrapbook design themes.

  • Messages - you will find a wide variety of post messages, single words or general messagesphrases.

  • Clipart includes cartoon characters, flowers, animals,phrasesand Christmas symbols.

  • add trashphrasesFill in the blanks in the photos before attaching them to the page.

  • New project cards are released regularly. Choose from generic shapes, seasonal graphics, themed embellishments, andphrases.

  • Instead of just a photo collection, you can use embellishments that add words andphrasesshow a sense of humor

  • phrasesit can inspire a page theme or even create a main page layout.

  • In many cases, the words or are used on CDsphrasesdesigned for relaxation.

  • One of the most popular and cool ways for teenagers to wear Christian T-shirts is to buy ones that reinvent popular logos, slogans, images and pop culture icons.phrases.

  • This works well for blended teas and allows e.gphrasessuch as "beautiful mix" or "perfect match".

  • Below are some examplesphrasesto help you with each of these important areas of wedding planning.

  • with the lawphrasesmakes sure everyone knows how to dress.

  • Wedding invitationphrasescan avoid awkward situations and ensure that everyone attending your wedding and reception feels welcome while celebrating your love.

  • oftenphrases"Inexpensive" and "designer" don't go together in the same sentence.

    (Video) Phrases and Sentences with Examples (Grade 2 & 3) | Tutway

  • You can enter words orphrasesChoose songs that have meaning to you regarding your relationship and see if there are any matching songs that contain those words.

  • One of the most commonphrasesWhen it comes to Las Vegas, the saying goes, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

  • I can take advantage of it.phrases, slogans, and other statements I've heard from friends, at AA meetings, and elsewhere.

  • Clinical Trials, Research, Clinical Trials and the likephrasesthey are often mentioned, but they basically represent the same kind of thing.

  • Affirmation curtain with nonsensephraseswritten on what looks like stickers.

  • One tip is to focus on the keyphrasesto filter out results that are not useful to you.

  • With its endless energy, captivatingphrasesRachael Ray has become a household name for her penchant for quick and easy cooking.

  • Sweet and chic T-shirts with screen printingphrasesare popular with both boys and girls.

  • The ones with an exceptionally agile characterphrasesT-shirts with a print on the front, those with a well-known adult logo (such as the Playboy bunny), and low-waist T-shirts may not be allowed at your child's school.

  • Popular Irish patterns on St. Patrick's Day sweaters feature shamrocks, leprechauns, a harp or a Celtic crossphrasesas "Happiness of the Irish".

  • Find the key in the manualphrasesor material is easier with downloaded text.

  • Puppy-inspired toys and toysphrasessuch as "Drop the sloop!"

  • Many of our dogs learn a few words orphraseshave in mind.

  • Praise him and use the keyphrasessuch as "Use the litter box" or "Go potty" as soon as it is in the litter box.

  • This is because many bass tracks are quite repetitive and consist of just a few tracks.phrasesthat are played repeatedly.

  • SimplyphrasesSayings like "Think of yourself" or "Two hearts as one" can be easily engraved and given a very personal touch.

  • Pool tees come in a variety of styles, from snarky to snarkyphrasesTeam spirit, and there certainly is, no matter what kind of personality you're looking for.

  • The Pool Excuses T-shirt is a favorite T-shirt featuring eight comic book themesphraseswhy did the game suddenly go bad.

  • With lots of cool graphics and humorous tricksphrasesthere is a lot of good energy!

  • You can choose from designs as simple as a geocaching logo orphrasesintended to make readers laugh, like the "billion dollar" quote above.

  • One of the shots of the guyphrases"The Dude Stays" is a very common motif on Big Lebowski T-shirts and sweatshirts.

  • Often, an elderly person will surprise you with his reaction, expressing a desire to learn and learn to play an instrument.phrasesin a new language or something equally unconventional.

  • The site is packed with information about the technology behind the glasses, helpful tips on choosing the right frames, and even fun features like a Hawaii quiz and a list of common Hawaiian words and words.phrases.

  • Spellings of things like "iron," "aluminum," "tin," even cognatephraseslike "shining", they all deal bonus damage.

  • Some of the categories are: Events, Places, People, Things, Professions; and most of themphrasesthey are pop culture references, so anyone with a useless source of knowledge in their head should be fine.

  • For more, you need to download a 4.5 MB file, which can also be created by the user himself.phrases.

  • Sing "Bring The Noise 20xx" in Neon Oasis and get "Excellent" 75 times in a row to unlock the mode that removes ads during the song.phrasesI do not sing.

  • The dialogue was stiff and passers-by were saying the same thingphrasesas well as the police.

  • Every superhero and villain you meet has their own choices.phrasesthey will say when interacting with each other.

  • Change the order of names andphrasesdevoted to the newphrases.

  • Sega decided to expand the possibilities of the keyboard by developing The Typing of the Dead, which is the same main game as House of the Dead, but you use the keyboard to type words andphraseskill zombies.

  • Keep your eyes open to the word iphrasesthis is your main task.

  • In addition to the ranking scorephrasesappear next to the icon and indicate the type of content that can be found in the game.

  • Fear not, because in this free phrasebook you will find keywords andphrasesin twenty different European languages, including German, French, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

  • The free version offers about 100 basic versionsphraseswhile the full version ($9.99) extends this significantly.

  • Perhaps the most striking example of this is coprolalia, the involuntary utterance of obscene or socially inappropriate words or words.phraseswhich occurs in less than a third of people with Tourette syndrome.

  • Articulation therapy where they learn to repeat certain sounds, words,phrasesi frazy.

  • They may also be able to understand words andphrases, follow simple commands, use few words or characters, and recognize and interact with others.

  • Specific word exercises follow, beginning with individual sounds, then syllables, and ending with words,phrasesi frazy.

  • Language begins with the repetition of syllables followed by words,phrasesi frazy.

  • Stuttering is a language problem characterized by repetition; Down; or long syllables, words andphrases.

  • On a good day, a person who stutters may be able to speak fluently using words that would normally cause the repetition, pausing, or prolongation of sounds, syllables, parts of words, whole words, and so on.phrases.

  • These steps are described in the dance manualphrasessuch as "Vine left for 8 beats" or "Two jazz squares, starting with the left foot, then rallying and jumping to the left."

  • Customize the tombstone with the tombstonephrasesor grave inscriptions add a special character to the resting place of your loved ones.

  • check the tombstonephrasesin this article to help you find the perfect one.

  • You have two options for choosing a tombstonephrases; You can choose one that speaks about how you feel about your loved one, or one that reflects the life or death of that person.

  • There are many tombstone sites on the Internetphrasesavailable.

  • Epitaphs - an epitaph consists of several words orphrasesthat mark on the tombstone.

  • It helps you understand how characters are used to form words and word variationsphrases.

  • If your hairspray contained one of thesephrasesB. "Mega", "Freezing" or "Ultra" in front of the basement, you will probably get bangs in an 80's mall.

  • The advanced job search allows you to perform a targeted searchphrases, release dates and more.

  • You can also refine your search even further by entering a keyword.phrasesin the search form.

  • If you want to spend a little less and still bring the Christmas spirit with you, check out Elmo's Tickle Hands which your child can use and listen to Elmophraseswhile feeling the tickling vibration.

  • Rocky's interactive robot truck lets kids interact with a truck that speaks over 100 languagesphrasesincluding jokes.

  • India can tellphrasesfor example, "Snakes...why would it be snakes!"

  • The truck says "everyone over 80".phrasesor tell a joke.

  • Your bed is pre-filled with "gravel" and has fewer feet on itphrases.

  • The dollhouse is interactive and has a doorbell and a button that says "Popular Dora".phrasesin both English and Spanish.

  • The buttons on the dollhouse say "over 75".phrasesin English and Spanish.

  • That says whether or not you choose one of the dollhousesphrasesIn either Spanish or English or the non-speaking Mega Bloks model, the Dora dollhouse is a way to encourage bilingual play.

  • The playset offers as many as 150 authentic performancesphrases, real show environments and comes with two Fashion Switch figures.

  • Leaflets are also availablephrasesshow.

  • The Little Tikes Playhouse version of Dora also has electronic sensors that emit different sounds and Doraphrases.

  • You can customize the row by changing itphrasesaccording to your situation or by adding the volunteer's name.

  • You want to use similar words andphrases.

  • Whatever you do or say, you should definitely avoid it.phraseswhich are likely to be interpreted as taglines if you want to be taken seriously.

  • if you find itphrasesHey baby, have I never seen you anywhere? Start rolling your tongue and take a sip of the drink before the words come out of your mouth.

  • Given some of the methods used by poets such as Cummings (who usesphrasesas "electric skin") to find inspiration for his own poetry.

  • However, they are certainphrasesand topics that can almost always cast a romantic light on the conversation.

  • However, extreme caution should be exercised when using it.phrasesand words that will make your lover feel comfortable.

  • Use simple words andphrasesto remind your loved one of the great idea of ​​"LOVE" and let your imagination and memories do the rest.

  • They also feature individually engraved rings.phrasesdecorate the band.

  • To bephrasesit can be any specific verse or saying that has meaning.

  • the same wordsphrasesor symbols can be engraved on different engagement rings to match the symbolism even though ring styles vary widely.

  • The traditional wording of party invitations is often formalphrases, the title of the host and the name of the Bride and Groom.

  • Parents' friends organizing an engagement party may opt for a semi-formal event.phrases.

  • A set of rings with a Hebrew inscriptionphrasesAre available.

  • How many descriptivephrasesWhen it comes to jewelry, the use of the word "exclusive" can be a bit vague.

  • Take a notebook with you to jot down ideas for articles, facts to research, or colorful notesphrasesto use in your own fiction writing.

  • if phrases orphrasesWhen you think of topics that fit your topic, add them to your list.

  • The goal of an SEO copywriter is to create readable content, richly seasoned with the necessary SEO knowledge.phrasesas requested by the customer, without compromising the integrity of the parts.

  • Of course, you can take limited ideas orphrasesfrom other sources, provided you quote correctly and use quotation marks where necessary.

  • At times, Juicy Couture's controversial designs and taglines have garnered international attention as buttock taglines began to appear on outerwear and underwear.phraseshow "Go Couture Yourself" has become synonymous with the Juicy name.

  • The bags come in a variety of candy colors and proudly display a variety of flirts.phrasesThis will bring out and define your inner flirt/diva/cheerleader.

  • For this reason, a visit to Hot Topic is sure to be surrounded by black, purple, and plenty of mischievous quirks.phrasesand products with a black sense of humor.

  • Bags with cartoon and humorous imagesphrasesthey can be cool companions for informal weekends.

  • Created by Marc Edmund Jones with the help of Elsie Wheeler, the Sabian symbols describe each degree of the zodiac signs, and there are 360 ​​degrees.phrasesnot total.

  • One of the most commonphrasesMothers around the world hear from their children, especially when schools close for the holidays, "Mom, I'm bored."

  • speak descriptivelyphrasesB. "You have a blue car", "Pink flower smells good", and "I like your purple shirt".

  • In this field you can enter, for example, a real note. For example, use A, B, or C, or a short notephrasese.g. "Great job!"

  • The beauty of the images on this site is that they contain some suggestions.phrasesCombining images that can combine learning opportunities with fun colors.

  • The medium hears sounds, words, phrases,phrasesand in some cases, clear conversations with people who do not belong to this area.

  • You can use the lyrics of your favorite song, your favorite phrase or just a random list of words.phrasessuitable for the recipient.

  • claim forphrases"Built to fit" and "Built to last" is the company motto, and Red Wing established over a century ago to develop durable footwear designed for the toughest working conditions.

  • phraseslike "Seriously!" and Dr. Mc Dreamy, McSteamy, and even McVet became household names, while stars like Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh, and Ellen Pompeo became household names.

  • Querying offers in this way provides context for themphrasesinteresting and offers a deeper understanding than just searching for words.

  • Each set contains 800 words or a selection of themphraseswhich you can combine and arrange into single phrases.

  • Popularity of the use of the Arabic languagephrasesin the form of Arabic script, it is derived from this influx of information, as are the Chinese characters.

  • Mastering the various skills of the French languagephraseswill make your trip to France more enjoyable.

  • Try to greet the locals with simple tourists in their own languagephrasesit is a gesture of ambassadorship and kindness.

  • it is usefulphrasesare a good starting point for preparing for a trip to a French-speaking country.

  • Learn some French languagesphrasesthis can make a big difference to how you will be treated abroad.

  • Courtesy, formality, respect and basic knowledge of Frenchphrasesthey are gateways to help and support on your journey.

  • Take a look and compare the prices and amenities of wedding packages, and don't forget to check out some Spain travel tips.phrases!

  • Repetition – A common symptom of autism is repetition of words and phrases.phrases.

  • In many cases it isphrasesrefer to something the child has been exposed to, such as a movie, book, or music.

    (Video) Phrase and Sentence | English Grammar | Teacher Beth Class TV
  • Read your copy first and remove all unnecessary words and repetitions.phrases.

  • Not to pay too muchphrases, look for less important keywords like "annuity".

  • Keywords - target words orphrasesabout the site that are frequently used when Internet users search for information and sites.

  • A good keyword article uses a primary keyword/phrase and perhaps a secondary keyword or twophrasesthroughout the article to grab the attention of the search engine.

  • keywords and keywordsphrasesshould be used in content if you want to attract people to your websites.

  • When choosing keywordsphrasesPick something your target audience would be looking for.

  • For example, if your site targets business school applicants, use a keyphrasesB. apply to a business school, be accepted into a business school or choose a business school.

  • This will help you determine which keyword or phrase to use.phrasesare the most popular.

  • This keyword picker is easy to use and specially designed to help you identify keywords and keywords.phrasesare the most popular.

  • This is the only way to determine what search engine optimization techniques and keywords are being usedphrasesThe best impact on your site is to experiment and monitor the results.

  • First enter the following commandphrasesYou've placed your site in search engines and you're checking to see if your pages appear in the results.

  • MiniCard uses your photos or personal textphrasesand combines them into a thicker, shinier mini business card.

  • In addition, state law often defines the words andphraseswhich cannot be used on behalf of certain types of businesses.

  • Your skills must be powerfulphrasesYou are a team player by nature, you pay a lot of attention to detail and you have a lot of experience and knowledge as a waitress.

  • While there are techniques you should use in your letter, there are also some wordsphrasesand activities to avoid.

  • use words andphrasesBy writing an unbiased statement on your resume, you can extract the job ad from the job ad, which increases the chance of your resume appearing when the employer screens applicants for an interview.

  • These keywords are nouns and nounsphrasesIn most cases, however, they are also descriptive words.

  • Take the time to use acronyms and full textphrasesIf the acronym is popular in the industry, you will need to adjust the wording of your resume.

  • also includesphraseslike MBA, M.B.A.

  • Words like "Call to order today" and "Submit an order using a convenient order form" are common direct marketing campaignsphrases.

  • The Big Paw phenomenon has grown since 2002 with magnets and stickers that read "Rescue Mom" ​​or "Rescue Dad" and other great designsphrases.

  • you will listenphrasesas "Best-selling SUV in its weight class", "Best-selling family vehicle with a four-star safety rating", or "Best-selling American low-emission sedan".

  • Another category of cheerleader quotes includes advice from one cheerleader to another, ranging from admonitions for courage to warnings.phrasesabout the dangers of ego dominance and vanity.

  • However, there are several websites offering quotes, poems, etc.phrasesand letters to create a unique greeting.

  • If you are interested in scrapbooking, card making and other paper crafts, you may have a large collection of scratch cards.phrasesand projects.

  • They usually contain quotes or inspirations.phrasesbut they can also be simply decorative collages.

  • Ophrasesrefer to foods containing five milligrams of sodium or less per serving.

  • One of the most commonphrasesThe "six pack" is connected to the abdominal muscles.

  • Beginners should also consider checking out a glossary of weightlifting, bodybuilding and workout terms to better understand common words andphrasesused in sports.

  • There are many different words in Frenchphrasesuse depending on the intended meaning.

  • For example, if you are planning a business trip to France, you can start with transportation.phrasesor learn different ways of greeting.

  • Many basic French skills can be found on European sitesphrases.

  • Students have access to text and audio files and cover many topics including the alphabet, conjugation,phrases, counting, time and date and other vocabulary.

  • It's important not to be shy; Practice saying the alphabet (with the basics).phrases) out loud to understand the rhythm of the language.

  • The special thing about this site is that the user can hear itphrases.

  • They cover not only the basics of French words andphrases, but they also offer grammar, conveniently divided by topic, e.g. holidays.

  • That's why you'll find articles on a variety of French-related topics, including reference tables, study tips, translation guides, and how to improve your French.phrasesfor every occasion.

  • All this and much more can be found on our websitephrasesCategory

  • The Internet is a great source of simple translations of short texts.phrases.

  • Before, not so long ago, there were all translations from Frenchphrasesrequired you to pull out a French-English dictionary.

  • Most translators translate anything that is short-livedphrasesfor websites.

  • There are many ways to learn Frenchphrasesexact translations and translations of longer French documents.

  • You are planning a trip to France, you do not have much time to learn the language and you are wondering what will be most useful for youphrasesare they in french

  • If you want to communicate with the locals, we have some useful tips for youphrasesyou should try to master it.

  • If you feel that memorizing the above is too much, you can use other resources to learn Frenchphrases.

  • LoveToKnow French actually has an entire category dedicated to it.phrases.

  • Learning French always starts with the basics.phrasesand trying to pronounce them in a slightly French way.

  • Unfortunately, learning French pronunciation will take time and effort, but learning the most basic French skills will requirephrasesyou can do it in the blink of an eye.

  • Getting your feet wet can be a difficult task; However, the best way to start learning the basics of French is to start without hesitation.phrases.

  • The important advice is to start listeningphrasesfrom the temptation of lê-fate.

  • Instead, invest in a French audio course for beginners, for example. B. Learn French Now! or look for sites that link to the basicsphrasesyou have audio files to listen to.

  • To hearphrasesthis is most important in the early stages of learning French.

  • There are many simplerphrasesthat you can take.

  • In short, there are many simple onesphrasesstart learning French.

  • You will find that it is the most basicphrasesthat allow you to function on a daily basis in a French-speaking country are the ones you will learn the fastest because you will practice them constantly.

  • One way is to simply memorize general sentences and phrasesphrases.

  • just learnphraseswill never make a fluent speaker, but it can help you spend a few weeks in France!

  • There are many resources for learning basic phrases andphraseshere on LoveToKnow in French.

  • There are several French languagesphrasesfor travelers who are more useful than others.

  • Although you may never take advantage of some extravagancephrasesYou learned it in French lessons, you will have many opportunities to take advantage of itphraseswhile visiting a French-speaking country.

  • the simple Frenchphrasescan make the difference between a pleasant holiday and an absolutely fantastic time.

  • Learn a few simple onesphrasesit allows you to meet the locals and start a conversation with people on the street.

  • In addition to knowing about the most importantphrasesTherefore, during your trip, it is an absolute must to keep in mind some French social customs.

  • This is one of the best resources for learning how to speak French.phraseswithout actually attending a French class or without a French teacher.

  • While it may be tempting to learn to read and write French first, and only after mastering the basic vocabulary and skillsphrasesTo start learning pronunciation, it can make learning pronunciation even more difficult.

  • If you initially spend a lot of time memorizingphrasesAs you learn to read and write them, work out their pronunciation in your mind.

  • The above free French language learning sites with online audio are great resources to help students learn words andphrasesFrench in two modes at once.

  • Drug categories are especially usefulphraseslike J'ai de la fiève (I have a fever).

  • those againphrasesmay come in handy when traveling.

  • The only downside to this site is that it literally only provides vocabulary - it doesn't have itphrases.

  • In addition to studying words andphrasesFor the information listed above, it may also be helpful to create a set of flashcards.

  • If you're going to France or another French-speaking area for an extended period of time, you'll need a repertoire of French travel phrases beyond a small collection of basic French phrases.phrases.

  • Although the dictionaryphrasescan be a useful thing to pack, it's worth learningphraseseven before you leave

  • Even though you've learned a long list from itphraseshelpful when renting a car, does not mean you can understand the answers to the questions asked.

  • followphrasesthey often appear when someone is giving instructions.

  • Based on an animal theme, talk to children about where animals live and what they eat while introducing French vocabularyphrasesif applicable.

  • flirtphrasesIn French, these are usually compliments, caresses and simple jokes between two people.

  • Learn the basics of flirtingphrasesin French and get ready to come back soon for another flirty date.

  • A couplephrasescan be helpful, but rapid absorption also helps.

  • Do lots of simple flirtingphrasesMemorizing the French language can give you more confidence when starting your first flirty conversation.

  • Of course, I just dropped one of themphrasesAccidentally starting a conversation isn't really flirting.

  • Travel Phrase offers much more opportunities to flirtphrasesFind out before you travel to France.

  • I speak a little romantic Frenchphrasesit can also surprise and please those you flirt with.

  • English may have itphraseslike "my pet" as an animal name, but the French love pet names when flirting.

  • Just like in English, flirting happensphrasesin French that are too outdated to be used.

  • Alta Lang has a complete list of flirtsphrasestry not to look like a dinosaur.

  • Stick to simple, kind answersphrasesand everything will be fine.

  • Learn French vocabulary, verbs andphrasesit's just a small part of the bigger picture of language learning.

  • If you're not serious about someone, there are severalphrasesdo not use.

  • If you're looking for a way to say "I like you" in French, you might want to learn a lot more French dating conversationsphrasesas well as more details on romances and advertisements in French-speaking countries.

  • For French simple translationsphrasesyou can approach the task from every possible angle.

  • To get an accurate French translation of simple words, you can follow a few steps.phrases.

  • Then you can find missing words or search for themphrases, fill in the blanks and translate almost anything!

  • Start identifying words orphrasesWords you already know or that are similar to English words.

  • Use this technique when you get stuck translatingphrasesin French.

  • Travel guides, travel guides, pocket translators and similar tools allow you to translate simple texts quickly and easilyphrases.

  • It is important to know how to ask for directions, such as asking how much something costs or how to ask for directions to the nearest toilet.phrasesknowledge.

  • One of the best tricks to make French translations easierphrasesis to remember the keyphrases.

  • Basic_Tourist_French_Phrases - Don't travel to a French-speaking country without memorizing themphrases.

  • Everyday_Phrases_in_French - morephraseswith whom you meet every day.

  • How_to_Say_French_Phrases - Basic French pronunciationphrases.

  • Simple_French_Phrases - Provides the basicsphrasesyou should know.

  • Useful_Phrases_in_French - and even more usefulphrasesin French to guide you in common everyday situations.

  • useful Frenchphrasesthey really stand out.

  • Then search among manyphrasesat your disposal so that you can choose exactly what is right for you.

  • Depending on the situation, French may prove "useful"phrasesThings to say as a courtesy, ways to ask questions, or emergencies.

    (Video) 51 Simple English Phrases with Example Sentences
  • Knowing how to say "good morning," "good morning," or "good evening" doesn't just show you've mastered a fewphrasesbut an understanding of French culture.

  • use them politelyphrasesask for what you need.

  • To help you, you can write the information belowphrasesfor those unfortunate times when you need to know medical and emergency jargon.

  • There are also thosephrasesYou should know this, especially if you hear them in your hotel, airport or public building.

  • Definephraseson your mobile phone or mobile device and save it as a message that you can display on the screen.

  • I hope you never need itphrasesbut if you do, you'll have them ready.

  • The results provided by this dictionary are very easy to process thanks to the use of different text colors. Frenchphrasesthey are written in black and in Englishphrasesin blue.

  • In general, dictionaries offer more resources, but translation sites are sometimes able to translate whole wordsphrases.

  • If you want to translate everythingphrases, you may be better off using a translation site (assuming the site doesn't translate each word separately and then combine them into a single sentence).

  • ForphrasesHowever, the quality/accuracy of the translation is very good.

  • You can translatephrasesor entire pages using various browser tools.

  • The good thing is that the translation is moderately accurate, more so than typing a fewphraseshere or there.

  • However, be careful when doing this, as the grammar checker will miss some errors and highlight some.phrasesthey are indeed correct.

  • Je t'aime means "I love you" in French and is one of the most common words in the French languagephrasestranslated into several other languages ​​of the world.

  • With this arsenalphrases, Quotes and Sayings, you will never again wonder "How do you say "I love you" in French?"

  • Although approximations to the pronunciation of this Frenchphrasesit is not possible to provide a perfect pronunciation key using English sounds as a guide to French pronunciation.

  • This can also be done when spoken by a fluent French speakerphrasesPay attention to his pronunciation and try to imitate it.

  • In this case the followingphrasesapply; Which one you use depends on whether the situation is formal or not, and whether you are actually greeting the person or declaring that they are welcome.

  • Try this: formal and informalphrasesNext time someone will say "thank you" in French.

  • It should be remembered that the line between formal and informal versions of "You're welcome" is blurred and varied.phrasescan be used in both types of situations.

  • You have an idea whichphrasesIt will take some time to use it in a specific situation.

  • If you come into contact with native speakers who speak French, pay attention to the type of context in which it happens.phrasesis used to help you develop a deep understanding of how to use them.

  • Use thesephrasesThis includes not only learning French pronunciation, but also learning when French social mores require you to use it.

  • However, for even more impact, you can learn a few extra words related to birthdays andphrasesit could be even nicer.

  • Find out more about French holidaysphrasesBirthdays can add a lot to your birthday wishes and give you the opportunity to talk about your birthday or someone's birthday after the big day.

  • To become fluent in French, you'll eventually need to move beyond standard greeting and tourism vocabulary and learn colloquial words in French and French.phrasesThis indicates a true francophone.

  • While I'm learning thisphrasesit may seem difficult, the truth is that you will easily understand them if you hear them speak.

  • There are some resources to help you find everyday French words andphrasesThis one will be the most helpful for you.

  • Of course, you'll find classes and plenty of opportunities to listen to and practice common French skills.phrases.

  • Many styles available have some kind of sticker, such as a small skull and crossbones, while others have various sexy designs.phrases.

  • except for somephrases, the song can even be interpreted as talking about unrequited love and the hope that the person you love will reciprocate your feelings while on vacation.

  • These songs shaped the music history of this generation with unforgettable lyrics, catchy melodies and irresistible rhythms.phrases.

  • Categories can include the guest of honor's childhood TV shows, famous people, and random wordsphrases.

  • Although mostphrasesWhile they may seem selfish, they proved to be the means to Sean Combs' success.

  • Christian had a very colorful demeanor and often diversified his interviews.phraseswhich have now become common slang, such as saying that someone looks "wild" or "messy".

  • Since the author is from England, there are a few words andphrasesIf you're not a local, it will raise some questions, but it will make the world full of dragons and warlocks much more authentic.

  • With changes in the world of technology,phrasesand shortcuts will also change.

  • You can search for these two keywordsphrasesto see which keywords are showing up.

  • Google Trends provides a daily list of the top 10 keywordsphrasesthat people are looking for.

  • A game that aimed to increase traffic to your website by defining keywordsphraseslikely to be typed into Google by users.

  • The reality, however, was that people began to popularizephrasessuch as "sex" on non-sex related sites.

  • For example, there are some bright graphics with lots of fun.phrasesas "Air Force Wife", "Air Force Mom", and "Proud to be an Air Force Wife".

  • If you are looking for morephrasesFor a more Western way of expressing yourself, see Legends of America for a complete alphabetical list of cowboy slang and jargon.

  • a few words andphrasesare changed here and there, and then the book is republished under a different title and credited to a different author.

  • They use words andphrasesat this point.

  • It is important that words andphrasesThe meta tags used as meta tags accurately reflect your site's content while representing a high search keyphrasesfor which there is not much competition.

  • words andphrasesthat make the best meta tags often seem counter-intuitive to site owners, copywriters, and web designers.

  • For example, if the company you employ determines that some of the meta tags your site must include are words andphrasesthat do not appear in your website content, the content needs to be adjusted.

  • Your website will not rank well in search engines if it contains key positionsphrasesin meta tags that are not reflected anywhere in your website content.

  • is the brandphrasesand taglines and other aspects of your text that have proven themselves over the years.

  • The full scope of SEO strategies is beyond the scope of this article, but your website text should contain at least the following elementsphrasespeople who want to find a customer company would use it to search.

  • keyword or keywordphrasesIdeally, they should not be longer than 3-4 words.

  • Keyword tools will help you identify themphrasesand words for each of the websites.

  • Focus on the general national keywordphraseswith geographic modifiers specific to the region you're targeting.

  • Create a new keywordphrasesas detailed as possible to limit competition.

  • You can ask Wordtracker to search for the exact word orphrasesthat contain your search term.

  • You can split keyword lists into separate files, combine keywords into one large list, remove duplicate keywords, filter keywords that contain specific words, and combine word lists to create a search queryphrases.

  • Have fun brainstorming with single words andphrasesshows what is most valuable.

  • Even if you decide not to buy advertising words, you can still make sure that's the casephrasesare used in the description of your site, and this in turn will give you an advantage.

  • Integrate these keywordsphrasesrarely in meta tags, titles, headings, and throughout content.

  • Have you ever wondered, "What are the best keywords and?"phrasesin this area?", trying to promote your site?

  • Getting people to notice your website requires more than just typing in the right keywords.phrasesone demographic group or another, but it's a good start.

  • see aboutphrasesStrange for you, the Tiger Color website has a full color theory tutorial and full support.

  • The "Mecklenburg Declaration", allegedly adopted by the same commission on the 10th of the same month, "severs the political ties" that bound the county to the metropolis and "absolves the citizens of this county" from all allegiance to the British Crown, declares "a free and independent nation and there are plenty of othersphraseswhich are very similarphrasesin the great declaration of July 4, 1776.


  • Bonaventure is shockedphrasesto describe union with God, and mystical preachers often mentioned his religious works.


  • Lots of Benthamphrasessuch as "international", "utilitarian", "encoded", are valuable additions to our language; but most of them, especially those of Greek origin, did not take root in it.



  • The term "Catholic" does not appear in the ancient Roman symbol; but Professor Loofs takes this into account in his reconstruction based on typical examplesphrasesin common use in pre-Cene Creeds in the East.


  • Did he change or omit something while reading the cult?phraseswhich seemed to him false, and while reading the Holy Scriptures, he pointed out errors in translation.



  • Not only are new words used and old ones given new meanings, but the grammatical structure also has a modern imprint - somephrasesthey seem to have been translated from Aramaic into Hebrew.



  • Manget's curious Bibliotheca chemica (1702) are confusing productions, written in an allegorical style but fullerphrasesand even pages taken verbatim from the Greek alchemists, quoting by name various authorities on Greek alchemy.



  • In both cases, the dependence is clearly on Peter's side; for ideas andphraseswhich in densely elaborated sequences have their permanent place in the Epistle to the Ephesians and Romans, in 1 Peter they are found in a less profound meaning and are transformed into smooth, strong maxims and apophthegmatic sentences.



  • However, his text is so complicated, due to both stylistic ambiguity and manuscript forgery, that there is wide disagreement about the meaning of many words and phrases.phrasesused in the narrative and applied in certain details.



  • Norse language and customs survived in Foula until the end of the 18th century, and the words iphrasesof Nordic descent continue to shape their language.



  • The above comments are a multitude of themphrasesand expressions that cannot be included here, whose full force can only be felt by those who have studied in detail the Book of Maccabees and other parts of the Old Testament, such as: B. Zechariah IX.


  • Translations of vocabulary, grammar and interlinear translations, as well as comments on older texts and explanations of unfamiliar words and phrases, are provided for students' use.phrases.


  • Loofs goes in a similar directionphrasesas typical of the creeds before the Council of Nicaea.


  • In it, Eastern theologians expressed the mysterious relationship of the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Sonphrasesas "going forth from the Father and receiving the Son," which actually makes the Deity of the Father the basis and original source of the Deity eternally proceeding from the Son and the Spirit.


  • ButphrasesIt seems that the Credo needed to be clarified. 1 The first person to doubt the authorship seems to have been Joachim Camerarius (1551), who was later attacked so severely that he omitted part of his Latin edition.


  • The Council also referred tophrasesthe so-called Creed of Damasus, a fourth-century document sometimes preferred to the Creedphrasesgive it to someone


  • Isphrasesin the writings of Vicente de Lerins and Fausto, Bishop of Riez, which resemble the doctrine of the Creed, although they cannot be regarded with certainty as quotations.


  • Finally, after getting rid of the resentment caused by your separation between ethics and politics, after giving due consideration to your particular application of ethicsphrasesAs in the case of Frodi Onorevola or Scelleratezze Gloriose, there is nothing but admiration for his spiritual attitude.


  • And yet in many of them you can see the apocalypsephrasesan undoubted affinity with the latter, which for explanation requires the assumption that the book comes from certain literary circles influenced by João.


  • Even his frequent use of Greek words,phrasesand the quotations criticized by Horace were probably drawn from the actual practice of people who did not yet feel that their own language was sufficient to deal with the new ideas and impressions they had acquired in their first contact with Greek philosophy, rhetoric, and poetry. give freedom of expression.


  • French word except suchphrasesals Dieu merci, sans merci, used mainly in the sense of "thank you" and occurs in the Old English expression "gramercy", i.e. H.


  • So if we find onephrasesin the Greek and Latin sermons from 350 to 550 we must regard them as elaborate fiction.


  • Apparently the three gospels have been in circulation for some time; St. Mateusz is used several times and it isphrasescan only be found in the Gospel of Luke, while the Gospel of John is hidden behind the Eucharistic prayers that the author included in his work.


  • Of course, most of the Neoplatonic polemic was about Celsus and both ideas and ideasphrasesThe True Word can be found in Porphyry and Julian, although the closing of the New Testament canon since then has changed the approach of these authors somewhat.


  • Many pre-formations of Joanin can be seen in the lettersphrasesand ideas.


  • Just as the gathas (ancient Zoroastrian hymns) omit the gaokerena, the Hebrew prophets largely avoid mythologyphrasesso this ancient Hebrew thinker restrains the primitive exuberance of traditional myth.


  • During the Apostolatephrasesare used, their meaning is often different and less evangelical. They did not understand the apostolic meaning because they had not entered into the full religious experience that gives words, often words with a long and varied history, both in the Septuagint and in common Greek, their specific meaning for each apostle, and especially for Paul, which he gave . .


  • Indeed, Lightfoot refers to the all-encompassing "breadth" with which Clement sequentially speaks as a spokesman for the early Roman Church.phrasesor ideas taken impartially from Peter and Paul, James, and Hebrews.


  • In the manuscript, there is usually no spacing between words, but punctuation is expressed by extracting spacesphrasesand sentences.


  • In Italy, bembo and sadoleto wrote purer Latin than Erasmus, but were content with beautyphrasescareful not to touch any living vein of feeling.


  • Girondin with all its beautyphraseshave been sold to the enemy, just as Lafayette, Dumouriez and a hundred others - once popular favorites - have been sold.


  • Originally it referred to military pay and was therefore used to mean military service.phrasessuch as stipendia facere and a "campaign, e.g.


  • But that statement is wrong, at least for five years.phrasesor clauses of the Greek legend are taken from the relevant sections.


  • Let all words that in the ancient translation sound like an insult to frivolity or indecency be expressed in more convenient andphrases.”


  • Ophrases"know the body" and "know yourself" in 1 Cor.


  • We have the corresponding Psalmsphrases(Mein, Dein, Sein the Anointed) occurs nine times, to which lyrical fragments of I Sam can be added.


    (Video) What are 5 examples of phrases?

  • From the meaning of what is between two things, "means" or the plural of "means", often of a singular construction, has the broader meaning of agency, instrument, etc. particular, financial or other resources that a person can live off of and thus use for employment or to acquire wealth, wealth, etc. There are many adverbsphrasessuch as "definitely", "absolutely not", etc., which are extensions of "means" in the sense of being able to act.


  • Well, it's a bit of a mess underneathphrasesIt must be taken into account that, according to Wundt, although we can receive sensations, we cannot think beyond the senses without will.


  • With the help of a Sikkim lama, Lewin compiled a Tibetan textbook and a series of colloquial texts.phrasesin the Sikkimese dialect in 1879.


  • Excessive use of ablative "absolute" and ablativephrasesare often added in a kind of vague "add-on" to express the author's own opinion of the immediately preceding statement, e.g.


  • It was necessary to raise matters of everyday life, and the words andphrasesthey were drawn from the undoubtedly popular language of an earlier era.


  • His major work, EKA(ryr) 'Ovoµarwv Kai `Prµarwv Attgkcjv, is a collection of selected words and Attic wordsphrases, partly in alphabetical order, compiled as an aid to Greek composition from the works of Phrynicus, Ammonius, Herodian, and Moeris.


  • te i podobnephraseslike the apologies for the repeal of the Reform Act in the great Fiscal Year of 1860 - "You cannot pass twenty wagons through Temple Bar at once" - were on everyone's lips.


  • Other stories are more for entertainment, but are always well seasoned with edification.phrases.


  • Their lyrics celebrated the mountains and rivers of the glorious land they had left behind; and although they introduced images and landscapes unfamiliar to the inhabitants of dull Denmark, they enriched the language with new words andphrases.


  • So, if you were to ask whatphrasesIt has been established that its meaning is actually determined by its use.


  • Mannerism, attributed to the imitation of Jean Paul, Carlyle himself seemed to derive from him.phrasescommon in his father's house, or at any rate gave the appropriate dialect to express his specific character.


  • His main work is El Heroe (1630), which he describes apophthegmaticallyphrasesqualities of an ideal man; The Art of Spirit, A Treatise on Sharpness (1642), republished six years later under the title Sharpness and the Art of Spirit (1648), a system of rhetoric instilling principles of conceptualism as opposed to culterism; El Discreto (1645), a description of a typical courtier; The Oracle's Handbook and the Art of Prudence (1647), a system of life rules; and The Critic (1651-1653-1657), a brilliant philosophical allegory of human existence.


  • Another branch of meaning emphasizes the formal-custom aspect; and therefore in thisphrasesAs a "solemn act", inventory in "solemn form" means an act performed with all due forms and ceremonies.


  • A highly educated man (for the level of education of his time), who constantly conversed with people of similar background, he followed the literary customs of his time, embodying his teachings in sentencesphrases(Sutras), which he compiled on various occasions and in various ways.


  • This is very indicative of how the early Buddhist records gradually came into existence. At first, speeches were in the form of expressionsphrasesa lesson that had to be learned.


  • In many cases he repeated Socrates' words exactly, but in his case they became almost mere words.phrases.


  • one of yoursphrasesWhen he returned home, he described most of them as "generated by passive resistance from Chinese slavery."


  • First expressed inphrasesthey were common in scholastic theology when they proved inadequate in words borrowed from the mystical writers of the 14th and 15th centuries, and then in new words.phrasesmore suitable for the circle of new thoughts.


  • Thoughphraseseven the phrases of many classical authors are interwoven here and there, the narrative flows easily, leaving no trace of the jerks and spasms that offend us in almost every verse of a classicist like Sidonius.


  • Excellent as a description of Isocrates' goals and methods, and tolerable as a description of Gorgias' goals and methods.phrasesare imprecise in relation to Protagoras, who took the "civic virtue" as his goal, considered the exercise of state power and administration as parts of "civic virtues", therefore he gave rhetoric only a secondary place in his program, while the eristic one - testifies to its existence not only Plato, but also for Isocrates and Aristotle - and also for Socrates - whom Grote himself describes as a sophist - the description is simply insufficient.


  • They ignored the fact that a person thinks a lot before speaking, makes judgments that he does not express in any way, or expresses them through questions, names, etc.phrasesbefore using ordinary phrases, and that he does not start with conceptualization and naming and then move on to faith and proposition.


  • Eckhart's divinity is revealed in Böhme as an abyss, eternal nothingness, immaterial silence ("Ungrund" and "Silence without essence" are two of Böhme's works.phrases).


  • both since Kantphrasesthey have become purely adjectives (rather than adverbs) for knowledge and judgments in general, and have a technical and controversial sense closely related to the Aristotelian one.


  • The early church obviously used the terms andphrasesprophets.


  • It should be borne in mind that any force is a push or pull and, in accordance with the accepted terminology of modern mechanics, e.g.phraseslike inertial force, acceleration force, driving force, formerly classical, are forbidden.


  • To be a gentleman in Italy in those days meant to be a man who at least knew the rudiments of science, had a refined diction, and could correspond or speak freely.phrasesopen to the beauty of art, intelligently interested in archaeology, his role models were the great men of antiquity, not the saints of the church.


  • He's full of fighting spirit, but he doesn't use it.phrasesa pagan epic that Cynewulf and other Christian poets liked to borrow freely, often with little adequacy.


  • It is concise and epigrammaticphrasesthey penetrate the fibers of the mind and are a healthy warning against gross and immature generalizations.


  • His first student was the believing brother Aaron Baumann, whom he taught to pronounce the letters of the alphabet and articulate specific applications.phrases.


  • The conditions of your education that put you in touch with the realities of life before you learned itphrasesscholastic language imparts to his words the stamp of self-proclaimed truth and clarity of original conviction.


  • words andphrasesthose common to the Pastors and the rest of the Epistles of Paul are not so characteristic or as numerous as those characteristic of the first, and the stylistic data can be summed up in court that they point to the author who obviously reproduces the Pauline text. although he represents his point of view to the greatest extent possible and knows his letters, both in his statements and in his thoughts he betrays the characteristics of his later environment.


  • The latter does not allude to other KaXov g pyov, ErepoScSaaxaXEav, Sca/3E13atouaOat, etc. and contains one or two specificphrasessam.


  • This seems insufficient by its nature and prepares for a comprehensive approach to moral and political issues; and there is no evidence that he held only the most common and narrowest views on great social problems. He does not show the heartfelt sympathy for the working class expressed in several passages from The Wealth of Nations; Perhaps we should take this Held as a credit to Ricardo for not being fined.phraseslack of warmth and social feeling.


  • Philological studies were continued with enthusiasm and it is worth paying attention to many valuable publications, e.g. Bluteau Portuguese Dictionary, Reflections on Portuguese Linguistics and Poetic Art by Francisco José Freire, Exercises and Spirit of Linguistics and Eloquence by Pereira de Figueiredo, Translator of the Vulgate and Elucidario Viterbo, Dictionary of Antiquity andphraseswhich has not been replaced.


  • The various laws are clearly stated by the formula "I am Yahweh" or "I am Yahweh your God".phraseswhich are particularly characteristic of Chap.


  • That the remains show variety and fertility, that there are many cheerful and many cheerful references to humor and satirephrasesand descriptions, true, but overall the graphics are clunky, clunky and forced, and the style blatantly archaic and tasteless.


  • Not going so far as to deny that a few words andphrasesas can be inferred from the writings of Arab Jaber, he was inclined to believe that it was the original work of an unknown Latin author, who wrote it in the second half of the thirteenth century and placed it under the patronage of the venerable name of Geber.


  • Thus he allowed the half-converted and uncouth tribes to remain Buddhist as long as they brought sacrifices and even blood offerings to more compassionate temples and when their practical beliefs had nothing to do with truths or the Noble Eightfold Path but were almost exclusively concerned with the acquisition of magical powers (siddhi) through magicphrases(Dhdrani) and magic circles (Mandala).


  • It is clear from Budaeus' letters that the heads of the monastery or order tried to check the laborious zeal of these Franciscans; but it failed and there is no clear evidence of anything resembling an actual chase.phrasesin Budeus's letters it is simply the exaggerated Ciceronism of the Renaissance.


  • Even more often he is satisfied with such ambiguitiesphrasessuch as "they say", "history goes on", "some think", or generally speaking of "ancient writers" or "my authorities".


  • Especially in your earlier books there are a lot of themphrasesand phrases that have an unmistakably poetic tone, sometimes reminiscent of Ennius and more often of his contemporary Virgil.


  • He collected many words andphrasescommon among them, clearly showing that their language, while not untouched by Iranian influence, was still essentially a form of Gothic.


  • As a philosopher, Clifford's name is primarily associated with two things.phraseshis coins are "spiritual matter" and tribal "I".


  • Cyclops' love for Galatea was described by Philoxenos, and the quoted fragments of this quote show that Theocritus copied part of his copy.phrasesEnglish.


  • Donne is characterized by brief flashes of intelligence and beauty, as well as sudden boldness.phraseswho carry the whole fragrance of poetry.


  • Unity, reconciliation, peace, joy, "victory that overcomes the world" - in slightly different formsphrasesis the content of religious beliefs.


  • He has a certain masculinityphrasesmaking it as clear to even the humblest of people as they can make it to every human being.


  • The Qur'an, the only authentic authority on all matters, whether legal or civil, never made a clear distinction between the sheikh and the qadi and theirphrasesMoreover, they are vague and may allow for different and even contradictory interpretations.


  • For Aristotle, the vows, that is, the divine spirit itself, are the principles that bring all nature under the control of thought and direct it to a rational end. while aoyos is a multi-meaning term used more or less identically in many sensesphrases, ou €v€Ka, ivEpyaaa, ivr€X aa, ovwia, e hos, popcIA, &c.


  • He kept the forms until the day of his death andphrasesBy internalizing the New England theology he grew up in, he gave them new meaning and new meaning.


  • Many words have arisen from the gradual changes in living language over a long period of timephrasesand Bearl Feini's idioms are antiquated and so difficult to translate that official translations are admittedly partly based on conjecture.


  • Its leaders were little-known and mostly uneducated people who, in their characteristic rhetoric, loved to present their theories on the general reform of society and the state.phrasesthey were borrowed from Tribune Jacobi.


  • In many parts of Germany, the seasons of Lent and Advent are still characterized by the use of certain signs of mourning in churches.phrases(Kyrie eleison, Agnus Dei) and the absence of others (Alleluia, Gloria in excelsis) in liturgical services, resignation from some customary social feasts and not celebrating weddings.


  • In all his considerations, always with utility in mind, he valued human occupations only in proportion to the good they could produce; Therefore, it was of little value to critics who waste their lives composing words and lyrics.phraseschoosing a different reading, in a passage that ultimately does not contain anything significant.


  • Apart from its unconfirmed form, it is the closest thing to epic; The basic elements established in both are the simplicity of the action, the chronological sequence of events, the sentencephrasesit is even used to describe an uneasy emotional game or the changing fortunes of a battle or storm, while in both cases the narrator's lack of digression, commentary, and interference is invariably maintained.


  • There is no explicit mention of the original Greek and Hebrew texts; but it is of considerable literary value, mostly written by Coverdalephrasesare preserved as authorized and were the first complete Bible printed in the English language.


  • However, this destroys adequacyphrasesThe main and minor terms have been specifically chosen because the main term actually implies a broader term.


  • Another Eddic god, Hoene, is described inphrasesfrom lost poems such as "long-legged", "lord of mud", and his name is linked to that of a crane.


  • The adjective "hypothetical" is used in the same sense, both in loose opposition to "actual", "actual", and technicallyphrases"hypothetical judgment" and "hypothetical syllogism".


  • It is a plausible theory that they preserved a range of geographic and religious information in the conventional language of their inscriptions.phraseswhich had no clear meaning for them and actually belonged to the land of their distant ancestors, Arabia.3 For information on their own origin traditions, see Phenicia; we dare not reject them entirely.


  • As with the Bible and Shakespeare, hisphrasesthey have passed into everyday language and are used by everyone (even in Urdu) without being aware of their origin.


  • A bitphrasesthey were often cited by peasant landowners as champions of their vision.


  • noun adjectivephrasesoverlay; Thus, "red apple" is both red and apple.


  • Apply the same principles when writing yourself, using a monolingual dictionary, or creating something new.phrasesin a similar way.


  • Pronouns are a series of short words that stand for or stand for nouns or nounsphrases.


  • Prepositionalphrasescan modify nouns, such as the man in the moon.


  • I don't know if absence is generally meaningless stockphrasesit's a risk.


  • The search engine scans the query and extracts nouns and nounsphrasesand create a query for the user.


  • There are some catchesphrasesinserted from several other famous movies that make up the comedy.


  • Keyphrasesare words that contain many wordsphrasesUsed in search engine queries.


  • what a missionphrasesDo you think they'll google it?


  • If they are preceded by a preposition, they are also called prepositional formulas.phrases.


  • Adverbs can be adverbsphrasesor individual adverbs and adverbial clauses.


  • from threephrases"designer argyle socks" is the main term used for optimization.


  • Keyword search by words or simplyphrasesthat describe your interests, such as canals or a Viking graveyard.


  • Listen to the original song again and clap your hands, paying attention to the singer's accent and accentphrasessinging on it.


  • set keyphrasesEnd to end, together give us the keyphrases"Together End-to-End" gives us a key rhythm, right?


  • The dictionary does the analysisphrasesand determines the morphological composition of any word for the input in English.


  • dead woodphrases- Trim dead woodphrases- Trim dead woodphrasesyour writing.


  • OphrasesWhat the links would be for would usually be concepts.


  • First, details get scattered, especially in long and complex technical depictions.phrases.


  • The ID is used as a target in classid and flowidphrasesaccording to the instructions of the tc filter.


  • Create new words andphrasesto describe genitals, sex, semen, etc. 53


  • Peter Garwood compiles a dictionary of archaic wordsphrasesuseful for genealogical research in Scotland.


  • This was well remembered by the Germansphraseswhile Chris was pruning the vines.


  • Watch as Tigger demonstrates his somersault skills and chats playfullyphrases, listen to crazy sound effects, watch him do daring somersaults and hilarious handstands.


  • And like many others toophrasesFor modern intellectualism, this means literally nothing.


  • The sermon is often interspersedphrasesas "the Bible says" to reinforce the message.


  • Press the buttons to launch the rocket and hear exciting electronic soundsphrases.


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What are some phrases using enough? ›

[M] [T] He had barely enough to eat. [M] [T] She isn't good enough for him. [M] [T] He is old enough to drive a car. [M] [T] He is old enough to travel alone.

What is the example sentences of enough is enough? ›

The time for that has now gone; and enough is enough. They have high bills for heat, light and power and when the rate demands arrive they say that enough is enough. I have to say firmly that enough is enough. After seven years of membership, enough is enough.

How do you use enough in 5 sentences? ›

They had enough cash for a one-way ticket. There aren't enough tents to shelter them all. I was old enough to work and earn money. Do you believe that sentences for criminals are tough enough at present?

What is the best way to say enough? ›

Synonyms of enough
  • sufficiently.
  • adequately.
  • properly.
  • fairly.
  • moderately.
  • satisfactorily.
  • suitably.
  • decently.


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