I printed my resume in the car and parked in front of my dream job. (2023)


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Come on, do you like your nickname? yes, I love him

Oh my god is that your resume? Yes, you like pants, don't you? So one radio entry, here it is, good man, it's getting popular.

Oh this is huge, hi Max Fosh, I am.

Alex Hayden Jones has been the leader of Radio One all my life.

I've always loved the idea that you could make your own fortune.

Say hello to your moment of glory.

For example, I was lucky that it all started by accident on YouTube.

Dm, some YouTubers I liked.

And then three months later.

We made a video together that was watched by millions of people around the world.

Now life has moved in 2020.

Good night.

Well, crisis is very difficult, especially when you work in creative industries, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

But I want to prove that there are directors like Air Rack who have shown that even in 2020 you can still grow and make a name for yourself.

His mantra is "high risk, high reward and work".

It was the biggest risk I ever took with video. He managed to grow from zero to 800,000 subscribers in 11 months, it's amazing.

Outside of YouTube, I've always had two goals: perform at a sold-out concert at London's Shepherds Bush Empire and work for the BBC.

Radio 1.

I've been working in comedy for a while now and I'm starting to polish the show more and more.

I never thought about how to differentiate myself from the big bosses at Radio One.

But then a thought occurred to me: would you like to tidy up all my clean places? I don't want to, but I'll help you.




My plan was very simple.

I would print my resume on the biggest sticker I could and stick it on the roof of my 999.

CC 2016, a shiny red Volkswagen app named Vinnie.

Then I would park the car in front of the Radio 1 studio for 24 hours and see what happens.

But before ordering stickers, I had to find the best place for the car.

So I'm going to Oxford Circus where the BBC is.

Radio 1 has all its studios.

They seem to find a place where I can park my car.

Oh, he's a good boy.

And my main problem is that it's over.

One is on Ox Street, which is basically a huge shopping street.

So I can't park on the main street.

So I need to find the closest one.

There is a place where there is paid and visible parking. Of course, there's no way to park here or here, but maybe that's where I found the entrance to the studio after a bit of curiosity, so that's the entrance to radio 1, right? yellow line. If I may, I will delve into the world of London for a moment, parking in the car park is legal.

Yellow line at night so planned to park my car overnight.

Right? Leaving the studio and the next morning.

At 7.30 he gets up and sits next to the car.

All day making sure I wasn't disturbing anyone and that I could move the car if a traffic cop showed up.

And when that plan ended, I was late for my tag meeting.

i like her name

What do we sell? I don't know, signs etc, nice and cozy.


You are.

In order to.

Yes, not so bad.


Oh my god it's huge, I hope it fits.

Yes, it's perfect.

Absolutely ridiculous.

I thought that the curriculum alone was not enough.

Also, I had to add something else to the car that would make it very difficult for the BBC to say no, right? We're done, we're done, so you're probably wondering what's wrong with the QR code.

The reason I put the QR code on the car is basically to get noticed.

I don't want to do this stunt rock.

They see the resume and say oh that's a great resume, let's present it in a way that I want to do it in a way that will make it the easiest thing in the world for them to say yes.

Then the QR code will take you here.

Hi radio, my name is Max Fosh, as you can see, I rented a studio today to showcase some content.

Tree, Second, Shop.

No kidding.

I saw that you recently removed one of my favorite sections of the Innuendo Bingo series.

So today I want to introduce you to a section called Task Life.

Every week I sit down with someone who wants to disconnect.

I don't know, a 1920s black-and-white romantic comedy set in the suburbs of Stevenage will do the chores of life I still haven't figured out, sorting through all my clean socks, untangling headphones and contacts.

Let me give you a quick taste.

He's my roommate, but he's also an actor.

And today he will play the role of an actor.


Max Hayden, I am.

Well, did you make your own? Yes Yes.

You were only in the movie, but not.

You, yes, big.

Jennifer Anderson was there.

She was, yes.

Mike Myers, Mike Myers, yes, Mike Myers, it wasn't.


In short, he is, yes, he is a little toned down in Shrek.

Good to see you can't keep up with the big guys anymore.

no, not like you

so big

boy yes


Dan, would you like to clean all my stains? I don't want to, but I'll help you.



Do you like half ball or full ball, is it full ball, baby, is it soccer?

You like pants, don't you, when are you done with that big, big movie you made?

Yes, is there a wrap party? Yes Yes.

You're talking about Jennifer Aniston.

I i.

He goes to graduation parties because, yes, he drinks.

Gas explosion.

I should have thought of that as this place is sketchy and especially conducive to conversation.

No, it's not. I've never seen anyone eat so many twiglets in one night, 22 lb 16p, one euro, three cents and you're Chinese, I just put one in and change.

The second is when you are organizing press events or have a conference call.

Yes, you generally get a lot of the same stuff.


you have the same questions

Yes, is it a bit different? Oh yes.

Have you ever done it in compression stockings with Max Flush? Look, it's the original.

Thanks for the rating.

My actor half and three, yes, it turned out.


Thank you very much.

Would you like to do it? oh? Want to tell your loved ones where to find a job as an actor? Of course.

I didn't have a job this year.

Your Instagram was very difficult, what is it, don't worry.

Because I didn't have a job this year.

Just pictures of my roommates.

Can't wait for Radio 1 to show some of its content online.

And hey, I was never sure that too much kale was too much kale.

And I will not be offended.

If you don't want to start everyday life, but you want to send me on a big weekend, send me to Glastonbury, send me to the streets.

And I definitely promise you great content. Send me an e-mail and let's talk.

Then the car was ready and looked red.

And the presentation was on YouTube as an unlisted video, meaning it was only viewable if a QR code was scanned before I went to Radio One.

I wanted to show Dan.

My skillful work has brought you the gift below.

Yes and

My God, this is your resume.

I ran the great north above me because I can.

So when they scan the open QR code in the browser, I end up on YouTube, and that's quite a dessert.

I rented a studio to bring you content.

This is amazing.

I've never used the QR except when I'm happily having coffee with Dan, I went to park my car in front of the Radio so I park outside.

The radio, one of mine, is now 5, 30 years old.

So basically I'm going to sit here until 6:30 when I can legally park on one yellow line. I'm not sure if you've ever sat in your car thinking about what you're going to do.

But all I could think of was this.

When we were young, why could we never turn on car lights when it was dark? Honestly, I can see it pretty well.

And after exhausting life's biggest questions, it arrived at 6:30.

So that was my tip to go, well, it's on my resume, radio entry.

I think it's time to go home.

I've already had dinner.

It's 10:30.

The car has been parked there for four hours.


Now when I got out of the car, the video had 20 views.

So if there are more than 20 views then I know people scanned the QR code. There are currently 24 views, not the best return.

I got a tweet from a band member who said he saw it and thought it was really good.

But I don't think they work for Radio One.

So I'm going to sleep and hope more people saw this, right? It's the next morning, 7:30.

So the car was there for 13 hours and now it has 42.

So 22 people watched it, no email, still here.

No tickets.

Well, you might wonder why when I put my resume on the roof of the car, it's really easy because that's why the car is all office.

So when you look down and look at a car, what do you see to determine the perfect CV about it? Now I have to be honest with you: Things weren't looking too good at this point.

Um, the level of interaction was one guy taking a picture and then shaking his head, um, and another guy telling me he works for News Night.

So he couldn't help me.

Thanks dude.

So yeah, I was pretty depressed, Greg's, a baguette in my hand and a metaphorical egg all over my face.

It's show business, baby.

But I didn't want to give up, no, that's not what we do with the Max Foss channel.

I had two more plans.

One of them was sending a text message to the BBC.

Give me the number and say the car crashed.

And the second was to turn to social networks.

I really wanted this to work without using my so called online influence.

So I turned to Twitter, my Twitter is not a hub of activity.

So I felt if I tweeted anything that was going to happen, it would be an organic reaction. Honestly, I had no option, and sometimes in life you just have to get lucky.

And so, on this occasion, luck fell into my lap in the form of Nick Grimshaw.

One of the biggest hosts on the channel, Nick, hi.


That's mine.

It's my job.

Do you like it? Nick, yes, I love it.

Thanks dude.

I think it's an extreme invention.

Thanks dude.

Have a nice day, sir. Grimshaw nods.

Everything clicks into place, gaining more and more grip.

The tweet went viral and was commented on by the biggest names in the industry.

All the presenters' musicians called the BBC to speak to the floppy disk.

Stylish guy over there.

I'm thinking about it now as the Twitter view count continues.

Scott Mills just tweeted about it and said, "Big buzz."

Thank you very much.

Sir Scott, I don't want to stay any longer.


I got home.

And soon after I got back, Radio One boss Allard, Hayden Jones, yeah, yeah, very soon, um, I just got home, they contacted me.

I was just tweaking the lights and cameras because I basically just saw Radio One boss Numero Uno, the biggest bell in the box, just tweeted a video response to a tweet saying I'm upset the car is off.

Radio 1, I haven't seen it yet.

This is basically a key factor in determining if it worked.

What if they want to get the most out of their lives, right? leave us.

answer hello

Maks Fosh, to and.

Alex Hayden Jones, Head of Radio.

First of all, wow, as you can see, I also have your QR code and video, boom.

Second, the angles.


Come on Alex

Thank you for your offer.

It was great to see what you could do and meet an unemployed actor and radio buddy. I'm afraid Dan is still looking for a job.

And I just offered 46 new presenters a spot on Radio One between Christmas and January.

But I find it disappointing.

A disappointing start, but 12 seconds to the end of the video and the proposal to show our content online.

Interesting, so let's talk, p.s. you should definitely follow the social networks of the station where you want to work the next day.

We made a 15 minute call.

I've achieved what I set out to do, which is that just a little bit of graphics can take you to amazing places, not just a big stunt.

To be inspired, you need to show why you are the right person for the job.

Please watch the episode aired on the Colin and Smear Podcast.

This will inspire you, Alice.

And I'm currently talking about working for Radio One.

Hope to see you at the station soon.



How do you answer a dream job question? ›

Here are a couple of ways you can begin your response:
  • I've mentioned my experience with __. My dream job would definitely have to relate to that. I'd also love to grow my skills in __.
  • I've thought about this before, and I know I would want to keep honing my skills in __ as well as learn more about __.

How does a good resume help in getting a dream job? ›

A resume summary echoes your ideologies and work ethics that help employers decide if you will be a perfect fit in their company. In addition, a resume summary includes your unique skills, work experience, career objectives, and education details.

Should I bring a printed resume to interview? ›

So, bringing a hard copy does two things—it refreshes his memory of why he likes you so much, and it makes you look prepared for anything. You should always bring two to three copies of your resume so the person you're meeting can have it in front of him throughout your conversation.

What document will assist you in landing your dream job? ›

A resume is a critical tool for job seekers that summarizes your education, work experience, skills, achievements, and any other relevant information that might impress a potential employer.

What is an example of a dream job? ›

Dream jobs are generally considered to be paid positions that align with one's interests, skillset and workstyle – making them the ideal form of employment. Pro athlete, writer, actor, sommelier and doctor are considered some of the most common dream jobs.

What is your dream company best answer? ›

“My dream company should be the one offering me with job responsibilities where I could use my qualifications, strengths, capabilities and skills. I would be able to offer my best to help the company achieve greater business goals and profitability, while I also set landmarks along my career path.”

What skills do I need to be successful for my dream job? ›

8 'Soft' Skills You Really Need to Land Your Dream Job
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving. ...
  • Attention to Detail. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Ownership. ...
  • Leadership. ...
  • Interpersonal Skills. ...
  • Grit. ...
  • Curiosity.
Feb 17, 2017

What makes a powerful resume? ›

Highlight relevant skills and experiences.

Using the same resume for every job you apply for is not a good approach. Instead, your resume should target the specific job you are applying for. Be sure to prioritize the skills, qualifications and experiences that are directly applicable to the job you are trying to land.

What is the most important thing for success in a dream job? ›

Building a successful long term career often means being open and flexible and making sacrifices and taking risks. Be open to opportunities and don't hesitate to move to a new location or take up a new assignment which would give you a new experience that adds value to your long term journey.

What is a good response to tell me about yourself? ›

Your answer to the "tell me about yourself" question should describe your current situation, your past job experience, the reason you're a good fit for the role, and how you align with the company values. Tell the interviewer about your current position and a recent big accomplishment or positive feedback you received.

How do you respond to why should I hire you? ›

The first thing you should do when answering “why should we hire you?” is to highlight any skills and professional experience that are relevant to the position you're applying for. To make your answer all the more valid, make sure to always back up everything you say with examples, experiences, and achievements.

Do employers care about resume paper? ›

Although the content on your resume is more important than the paper you print it on, the thicker paper will give it a more professional feel. A hiring manager may not expect higher-quality paper when you hand them your resume, so the extra thickness and quality helps them take notice.

How do I land my dream job with no experience? ›

How to get a job without experience: tips and examples
  1. Aim for entry-level positions. ...
  2. Tailor your resume. ...
  3. Highlight your transferable skills. ...
  4. Emphasize your education and extracurriculars. ...
  5. Build experience by interning, volunteering, or doing it yourself. ...
  6. Build a network. ...
  7. Take courses to build in-demand skills.
Jun 15, 2023

What is the first step in finding your dream job? ›

The first step in finding your dream job is deciding where to look for first-hand insight. Contact professionals who are already working in industries or positions that interest you. Schedule informational interviews and phone calls or ask for the opportunity to shadow them on the job.

How do you ensure you land the job? ›

Tips to land a good job
  1. Work with different recruiters. ...
  2. Submit your resume to online job boards. ...
  3. Join industry groups. ...
  4. Follow up with your contacts. ...
  5. Ask friends and past coworkers to refer you. ...
  6. Use advanced search options. ...
  7. Be selective with the jobs you apply for. ...
  8. Don't stop applying for jobs once you find a good one.
Sep 30, 2022

How do you write a dream job description? ›

Title the document, YourName’s Dream Job, Inc. This should include location, lighting, space, hours, people, boss, leadership, types of projects you get to work on, subject matter, types of activities. At the bottom, list 10 potential companies/organisations that would be a dream to work at. Write everyday.

Why do you want this job? ›

Talk about specific examples of how you can help this company achieve their goals and highlight any relevant transferrable skills that will make you stand out as the right candidate. Write down any recent achievements you can talk about or any challenges you've faced recently that might be related to this new job.

How do you define a dream job? ›

A dream job is a position that combines an activity, skill or passion with a moneymaking opportunity. They can be exciting and glamorous, like acting or playing music, or they can be prestigious and high-paying like working as a doctor or lawyer.

Why should we hire you? ›

“I should be hired for this role because of my relevant skills, experience, and passion for the industry. I've researched the company and can add value to its growth. My positive attitude, work ethics, and long-term goals align with the job requirements, making me a committed and valuable asset to the company.”

How would you describe me in 3 words? ›

"Enthusiastic, confident and friendly are three words I'd pick to describe myself. My enthusiasm for health care allows me to stay motivated at work and find importance in what I'm doing. My confidence helps me recognize my abilities while also knowing that there's always room to learn more.

How would you describe yourself? ›

Sample answers:

I am a hard-working and driven individual who isn't afraid to face a challenge. I'm passionate about my work and I know how to get the job done. I would describe myself as an open and honest person who doesn't believe in misleading other people and tries to be fair in everything I do.

What are red flags in a resume? ›

So if you're tired of sifting through piles of resumes, keep reading to learn how to spot red flags on a resume.
  • Grammar mistakes and typos in resume. ...
  • Failure to follow application directions. ...
  • Lack of relevant job experience. ...
  • Bad resume formatting. ...
  • Lack of resume customization. ...
  • Job hopping on resume.
Apr 21, 2023

What not to put on a resume? ›

12 Things to Leave Off Your Resume
  • High School Information. ...
  • References. ...
  • Personal Information. ...
  • Your Age. ...
  • Your Exact Street Address. ...
  • A Career Objective. ...
  • Your Current Work Contacts. ...
  • Your Personal Email Address.

What is the 5 important tips that must be seen in resume? ›

Top 5 Resume Writing Tips
  • Be strategic. Your resume isn't a list of everything you've ever done. ...
  • Keep it consistent. No matter what formatting choice you make, maintain editorial consistency by using that format throughout the document. ...
  • Include a variety of experiences. ...
  • Think like an employer. ...
  • Keep it visually balanced.
Jan 27, 2021

What three things do you need to be successful in this job? ›

Dedication,hard work,and smart work which will bring success.

What three things are important to be successful in a job? ›

Our ten tips to achieve success at work:
  • Understand your employer's expectations. Make sure you understand your company's culture. ...
  • Have a positive attitude. ...
  • Be a team player. ...
  • Willingness to take on extra duties. ...
  • Don't gossip. ...
  • Be considerate. ...
  • Keep your personal life private. ...
  • Personal business on company technology.

How do I prepare for my dream job? ›

Landing your dream job takes a lot of self-awareness, perseverance and creativity.
  1. Build a career-specific resume. ...
  2. Create a cover letter tailored to the business you are sending it to. ...
  3. Establish an online presence using your full name. ...
  4. Focus your job search on careers in which you are truly interested.

How do I sell myself in an interview? ›

When you're talking about yourself and your experience, keep the following six points in mind.
  1. Be the Solution. ...
  2. Be Specific. ...
  3. Prepare Sound Bites. ...
  4. Prepare to Talk About Your Resume. ...
  5. Be Aware of Nonverbal Communication. ...
  6. Be Positive.

What can you bring to the company? ›

Think about: your enthusiasm for the profession and the employer and your desire to make your mark. your personal qualities, such as your drive and willingness to learn. the skills the employer seeks and how you have demonstrated them in the past – your answer should show why you would be competent in the job.

What makes you stand out from other candidates? ›

These can be professional skills, areas of expertise, personal qualities, or any relevant experience. Also, consider any impressive accomplishments from your past or career goals that speak to your commitment to the field. Think of ways to out-do the other candidates.

Why should we hire you 5 best answers? ›

You should hire me because I have the qualifications, experience, and attitude to contribute to your company. I am a quick learner, adaptable, and possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, I am passionate about this field and eager to contribute to your team's success.

What is your biggest accomplishment? ›

'My greatest achievement' examples could include:
  • Giving a great presentation at work.
  • Beating sales targets.
  • Training for and completing a marathon.
  • Organizing a successful charity event.
  • Mentoring a coworker or fellow student.

What do employers really look for in a resume? ›

Employers will be looking for specific accomplishments on your resume, complete with numbers and results." If you are currently employed, start tracking your work progress and identify measurable achievements such as sales, efficiency in tasks, or improved processes.

Do employers want pictures on resume? ›

You may find yourself asking, “Should I include picture on my resume?” The answer to that question is no, you should not. That is because a resume photo can: Distract the hiring manager from what's most important (your skills and experience) Get instantly thrown out of the pile to avoid bias or discrimination.

Do jobs fact check your resume? ›

Human resources departments and recruiters frequently check for lies in resumes but rarely tell candidates if they caught them lying, as they simply do not hire a person who lied.

How do I get experience if nobody will hire me? ›

The best way to get around this is to look for entry-level positions or internships in the field you're interested in. By starting at the bottom, you can work your way up and gain the experience required for the job you want. You can also try to get some relevant work experience by volunteering or interning.

How do I recover from not getting my dream job? ›

Here are six positive steps to help you move forward when you don't get your dream job.
  1. You're Not Alone. For every open job posted, there are approximately 250 applicants! ...
  2. Ask for Feedback. ...
  3. Self-Evaluate. ...
  4. Keep Searching. ...
  5. Celebrate Your Wins. ...
  6. There's More Than One Dream Job. ...
  7. Going Forward.

How do I get experience if I can't get hired? ›

"For those job seekers that lack experience, I recommend, if possible, that they complete an internship or volunteer their time within the industry they are seeking employment," Robak says. "These options will help a job seeker build relevant skills, demonstrate commitment to the industry and gain some experience."

How do you know if this is your dream job? ›

So how do you find your dream job when you don't know what you want to do? The TL;DR is that you look at your strengths, think about who you are, talk to people, educate yourself, consider your needs, and do what makes you happy at the end of the day.

What is the fastest way to land a job? ›

How to find a job quickly
  1. Find jobs that fit your qualifications. Make a list of your job experience, education and skills. ...
  2. Optimize your cover letter and resume. ...
  3. Ask for help from your network. ...
  4. Consider a temporary position. ...
  5. Research. ...
  6. Appearance. ...
  7. Demeanor. ...
  8. Interview questions.
Jul 21, 2022

How to get a job at 30 with no experience? ›

Job hunting tips if you're 30 with no career
  1. Figure out what you're passionate about. ...
  2. Make note of your transferable skills. ...
  3. Go back to school. ...
  4. Don't go back to school. ...
  5. Sign up with a mentor. ...
  6. Volunteer. ...
  7. Connect with your network. ...
  8. Be willing to take on an entry-level position.
Mar 10, 2023

What is the first thing you should do when looking to land a job? ›

How to get your first job
  1. Set your expectations.
  2. Network with peers.
  3. Consider a job for the experience.
  4. Write a resume.
  5. Search for a job.
  6. Prepare for the interview.
  7. Dress appropriately.
  8. Follow up after the interview.
May 26, 2023

Can I say this is my dream job in an interview? ›

Even when the job you're applying for frequently isn't your ideal position, you nonetheless need to claim it as such. Ideally, if you want a job, you should show employers that you are ready for that job and you'll be a good fit. So telling them that it's your dream job can help you to get a job.

How do I prepare for a dream job interview? ›

Prepare Your Answers

Every interview has some standard questions, including but not limited to asking you to tell them about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, the reason you want to work for the company, and your goals. Prepare your answers in advance and try coming up with creative responses.

What do I want in a dream job? ›

To find a dream job, look for: Work you're good at. Work that helps others. Supportive conditions: engaging work that lets you enter a state of flow, supportive colleagues, lack of major negatives like unfair pay, and work that fits your personal life.

What can I say instead of this is my dream job? ›

What is another word for dream job?
the lifedream career
everything you ever wantedhaving made it
holy grailcushy job
ideal jobjob of one's dreams

What are the characteristics of a dream job? ›

Common Characteristics of a Dream Job:
  • Flexibility.
  • Alignment with skills and interests.
  • Supportive environment.
  • Collaborative team.
  • Stability.
  • Financial security.
  • Growth and learning opportunities.
  • Work-life balance.
Mar 17, 2022

How would you describe your ideal job answer? ›

Discuss the qualities of your ideal job in broad strokes: fair pay, good people, company stability, etc. Touch on your qualifications and relevant skills to illustrate why you're a good fit for the job. Talk about learning of the job opportunity and why it spoke to you—why the position intrigues you.

What is the first step to answering why do you want this job? ›

Think about any previous job roles or projects you have worked on that can still be related to this new role. Talk about specific examples of how you can help this company achieve their goals and highlight any relevant transferrable skills that will make you stand out as the right candidate.

What do you say to yourself before an interview? ›

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Tell yourself all the things you need to hear: you're smart, you're qualified for this role, you're going to kill it. Say it out loud (that makes it really stick) and say it with confidence. Just make sure you find a quiet place to do it.

What is your biggest dream interview question? ›

Dream about life, family, better future. Just achieving this state of mind is my biggest dream in life at the moment. When it happens, no doubt I will come up with other goals and dreams. My biggest dream in life is to financially retire at the age of 35.


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