Released - 2020 Land Rover Defender (Update: 5/10: Fix) (2023)


Welcome to the Land Rover Defender 110 Gen 2 for BeamNG!

(170 MB)

Here are some features of the mod:
  • Forza Horizon 5 (Defender 110X) 3D model port with mechanics and drivetrain by Cherier Tograc and custom jbeaming
  • Added custom textures, full lighting support including interior buttons (with flashing warning button), front and rear fog lights, and animated signal bars
  • Realistic weight and engine values ​​(at least to some extent)
  • 40 configurations based on real fairings and special configurations based on off-road and road performance, including:
    • Commercial hardtop version (with custom body and interior)
    • RHD and USDM versions
    • Police Polizia version (with police gear and Belasco PD/Polizia skin)
    • V8, 007 Edition, 75th Limited Edition and No Time to Die stunt car.
    • Package settings based on actual Land Rover offers
    • Configuration inspired by Bowler Defender Cup and Land Rover/Camel Trophy
    • Ustawienia Fantasy Off-Road, V8 Custom, Drag i Broken
  • Standard air suspension on higher trims, with controls to raise or lower the suspension
  • Mod Shiftlogic por@default0.0playerimplemented in all streams
  • Realistic suspension model based on a real car, with the following terrain response modes to choose from:
    • Comfort
    • grass/gravel/snow
    • Lama i Ruts
    • Sand
    • crawling over stones
  • Custom choice of true colors with 3-zone paint (body, roof, plastics) including:
    • Gondwana-Steinmetallic
    • Branco Fuji
    • Indus-Silber
    • Eigergrau
    • Green Pangaea
    • Santorini Therefore
    • Karpatengrau
    • Hakuba talk
    • Lantau-bronze
    • silicone silver
    • White Yulonga
    • Oil
    • Grasmere Green
  • Customized interior color schemes with the following options (pictures of some of them are below):
    • Basic ebony
    • pills
    • Ebony 75. (em Grasmere Green)
    • Eichel
    • khaki
    • bright oyster
    • vintage tan
    • X pills
    • X khaki
    • X Eichel
    • X Vintage Tan
    • V8 Pills
    • V8-Vintage-Tan
  • Optional center seat (standard on hard top, replaces console)
  • Multiple front bumper options (black, metallic, paintable and more options for main bumper, grille, lower guard, grille...)
  • Two headlight options (LED and premium LED), each with precise light design and realistic daytime running lights, traffic lights and low/high beam functions
  • Three rear bumper options (Silver, Gray and Black) and options for attaching hooks or guards
  • Various mufflers for I4, V8 and other engines
  • Precision rear markings for each engine/trim plus optional black Defender markings
  • Includes all OEM rim options: (See photos of each below)
    • 5093 18" Stahl
      • bright white
    • 5094 18" 5-spoke
      • dark gray satin
    • 6009 19" 6-spoke
      • Shiny silver finish
    • 6010 19" 6-spoke
      • Shiny silver finish
      • bright black
    • 5094 20" 5-spoke
      • Shiny silver finish
      • dark gray satin
    • 5095 20" 5-spoke
      • dark gray satin
      • Silver/Dark Satin Grey
    • 5098 20" 5-spoke
      • Shiny silver finish
      • dark gray satin
      • black silver
      • colored body
    • 6011 20" 6-spoke
      • bright black
    • 5098 22" Style 5 Spike (z logo Defender)
      • Shiny silver finish
      • bright black
      • dark gray satin
  • Normal, Sport and Off-Road tires are available in all standard rim sizes
  • Optional Official Land Rover Accessories:
    • Querstangen (VPLER0178)
    • Expedition Roof Rack (VPLER0181)
    • Retractable Roof Ladder (VPLER0189)
    • Transmission Outer Side Bracket (VPLEP0437)
    • Front Shipping Protection System (VPLE90FEP02)
    • Wheel Arch Cover (Plastic, Glossy, Paintable Plastic) (VPLEP0379)
    • Matter Motorhaubenaufkleber (VPLEB0438)
    • Spare Tire Cover (Silver & Black) (VPLEW0143)
    • Raised Air Intake (Operable) (VPLEP0435)
  • Two roof options (with and without panoramic roof, individually tinted)
  • Spare wheels for the tailgate, with the option of an official replacement cover in different colors or one of the factory wheels
  • Two handlebar options (silver and black)
  • Three optional taillights (paint fairing, USDM and clear)
  • Two external handle options (body color and black)
  • Three Rear Tier Options (Silver, V8 Satin Gray and Black)
  • Two headliner options (Light Oyster Morzine and Ebony Morzine)
  • Two roof panel options (plastic and black for interior mirrors, sun visor and center dome)
  • Two choice of Land Rover badges (plain and grey)
  • Three hood cover options (regular, gray and black)
  • Optional tinted rear windows
  • Optional coloring parts: (default selection is black plastic, depending on configuration)
    • lighthouse frame
    • Trimming above the taillights + taillights
    • bumpers and door panels
    • post finishes
    • exterior mirrors
    • panel kaptura
  • Custom brakes for V8 (with special look and color)
  • Custom sounds for V8
  • Optional off-road tires for all standard rims
  • Multiple engine options:
    • 2.0L D200 I4 Diesel
    • 2.0L D240 I4 Diesel
    • 2.0L P300 I4
    • 3.0L D200 I6 Diesel
    • 3.0L D250 I6 Diesel
    • 3.0L D300 I6 Diesel
    • 3,0 l P400 I6
    • 5.0L P525 V8
  • Digital gauges for all trims and configurations (Metric, Imperial, Diesel...) with updated Land Rover fonts
  • Integrated BeamNG GPS system with large and regular screen options
  • Locking rear differential and 4WD high and low range transfer case.
  • support for minemod european plates(yellow back plates available)
  • Support for official game accessories such as
    • Link attacks
    • police masked lights
    • protective cage
    • stirrups
    • Rock-Slider
    • racing seats
    • towbar
    • Off-road front bumper fenders
    • Roof rack with cargo (fridge, sofa...)
  • Optional skins (black bonnet and 110 decals on bonnet and C-pillars)
  • UV template cards included in the mod folder for regular bodyshells and hardshell bodyshells so you can create your own skins

All rims and some interior colors available:​



How to install:
-Download the ZIP file attached at the beginning or end of the post
- Coloque-o pasta mods lokalnie (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\\0.24\mods)
-Recommend useRussian Dish Mod autorstwa SkipperPlayfor the full experience

Texture issues/strange behavior in mod?:
- Delete all previous mod files/folders, do a cache deep clean, download the latest version and try again
-Make sure no other mod can interfere with it

Can I get UV stencils to create custom skins?:
-As indicated in the resource list, these two files can be found in the mod folder:
These are templates for regular bodywork and hardtop bodywork (where the area where the regular rear side windows are located is the hardtop paint/painting area)

Will there be a 90s version?:
Due to my lack of modeling skills, plans for a 90's short version were cancelled, it had already been tried on, but the quality was far from mod standards

(Video) Johnson Instructional Video

LAST UPDATE: 05/10/2022 at 21:37 GMT

given by@jackomac43

Neilogical Review:

Test run@CrashHart

I hope you like!Released - 2020 Land Rover Defender (Update: 5/10: Fix) (27)

(Video) how to make a bad fuel pump work - part 1 24

Credits (except me):

-Spin 10 studios/playgrounds: Original bodywork and inner radiator grille
-BeamNG Generic name: Cherier basics, jbeams and some textures and parts
-Kunos simulations: Sons of V8
-pierogi: Crashes, Terrain Response, Settings, Fixes, New Features and more
-Agent_Y: wheel hub support, air suspension
-Marcel/Question: Working needle gauges, main instrument and polishing gauges
-AutoTMat: Add parts, sounds, settings, and more
-Dönerfreak:Realistic spotlight mod and shiftlogic mod implementation
PabloMM: Help fix bugs and add missing features
-Posthumous Slayer: Realistic lighthouse mod
-default0.0player: toggle logic mod
-Xupaun: Active differential
-barry5444: Fixed steering wheel rotation, new colors
-mace: Off-road suspension tuning and suspension fixes
-in the shade: player skin
-waste: camel skin
-Schnitzer.: engine options
-J777: Add settings


Hi!Released - 2020 Land Rover Defender (Update: 5/10: Fix) (28)

I opted for itcreateon my current WIP project, the current generation Land Rover Defender, before I wrap up, so with that in mind I'll first lay out the following ground rules:

NOI don't have anything close to a release date, it will be available when it's ready but I have no idea when.
NO, I do not accept suggestions and no additional parts or configurations are made, at least not by me.
mi, I am looking for help in improving and fine-tuning the quality and appearance. So if you want to help feel free to message me for further contact, both via discord and other private messages.

With that out of the way, let's go in!

So yes, let's also say the obvious, this is a port of the Land Rover Defender 110X P400 from Forza Horizon 5, making it from scratch is 100% beyond my ability, but the idea is far from simple, quick and easy meshing. In fact, the task is now more difficult than any previous effort, as the FH5 models are currently in beta and most of the textures are unavailable, and it's a big part of the effort to recreate as much as possible without going crazy (the model has about 20 different types of plastic, for example...) , but the goal is to make it look as close as possible, with PBR textures and skin support. Thankfully the original UV mapping is still there which is a huge relief... oh can't share the percentage of the process in each area because I honestly have no idea what to say hereReleased - 2020 Land Rover Defender (Update: 5/10: Fix) (30)

The current state is as you can see in the image above, at the moment I'm working on creating new textures and deleting old ones, checking each one and combining as much as possible without making much difference and of course I still have to add Creating textures from scratch so at worst it takes is several days or even weeks. The idea is to hold the process later in the game until the textures are ready, so anything added will be optically ready, just for jbeam review.

Since the Forza models look very basic from the underside and the mechanics require a lot of work, I decided to "go easy" by fitting the entire mechanical bottom of the Cherier Tograc and after some adjustments, adjusting the dimensions to the bodywork to match, I am pleased to say that it works very well. The wheels are also finished, leaving only the rim textures. BTW, the engine mesh (since only the top is visible on the Forza models) is also from the Vivace, but is configured as an ETK I6 engine, depending on the tuning, so it has the same specs as the real engine...may need with!

(Video) How to Figure Out Front End Clunks and Knocks

The jbeaming is the best I can get with my current knowledge, the beams reach every corner of the body, and the mask, which is the only panel added so far in the game, has been customized by adding nodes/strips/triangles to better follow the shape.. but after a collision it bounces like crazy so i need some help in this area especially after adding more parts.

The interior has been imported so far just to give it a fuller look, although the textures are still being worked on, but the good thing is that not only does the GPS work at least (I'd like to modify it a bit to make it look like a real car user interface a bit more), and most importantly, i also have digital gauges working (including gear and speed indicator)... but the pointers are not working. So please help me with something elseReleased - 2020 Land Rover Defender (Update: 5/10: Fix) (34)

Aaaaa... I think that's enough text for now. Don't expect much progress in a few days while I'm working on the textures (I hope the next WIP update will work with the textures), but I wanted to share my work so far and of course ask people interested in the project as well, leaving enough time for chatting and sharing files to anyone who wants to help.

I hope that when it's all over it will be even better than I think, but until that day comes, remember, be patient. I know there may be some hype, but begging won't speed things up.

As a final image, a Blender photo showing everything with new materials, just lights and some travel glass. But since the files don't exist yet, there's not much to show right now...

More updates coming soon!Released - 2020 Land Rover Defender (Update: 5/10: Fix) (38)

# 1

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Why was Defender discontinued? ›

Production of the final Land Rover Defender was cheered by workers at the JLR factory with its lights flashing and horns blaring. JLR decided to axe the legendary 4x4 due to difficulties in maintaining safety and emissions standards.

What is the common problem of Land Rover Defender? ›

Most of these are windshields that crack for no reason, ultimately obscuring visibility. The other relates to faulty exterior lighting, which can be a major safety risk. Other serious issues are related to steering failure and malfunctioning brakes.

What is the latest Land Rover Defender version? ›

What's New for 2023? The long-wheelbase Defender 130 model is available in a new Outbound trim level for 2024 that ditches the SUV's third row of seats and the rearmost windows to make room for additional cargo space inside and allow for more exterior customization via a slew of available accessories.

Why is the new Land Rover Defender so expensive? ›

The value of these vehicles has been consistently rising, with some models selling for significantly more than their original purchase price. This is due to a combination of factors, including increasing demand, limited supply, and the reputation of Defenders as durable, capable, and iconic vehicles.

Why is the Defender illegal in us? ›

Each new vehicle sold in the U.S. must have an airbag installed for the driver and front passenger seats. Other models, like the Land Rover Discovery, received dual airbags in America, but the Defender didn't make the cut and was banned for failing to meet standard safety regulations.

Who makes the new Defender engine? ›

V8-powered Defender (2021) - 5.0 - litre 518bhp petrol

In March 2021, Land Rover introduced a new high-performance V8-powered version of its Defender.

What is the best year for the Land Rover Defender? ›

The best Defenders for daily driving are the post-2006 models, which benefit from a raft of improvements, including a more modern 2.4-litre diesel engine, a hugely improved interior and a smoother six-speed gearbox. The quietest and most economical Defender was introduced in 2012, with a 2.2-litre diesel engine.

Which is the most reliable Land Rover Defender? ›

That said, there are some models of Land Rover that have been known for being more reliable than others. The most reliable Land Rovers ever made include the: Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque; LR Freelander II; and the Defender 110 TDi Hard Top.

What are the problems with the new Defender? ›

This has made the New Defender a very complex vehicle that can suffer from various electrical failures. Commonly reported electrical faults on the Defender range from failed wireless charging pads up to failing rear lights due to a voltage spike or the vehicle completely cutting out.

Which Defender model is best? ›

Finally, the HSE is the best trim level possible for the Land Rover Defender and is what is used largely in the Defender X. The HSE gives memory setups to seats and mirror positioning, memory foam, seat ventilation, Gloss Dark Grey wheels, the panoramic roof, and multiple options for the interior leather use and style.

Where is the new Defender built? ›

Nitra Plant, Slovakia: Makes the Land Rover Discovery and Land Rover Defender.

Is the new Defender Aluminium? ›

The new Defender is built on an all-new platform, known as D7X (X for EXTREME) which Land Rover claims is three times stronger than any of its closest rivals – the body-on-frame brigade – thanks to the clever combination of aluminium and strategically placed high-strength steel.

Will the new Land Rover Defender depreciate? ›

1. Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Defender 90 and Land Rover Defender 110 are fully depreciated in year one. 2. Luxury car depreciation can continue year two at $16,400, year three at $9,800 and $5,860 per year for each succeeding year until the vehicle is fully depreciated or sold.

Will Land Rover Defender depreciate? ›

Since the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery have Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) greater than 6,000** pounds, they can be fully depreciated in the first year of ownership when used for business 100% of the time, giving you the freedom to spend on the things that matter ...

What is the most reliable Land Rover? ›

Overall, of all the models tested so far by Consumer Reports, the Land Rover Range Rover Velar has the highest score at 50/100.

Why do Defenders get stolen? ›

As they're not as easy to come by and the price of reselling them is higher, they're a better target for criminals. Not only are the vehicles not being made anymore, neither are their parts. When a Defender gets lifted, it's not necessarily being driven. It could be stripped and sold in pieces.

Are Defenders still being stolen? ›

Land Rover Defender thefts increased by 34% in 2021 after a slight lull in 2020, with the iconic vehicles being targeted by rural criminals and organised gangs who dismantle them for parts. The insurer is recommending a mix of traditional and sophisticated electronic security measures.

Is Defender car bulletproof? ›

Due to its reinforced undercarriage, the car can also withstand the explosion of up to two DM51 hand grenades detonated simultaneously underneath it. In addition, the hulking five-seater is equipped with runflat tires and bulletproof glass.

Does the Defender have a BMW engine? ›

The Vehicle

Yes, that's right; this Defender has the same engine as the BMW 528i, 728i, and Z3.

Is the new Defender bulletproof? ›

Alpine's armored Land Rover Defender is built using latest technology to provide clients with highest levels of protection. Typically armored to Level A9/B6+, this bulletproof Land Rover is protected against 7.62mm lead core, 5.56x45 and M80 ball rounds, as well as 2 DM51 hand grenades.

What is the fastest Defender engine? ›

Land Rover Defender specialist Twisted cements its reputation as the world's leading modifier of the iconic British vehicle with the launch of two new powertrains; the T-V8, the fastest Defender ever to leave its factory, and the T-VS, its turbocharged petrol engine.

What is the life span of a Land Rover Defender? ›

Land Rovers have an average lifespan of 200,000 miles or 13 years when kept to a routine car maintenance schedule.

Are Landrover defenders collectable? ›

An auction price in excess of $100,000 isn't unheard of for collectible examples of the classic Land Rover Defender, with models in Australia, the US, and the UK fetching top dollar in recent years.

What's better Range Rover or Defender? ›

The Range Rover offers elegance, comfort and a smooth ride, while the Defender boasts a more rugged, tactical and durable construction at its core. Here, we compare these two popular SUVs.

Is Land Rover Defender a success? ›

It has clearly paid off, too, as the Defender's success since its 2020 launch has surpassed even Land Rover's expectations. Production has been ramped up to match and the brand is now producing 50 percent more Defenders than it had originally planned.

What year was the Land Rover Defender discontinued? ›

After a continuous run of 67 years production finally ended on 29 January 2016, after a total of just over two million Land Rover Series and Defender models had been built.

When did Land Rover discontinue the Defender? ›

2016 – The first Land Rover Defender is retired. After a run of more than 30 years, this model would only take a four year hiatus. The Defender was re-released as an all-new model in 2020, and is now available around the world.

Are Land Rover Defenders expensive to fix? ›

The average annual costs of Land Rovers range from model to model, but in most cases, it falls somewhere between $1,300 to $4,500 per year in repairs and regular maintenance.

Is Defender comfortable to drive? ›

Yet, whereas other big, boxy, off-road-oriented SUVs make their owners suffer through rough rides, sloppy handling, booming interior noise and/or compromised interior space, the Land Rover Defender does not. It's practical, refined, comfortable and spacious.

What make of engine is in the new Defender? ›

Top speed ranges from 191–240 km/h (119–149 mph), with 386 kW (518 hp), with a 0-100 of about 5.2 to 5.4 seconds. It is 625 N⋅m (461 lbf⋅ft), and uses the same supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine from the Jaguar F-Type. As of March 2023, the Defender V8 is only available in the compact 90, and the mid-size 110.

Which is better Defender 90 or 110? ›

Both the Defender 90 and 110 offer a comfortable ride, but the longer wheelbase and larger size of the Defender 110 can help reduce passenger fatigue on longer trips. The 110 also offers more amenities, such as additional climate control zones and heated seats, which can make the trip more comfortable for passengers.

What is the gas mileage on a Land Rover Defender? ›


Your fuel economy can reach as high as 18 mpg in the city or 22 mpg on the highway, although your precise capabilities will vary depending on your choice of engine.

Is the new Defender comfortable? ›

Space in the back seats

With those big back doors, though, the 110 and 130 are really easy to get in and out of, and there's loads of legroom and headroom, even for tall passengers. Even the middle rear seat is reasonably comfy, with plenty of room for feet thanks to the fact that the floor is almost totally flat.

Who makes Land Rover engines? ›

Land Rover engines are made at Jaguar Land Rover's Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, England. This plant produces the ultra-efficient Ingenium powertrain family for all Jaguar and Land Rover models.

How long does it take to build a Land Rover Defender? ›

In most situations, custom ordered vehicles can take between 3 to 6 months to arrive. Throughout the build process, our team will provide you with updates at each step.

Does new Defender have air suspension? ›

Land Rover Defender Off-Road Specs

Note that all Land Rover Defender configurations include Electronic Air Suspension as standard, so you can reach the maximum measurements without any expensive upgrades or accessories: Ground Clearance: 8.6 inches to 11.5 inches. Maximum Wading Depth: 35.4 inches.

What rusts on a Defender? ›

A common Land Rover Defender problem is rust due to frequent exposure to mud and moisture. This typically causes corrosion to develop on the steel chassis and bulkhead particularly. But there are more areas too, where rust can creep in.

Does new Defender roof come off? ›

You'll also want to think about how you'll use your SUV. The Ford allows you to remove the roof and doors.

Are Land Rover Defenders waterproof? ›

The Defender will be offered with Land Rover/Jaguar's Activity Key, which has been updated to incorporate a watch. The rubberised band can be worn like a fitness track on your wrist and is water resistant to four atmospheres (40m).

Why is Land Rover Defender not sold in US? ›

Land Rover pulled the plug in 1997, but not by choice. The Defender's lack of airbags and door impact beams meant it wouldn't meet American safety standards. For nearly two more decades, Land Rover kept building Defender SUVs for the rest of the world.

Will Land Rover bring back the old Defender? ›

The V8-powered classic Defender has returned with an additional bodystyle and plenty of off-road gear. Land Rover is bringing back the classic Defender in Trophy II guise - a nod to Bob Ives's Camel Trophy-winning Defender of 1989.

Was the Defender discontinued? ›

However, in 2015, it was discontinued, and its farewell from the assembly line was a saddening event for car enthusiasts across the globe. While the new Defender is iconic, capable, and excellent in its own right, nothing can fully replace the original, which is why Defender fanatic Charles Fawcett has so many.

Is Land Rover Defender factory shut down? ›

Jaguar Land Rover has stopped production of the strong-selling Land Rover Defender off-roader at its plant in Nitra, Slovakia, due to microchip shortages.

Where are Land Rover Defenders made now? ›

Land Rover still manufactures new vehicles primarily in England, though growing popularity over the past few decades has seen them expand.

Where is the Land Rover Defender being built? ›


Why are old Defenders so expensive? ›

Prices. Even when it was new, the Defender was quite a costly car for what it offered. Very early in its life it was a true workhorse, being used by farmers, emergency services and the armed forces., but by the end of its life it was more of a lifestyle vehicle, with prices to match.

What is the most reliable Defender? ›

The Defender Wasn't Unreliable

We would go as far as saying the 200tdi and 300tdi models are some of the most reliable 4x4s out there. They are insanely simple; therefore, there are very few things that can go wrong with them.

Is the new Defender tough? ›

It's tougher than all the rest

The new Defender is built on an all-new platform, known as D7X (X for EXTREME) which Land Rover claims is three times stronger than any of its closest rivals – the body-on-frame brigade – thanks to the clever combination of aluminium and strategically placed high-strength steel.

What was the last year the Land Rover Defender sold in the US? ›

Until 2020 the Defender was last sold in the US in 1997, after which safety regulations prohibited its sale in North America. An all-new 2020 Land Rover Defender made its global debut in September 2019 and is initially offered with two wheelbase options.

How long can a Land Rover Defender last? ›

A Land Rover can last around 200,000 miles

The average lifespan for a new vehicle from Land Rover is approximately 150,000 miles or 10 years. This is slightly below average compared to the industry standard of 11 years.

What is the rarest Land Rover Defender? ›

One of the rarest factory-made Defenders ever, in fact. It's a 1993 Land Rover NAS Defender 110, one of just 534 manufactured exclusively for the American market.


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