Slang words in English: 25 examples and definitions (2023)

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There is English and there is English slang. Don't be discouraged if you don't know the latter. We will analyze 25 commonly used slang words and provide example sentences to show you exactly how to use them.

Slang words in English: 25 examples and definitions (1)

Fluency means understanding slang

What is "slang"?

colloquial word list

  1. With him
  2. Boujee
  3. Curve
  4. direct messages
  5. Additional
  6. Die
  7. Geist
  8. high key
  9. dead
  10. get up
  11. ue
  12. illuminated
  13. Hidden
  14. nic
  15. Mietfrei
  16. Rizz
  17. Wild
  18. Simply
  19. destroy
  20. Stop
  21. Because
  22. undershirt
  23. Thirsty
  24. oscillating
  25. C

A little more slang

Fluency means understanding slang

So you study English vocabulary diligently. They even did the unthinkable and understood a lot of grammar rules. You did it. “I speak fluent English,” you tell yourself.

Until one day someone comes up to you and says, "Are you okay? You arehigh keyactingWhether,nic.” Before you can decipher the sentence, he continues: “We all arevibrateshere but wehiddenI want to know what it isTee."You wave your arms in horror and give up learning English.

But you don't have to be like that. You just discoveredTell. And trust us, when we tell you where it came from, there's a lot more to it.

Learning English slang is like learning any other part of speech - it takes practice and familiarity. That's why we've compiled a list of current terms that are commonly used in everyday English. We'll explain what they mean and give example sentences to show you how to use them correctly.

This list will help you become more fluent in English.nic

What is "slang"?

TellIt is an informal type of vocabulary used in casual conversation, recognized and understood by certain groups of people. It can be for exampleyouth slang,business jargon, sports slang,and many other types.

Tellvaries by location and demographic. The slang you hear in the US can be very different from what you hear in the UK, Australia or Canada.

In addition, the slang you encounter in the United States can vary from region to region. You may know Southern slang but not Midwestern slang.

The following list can be loosely defined as:common American slang. In other words, it is a type of slang that is popular in pop culture and mainstream media.

Slang words in English: 25 examples and definitions (2)

colloquial word list

It's a good idea to learn some English slang because you never know when you'll encounter one. Even if you don't use it because you prefer formal vocabulary, knowing the meaning of some colloquial terms can help you avoid misunderstandings.

Note that many of the words in this list have formal definitions separate from their common meaning. In other words, some of the words below may be used as slang, but they are also used in their original meaning. The list focuses solely on its colloquial use.

1. With him

With himused to confirm or agree with something. Think of it as a synonymOKLublooks good.

"Can you pick up Joshua in an hour?
-With him, I'll be there.

2. Boujee

Boujee(also writtenVela) is most often used as an adjective to describe something fancy, luxurious, or of high quality.

Boujeeit can also describe a person who is materialistic, authoritarian, or prefers a sophisticated lifestyle.

Remember that context is important when using the termBoujee.It can be used positively and kindly, but it can also have negative connotations and a judgmental tone.

We were looking for a local bar but ended up getting so much more.Boujeethan we expected.

3rd curve

distortReject advances or expressions of interest from the other person. In other words, if someone is flirting with you and you say you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, then it is.curvedThey.

Nathaniel tried to meet the girl at the party, but he told everythingcurvedOn.

4. Direct messages

DMthis isabbreviationDotarget message.This is a private message sent via a social media platform such as Facebook or X (formerly known as Twitter).

I can't talk right now, but send me oneteacher,and I will contact you later.

Apart fromswipe to someone's DMsinvolves sending someone a flirty message via social media in hopes of starting a romantic relationship.

UEyou entered your DMand asked for her number.

5. Extras

To beadditionalmeans to dramatize or behave in an exaggerated way. For example, if you start crying because your favorite meal at a restaurant is sold out, you can sayyou are extra

Luis, you don't need to go to the ER for a simple headache. you are a littleadditional.

6. Flexible

Flexiblemeans showing off or boasting about one's achievements, wealth or skills. It is commonly used to describe someone trying to impress others.

I don't wantdiebut in my new job I earn three times more than in my old one.

7. Shower

for the image of the spiritSomeone should suddenly stop communicating with them, especially when it comes to potential romantic interest.faceThis means not only that you don't talk to anyone anymore, but also that you suddenly disappear.

I thought everything was going well between us, but in the end she didfaceMich.

8. high key

express somethinghigh keythat means doing it openly, obviously, and obviously. Think of it as an informal synonymReally.

It is also used to add accents. When someone says, "I really want to see a Barbie movie," it means they're not ashamed of wanting to see it. If they say, "I really enjoyed the movie," after watching it, they really enjoyed it.

UEhigh keyI would like to organize a charity run to raise money for a local animal shelter.

9. I am dead

deadis a colloquial expression expressing extreme shock, amusement, disbelief, or surprise. This ishyperbolicway to react to something funny or shocking.

If you tell someone a funny joke and they say, "I'm dead," that's like saying it's so funny that they'll "die" laughing.

dead"I can't believe I accidentally ruined a surprise party I've been planning for months."

10. Raised

in the world of slangget uphas different meanings. It is now used to describe someone who is physically strong and muscular. someone worth consideringget uphe spends a lot of time in the gym working on his strength and appearance.

have you been training? you sawget up!

11. UE

ueis used as a synonymStrataLubFail. You could say your favorite soccer team lost by five goalsThey caught a huge L.

I was barely studying, so I was ready to go to collegeueduring the exam.

12. Lit

illuminatedis often used to describe something extremely exciting and fun. You can consider a party where all your friends will have a good timeilluminated.

You can also useilluminatedas an adjective describing a person who is energetic, enthusiastic, and perhaps even slightly intoxicated.

How is there. That's allilluminatedshould i just go home?

13. Reserved

Hiddenis the oppositehigh key(#8 on this list). It is used to express something in a mysterious, subtle or unobtrusive way. When someone says something and puts it in front of themhidden,This means they want to be discreet.

Don't tell anyone but mehiddenI like this song.

14. No, none

If someone saysnobody,This means they are honest. It is usually used to indicate that the sentence or phrase that has just been uttered does not contain lies. Think of it as another way of saying "seriously."

It's the most beautiful house I've ever seen.nic.

think about itTampameaning "to lie". So if someone saysthis is a hatMeaning,it's a lie.

15. Mietfrei

Usually it's a whole sentencelive free in someone's head.It means someone is so busy doing something that they can't stop thinking about it.

Imagine that you are the owner of the apartment and the tenant does not pay the rent. Why would you agree to that, right? Why not just kick the tenant out of the apartment or get the thought out of your head?

Why are you allowing this situation?live free in your head? This happened a few months ago!

16. Rizz

RizzAbbreviation fromcharismaand refers to a person's ability to be incredibly charming and popular. To haveRizzit is the ability to easily, often seductively talk to people.

You are so good with women! where did you get all thisRizz?

17. wild

Wildis a term used to describe someone or something brave or wild. someone who isbrutalhe is brave and uncompromising about it. It can also describe an assertive or playful person.

I can't believe you said that. it wasbrutalCome back.

18. simple

Simplydescribes someone (usually a man) as overly attentive, submissive or affectionate towards someone (usually a woman).

It is usually used as a derogatory term to offend someone who goes to great lengths to gain someone's favor.

Be careful not to use this word as it can be extremely demeaning.

I blocked him on social media because he kept calling me "A".simplyI have never shown any form of affection to my wife.

19. Matar

destroyis often used as an expression of enthusiasm and support when someone excels in a particular field. It is used to compliment a person's appearance, achievements or abilities.

yes girldestroy! You look so good in that dress.
It's completeHe diedThis show.
You werematarsim!

20. Stan

There are fans and there are themStans.

AStopis someone who is an extremely enthusiastic and devoted fan of a celebrity, artist, or other famous person.Stopcan be used to describe someone who is a bit overzealous or maybe even obsessed with a public figure.

I am soStopHarry Styles and I'm not ashamed of it!

21. Be

Becauseis short for "suspect" or "suspect". When you call someoneWhetherindicates that you are skeptical of their intentions, behavior or actions. someone who isWhetheris dubious and potentially fraudulent.

I don't think that happened. This story sounds like itWhetherAmor
You are soWhether. Everything's all right?
Slang words in English: 25 examples and definitions (3)

22. T-shirt

undershirtmeans "gossip". So if someone says:pour the tea, ask you to share funny and sometimes scandalous information about a specific topic.

I heard he has a new girlfriend. you know it, give it to meundershirt!
He says he has someundershirtabout yesterday's party.

23. Wait

To bethirstyit's a romantic desire for someone's attention. It is commonly used critically to describe someone who is overly anxious or desperate for attention.

However, it is also sometimes used more generally to refer to a person who seeks validation or approval in various social situations.

Stop commenting on all her photos. You are sothirsty!
Here you don't have to feel like you have to impress someone, so you don't eitherthirstyor something like that.

24th vibration

To bevibratesmeans to be in a good mood or relaxed.oscillatingmeans a sense of positivity and harmony with the environment.

We're just having funvibratesand listening to music.
I met someone and we're really togethervibrates.

25. W

Cis the opposite of enabledue(#12 on our list).

basically aCis short for "victory" and represents triumph or achievement. It is used in a fun and lighthearted way to express appreciation for an achievement or something positive.

Note that while "L" can be used in written and oral communication, "W" is generally reserved for written text. It's not often you hear someone say "W" in this language.

We won first place at air shows. It's a big dealCfor us!

More about slang

That's it - a list of current English slang so you'll be ready the next time someone hits you with a phrase like "She told you."high keyhas a lotRizzand you two werevibrates.

When it comes to slang, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Slang is constantly evolving. A word can mean one thing today and quite another in a few years.
  • It also means that there is an endless list of terms, including obsolete slang and slang that hasn't been coined yet!
  • It should be emphasized that it should only be used in informal and casual situations. You should avoid slang when interacting with your boss or in any other professional environment. This can be difficult if you tend to use a lot of slang. So make sure you use LanguageTool as a typing assistant as it can suggest more formal phrases in your text.
  • Slang words in English: 25 examples and definitions (4)


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