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** Stop pushing! Updated since its launch in June, Voima is now even better. Visit the Voima product page for more informationHere**

More is More™ A principle we firmly believe in at Pole Bicycles. Our ethos is firmly based on function before form and form follows function. Polo Voima (which means power in Finnish) is the union of all these principles.

The idea behind Voima is simple; Go faster up, through and down. We've worked hard to develop a bike with better pedaling efficiency, longer travel, motor support and a long battery life. It's all about mechanically maintaining the power transfer from pedal travel to forward speed, not just with motor assistance, but with the right chassis kinematics. Our modern suspension design allows us to maximize pedaling efficiency without sacrificing performance. That's why the Voima is the ultimate enduro, park bike, long-distance trail platform, and DH game bike all in one.

The Voima has more power, more travel and can travel a greater distance. By acquiring the latest technology, we were able to create a bike that didn't weigh the odds and had more range and travel. There are no compromises when it comes to chassis kinematics, geometry and handling. Based on an all-new suspension platform, a design proven on bikes with and without a motor and battery. It proved lively and active, but without sacrificing pedaling efficiency or suspension dynamics.

The main purpose of an e-bike is that you can ride it seated or standing and the suspension will still fit. An electric bike should also pedal efficiently without sacrificing suspension feel or feel.

Voima was designed to be the truest form of what we believe an electric bike should be. We never compare ourselves to other bikes and the Voima is no exception. It is also not based on an existing bicycle model with an electric bicycle motor and battery, adapted to the original design. It was designed and built from the ground up as an electric bike.

Developed in collaboration with Matti Lehikoinen, Voima was tested, refined and adjusted over a period of two years.

We have everything ready here. This beast curves like a snake and falling apart is just another day at the office. This bike is fun on the local trails and can keep up with the big guys in the bike park - god, it's fast!

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key points

  • NEW Brose S Mag motor and BMZ V10 725 W battery: 4-year manufacturer's warranty on the motor
  • Installing the battery from the top of the down tube
  • Current draw close to the main pipe, away from the elements
  • Raised chainstays for less chain shock and ease of use
  • Suspension kinematics that work perfectly with an engine
  • Brose engine set completely protected from the weather in the frame
  • Montura ISCG-05
  • The seatpost cable can be installed without removing the motor
  • disc speed sensor
  • SRAM universal rear derailleur mount
  • Two bottle holders. One on the down tube and one on the down tube
  • The world's only e-bike with a 7075-T6 aluminum frame
  • An exclusive bar suspension platform and design.
  • double bearing links

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what's more

With 190mm of travel front and rear, the Voima is also the world's only e-bike with a fully CNC machined and bonded 7075-T6 aluminum frame. We also designed the frame to be dual crown compatible.

Race-tested and approved, we already have two e-bike race wins under our belt with Voima and will soon complete the toughest EFBE safety tests in the industry in Germany.

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The Voima is powered by a Brose S Mag motor and a 725 W BMZ V10 battery. We chose the Brose because of its great performance without overpowering. The motor resides entirely within the frame, sheltered from the elements of the trail, a decision made after extensive weather testing during design and development. For comparison, we also tested the motor completely uncovered and exposed to the elements to ensure the connections between the battery and the motor held up over time. The Brose motor delivers power naturally and effortlessly, while still delivering 90Nm of torque when needed.

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One of the most common issues we found during research and development on most e-bike designs was water ingress into the charging ports or poor connections between the battery and the connector. That's why we included a power pickup near the bike's head tube, not only for easy charging, but also to keep water and other debris off the trail.

And it's beautiful. Pole's whole ethos is function before form and form follows function. If that's not nice, then what is?

SENSEI suspension

We develop chassis kinematics for bicycles that require space for a motor or gearbox. The SENSEI is extremely versatile with different chainring and pedal sizes thanks to a virtual pivot point that hovers close to the chainline. The SENSEI suspension has a leverage ratio (progressive) sag ratio and an anti-squat sag ratio to keep pedal feedback low. We have significantly reduced the ground feedback and brought more balance in turns and jumps. The shock is side mounted to minimize stress on the shock bushings and the suspension operates with less effort. The 190mm of total travel can be used with an air or coil shock and is versatile for riders of all sizes.

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As a result of our new suspension design, we've improved a number of things. Our anti-sag value is always ~100% to 30% sSAG in all gears, unlike other suspension designs where the anti-sag value variance in SAG can vary significantly.

Our leverage ratio is 2.6 with dynamic sag, and that's where most shocks are at their best. The leverage ratio is within a falling ratio, giving us a smooth feel on small bumps and a good pedaling platform and mid-stroke cornering. A falling leverage rate ensures a smooth finish to the run without hitting bottom. We've optimized leverage so the suspension has less bottoming and is more comfortable to sit on.

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Own production in Finland.

At some point in the last 18 months, we've all experienced first-hand what a unique situation the bicycle industry is in today. Whether 365 days lead time for a disc brake or 6 months waiting time for the last frame. . At Pole Bicycles, we are no exception to the same supply chain struggles. The only advantage we have is our ability to manufacture in Finland with our own CNC machines. This not only makes us unique in the development and manufacture of framesets across our entire model portfolio, but also allows us to avoid unnecessary delays in production by a third-party manufacturer.

Voima not only in its unique design and features, but also in the way we go into production.

The Voima will initially be produced as a frameset only, with full builds to follow in late 2021 - early 2022 when the global supply chain stabilizes.

We're also changing the way we pre-order. Due to the global uncertainty, people are worried about making large deposits for a product order and we did. Therefore, a deposit of 200 € is enough to guarantee a Voima painting. The warehouse secures the frame production slots.

In the future, our production lead times will be shorter and manufacturing much more efficient. Our aim is to have framesets available from stock as soon as orders are placed.


pilot heightSpeed ​​- 160-170 cm
Style – 165-175 cm
Speed ​​- 170-180 cm
Style – 175-185 cm
Speed ​​- 180-190 cm
Modell – 185-195 cm
Speed ​​– 190+cm
Style – 195+cm
frame sizek1k2k3k4
1. Head angle63,5°
2. REACH450480510535
3. Upper tube561591621651
4. BB "NUR"0
5. Seat tube angle80°
6. Seat tube angle (effective)80°
7. The stack644644644644
8. Wheelbase1283131313431368
9. Hem length (effective)455mm
10. SEAT TUBE LENGTH400420420440
11. Steering tube length110120135135
12. Fork Compensation44-51 mm
front center851881911936

A premium product without the premium price

Production begins in the fall, with limited availability of only the K2 and K3 frames.

Frame sets start at €5,490 and full builds are €8,490 and are coming in early 2022. After the starting price, frames are €5,990 and full sets are €8,990.

In future there will also be the option of buying BMZ batteries directly from us.

As our CNC machining experience has developed, expanded and refined we are now able to manufacture Voima at a lower production cost which in turn can be passed on to the customer at MSRP.

Order yours here

And e-biking is just another way of riding a bike. Bikes are fun and e-bikes are bikes.


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