Use an example in a sentence (2023)


  • well that was goodExampleYour imagination working over time.



  • The most importantExampleis confidence



  • There was anotherExamplehow their marriage continued to mature.



  • poor oneExamplebe objective.



  • Some people have extraordinary abilities that we don't understand, e.g.Example, weise.




  • Someone in the class could be cheating on meExamplea comparison?



  • He jokingly claimed that Jonathan was only looking for the best fashion.Examplecould find.



  • the building was greatExamplefrom the craftsmanship of a time when quality should outlive those skilled men who worked with pride.



  • The presentation of any horror object, e.g.Example, for the eye has or can have a double effect.



  • Make sure you give the poor the help they need most, even if it's yours.Examplewhat she leaves far behind.




  • You'd think you'd do a pretty good job as a gunnery officer.Example, but here you are without your boots!



  • that was anotherExampleof Howie withdrawing from anything that might be uncomfortable.



  • everyone followed herExampleand they looked surprised.



  • If Cortes were aExamplewhat was to come, no one would starve.



  • AsExamplebuilt a railway.




  • In ancient times, the son who disowned his father would have his hair cut off, branded with a slave mark, and could be sold into slavery; whereas if he disowned his mother, they would shave off his front hair, they would carry him around town as oneExampleand his house cast out, but not reduced to bondage.



  • ForExample, the seared tuna dish uses fresh yellow tuna paired with traditional wasabi sauce and seaweed salad, but ignites the flavors with a homemade vinaigrette.



  • It is often convenient to think of compounds formed in certain types; alcohol tooExample, it can be said that it is a compound formed in the manner of water, that is, a compound formed from water by displacement of one of the hydrogen atoms by the group of elements C 2 H 5, that is - H C2H5 O H O H alcohol water.


  • replacement of the benzene ring. As a general rule, the homologues and monoderivatives of benzene react more easily with substitution agents than with the original hydrocarbon; forExample, phenol is converted to tribromophenol by the action of bromine water and to nitrophenols by dilute nitric acid; A similar activity characterizes aniline.


  • ForExample, if u = o, M = o, N = o and consequently G = H = 2.




  • NO. it's only oneExample.



  • and without mineExample, I'm sure.



  • He cocked his head to acknowledge the food, and they all followed.Example.



  • King Hart is anotherExampleof later allegory and as such of greater literary value.



  • The city of Bourke, located in Upper Darling, can be considered aExampleof many of the inland districts and illustrates particularly well the deficiencies as well as the advantages of climate throughout the region.




  • afterExampleof William of Orange, Hoorn, Berghen, and other governors, the magistrates generally refused to enforce the edicts, offering to resign rather than be instrumental in burning and mistreating their countrymen.



  • The capital of the province, 's Hertogenbosch, can be mentioned as interestingExample.



  • These "dressed albs" (albae paratae) were in common use in the Western Church until the 16th century, when the tendency to dispense with the parures began, which was established by Rome itself.Example.



  • The thirteenth Earl of Eglinton also founded aExampleof active interest, which many magnates emulated.



  • Given the success of this effort, it is surprising that theExampledefined here has not been adopted to a greater extent elsewhere.



  • It was found in abundance in the copper mines in Cornwall's county St Day in the late 18th century and has since been found in various other places, eg.Example, at Konigsberg, near Schemnitz, Hungary, and in the Tintic District of Utah.



  • As aExampleFrom the complexity of this system we can highlight the five nitrogen oxides, which have been symbolized as the first three gaseous oxides and the last two liquid oxides.


  • When two substances, which by their action give off a lot of heat, react, the reaction is generally complete without the use of an excess; forExample, when a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the proportion of water 2E12+0, =20H2 explodes, it is completely transformed into water.


  • The same is true of many cities in the New West, but none are more impressive.Examplethan Denver with wonderful growth.



  • Organs used to be considered contradictory to the New TestamentExample, but its use is now virtually universal.



  • The Grana cheese known as Parmesan is not made as well in Parma as it is in other parts of Italy - Lodi for exampleExample.



  • Historically, the battle is interesting because it was the lastExamplea large scale encounter between galley fleets and also because it was the last crusade.



  • A man can live in the world through his teachings andExampleas a force for good, as a factor of human progress, and it can continue and finish its course on conditions still more favorable to all those most worthy of it.



  • In New South Wales, dessenExampleWestern Australia followed, the mechanism for setting the statutory wage rate was of a somewhat different nature.



  • oExampleHaarlem's siege of Haarlem was followed by Alkmaar with better success.



  • To his translation (1530) of a Latin chronicle and description of Turkey, by a Transylvanian captive, with a foreword by Luther, he added an appendix which in many respects supported the Turks.Exampleto Christians, and to present, instead of the limitations of the Lutheran, Zwinglian and Anabaptist sects, the vision of an invisible spiritual church of universal reach.



  • You are aExample, the unusually small pyramidal process and the unusually large papillary process, indicated a reversal of the natural order, namely that the servant should control the master or that the son would be superior to the father.



  • You are aExample, the porta hepatis being long on the right side and short on the left, was a good omen for the king's army, but if it was short on the right side and long on the left, it was unfortunate; and likewise for a whole series of phenomena related to any of the various subdivisions of the liver.



  • Aston Hall, built by Sir Thomas Holte in 1618-1635, is a remarkable architectural ensembleExampleof its time, built in red brick.



  • The "Marble Arch" cave near Florencecourt with its outgoing river is a special featureExampleof underground channels in the limestone.



  • Dunbar attested to his steadfastness, showing that Cromwell was a master tactician in all weapons. Preston was aExamplelike Austerlitz of the two stages of a battle defined by Napoleon, the first floating, the second foudroyante.



  • In addition to these complete commentaries, we have fragments of some others (for example, the one on Isaiah).Example), which is found mainly in the catenas.



  • But someone can come and edit the material.Example, combine the writings of two or more people into one piece.


  • a goodExampleA very typical case is that of Heterodera schachtii, which infests sugar beets and causes great damage to sugar cane plants on the continent.



  • In cases where the air density does not have an average value, such as B. on a high mountain or with an exceptionally low barometerExample, you have to make a concession.



  • a simple oneExampleThe conversion of kinetic energy into potential energy and vice versa is done using the pendulum.



  • ForExample, the heat generated by friction changes according to the friction and the time during which it acts, or is proportional to the friction and the distance that the friction bodies travel, that is, the work done against the friction, or is related to any other condition?



  • ForExample, it has often been said that the extent to which his orchestral viola parts double the basses is partly due to the bad traditions of Italian opera and partly to the fact that the violas were, for the most part, simple people who did not he knew how to play the violin.



  • To work with "double current" two sets of accumulators are supplied, one to send the positive currents and another for the negative ones; that is, if for exampleExample, a double current Morse key is pressed and sends, for example, a positive current from one set, but when allowed to rise to its normal position, a negative current is transmitted from the second set of accumulators.



  • The bestExampleof which is provided by the expansion and modernization of the object of Table I.



  • It is widely used in order to manufacture standard electrical cells, such asExamplelike a Weston cell.



  • Other and something similarExampleit is supplied by what has been variously called a "rope", a toy, a "lover", and a "mechanical" telephone.



  • a goodExamplecan be crafted using two cylindrical pewter mugs; the floors form the membranes and the cups the nozzles.



  • All the creatures he called "brothers" or "sisters" - the bossExampleis the "Praise of the Creatures" poem in which "Brother Sun", "Sister Moon", "Brother Wind" and "Sister Water" are called to praise God.



  • To the priests and choir singers,Example, property or endowment orders were assigned 24 per year if he was over 60 years of age, 16 if he was over 40 years of age and 14.8 s.


  • I forExampleWheat, whose price in 1902 was 26 lire per quintal, pays a tax of 74 lire; Sugar pays four times its wholesale value in taxes; Coffee twice its wholesale value.



  • On March 10, the Alessandria garrison and its men mutinied.ExampleOn the 12th, that of Turin followed, where the Spanish constitution was demanded and the black, red and blue flag of the Carbonari was waved through the streets.



  • Capponi resigned in October 1848, and Leopold reluctantly accepted a democratic ministry led by Guerrazzi and Montanelli, the former a highly ambitious and ruthless man, the latter honest but fantastic. after the romanExample, a Constituent Assembly was required to vote on union with Rome and eventually with the rest of Italy.



  • The epithelial layer consists of (1) so-called "indifferent" cells that secrete the perisarc or cuticle and are locally modified to form glandular cells; forExample, adhesive cells in the foot.



  • The proximal portion is formed by the well-developed retractor musculature of the manubrium or proboscis.Examplein Geronia.



  • Therefore, Huxley is considered a colony of hydroids.Example, as a single individual, and all the polyps or medusae sprouted from it, having the value of an organ rather than an individual.


  • In the teachings of the Neoplatonists, of whom Plotinus is the most important, we have presented the course of the world according toExampleby Plato as a series of descending degrees, each less perfect than its predecessors, being further removed from the first cause.'


  • AsExamplefor a return to ancient Greek speculation see Bernardino Telesio.


  • Pollock took pains to show how close Spinoza is to certain ideas contained in modern evolutionary theory, for example:Examplethat of self-preservation as the determining force of things.


  • is awesomeExamplefrom the difficulty of getting people to apply their own investigative powers accurately, that this form of evolutionary doctrine must have held its ground for so long; for it was wholly and utterly refuted not long after its promulgation by Caspar Frederick Wolff, who in his Theoria generationis, published in 1759, placed the opposing theory of epigenesis on the secure footing of facts, from which it was never removed.


  • the classicExampleso it is with Paul of Samosata, Bishop of Antioch.


  • AsExampleof this is found in the ninth Chalcedonian canon, which also illustrates the already mentioned application of a spiritual claimant in a dispute with a spiritual brother of this vocation to the arbitration of his ecclesiastical superior.


  • Hence, it is also introduced into countries where the Roman Church is established, such as Belgium, Italy, the Catholic States of Germany and the cantons of Switzerland, most of the Latin American Republics and the province of Quebec, and even more so where it is There is no Church now, there is no discipline over the laity except the penitential law, and there is no civil jurisdiction except perhaps the matrimonial affairs of princes (of whom there was one).Examplein the case of the current Prince of Monaco).


  • it's a fineExampleof a Jacobean mansion with a beautiful fountain in the center of the patio.


  • Partly on higher and lower plants, for which sporulation on the ascus is typical.ExampleThe new cells are formed by the accumulation of parts of the cytoplasm around the nuclei, which are separated from the rest of the cells by a membrane.


  • Metamorphosis. It has already been noted that any type of limb can have a variety of shapes. ForExample, a trunk may be a tree trunk, or a twisted trunk, or a tendril, or a thorn, or a creeping rhizome, or a bulb; a leaf can be a green foliage or a scale that protects a bud, a tendril, a pitcher, a petal, a sepal, a petal, a stamen or a carpel (sporophyll); A root can be a fibrous root or a swollen taproot like a beetroot or turnip root. All of these different shapes are organs that perform a particular function and are examples of what Wolff called Goethe's modification and metamorphosis.


  • soloExamplewill suffice to illustrate this.


  • No genus or species of palms, e.g.Example, is common to both the Old World and the New World.


  • Again, the practical engineers who build airplanes and those who actually conduct practical flight tests on these machines cannot be called "researchers"; this period should be limited to members, e.g.Example, the scientific committee established by the British government in 1909 to conduct research on the construction and navigation of airships.


  • Thomas Cavendish, Drake emulatorExample, equipped three ships for an expedition to the South Seas in 1586.


  • Phenol is notable for the ease with which it forms substitution products; chlorine and bromine, e.g.Example, react rapidly with phenol to form ortho- and parachloro-bromophenol and, on further exposure, trichloro- and tribromophenol.



  • The term coprolite was introduced to include all types of phosphate nodules used as fertilizers, such asExample, as preserved at Coralline and Red Crag of Suffolk.



  • His biographers affirm that from the beginning he was very serious in terms of austerity and humility; and he was recognizedExampleof the virtues of a Dominican.



  • The presence of bustards (Eupodotis) is curiousExampleof interrupted distribution, since no other Otididae are found closer to India.



  • Migne, following theExampleof the editors of the bibliothecae patrum that preceded him included in his great collection all the Christian writings that fell up to his time; but he is careful to state on his title page that his patronage includes ecclesiastical writers, as well as church fathers and physicians.



  • Mantegna's remarkably defined and original style dates back to the study of antiquity in Squarcione's studio, followed by a careful application of the working principles illustrated by Paolo Uccello and Donatello, with practical orientation andExampleby Jacopo Bellini in the sequel.



  • Short of stature and coarse appearance, his individuality first impressed, and then by his earnestness, the House of Commons; and his robust independence of party affiliations, combined with a gift of gruff but genuine eloquence (of which his speech on the Royal Title Bill of 1876 was one).Example), quickly made him one of the best-known public figures in the country.


  • The Venetian nobility is aExamplea nobility that gradually rose above the mass of the people as certain families gradually took all political power into their own hands.


  • Let's take a typical oneExample.



  • Herbivores attack herbaceous or woody leaves, stems, and roots; often different parts of a plant are affected in the two active stages of the life history; the bugs, forExample, eat leaves and their larvae gnaw roots.


  • Lameers, abdominalesExample, considers some of his Cantharidiformia to be the most primitive beetles.


  • ForExampleIf there were no reactionary peasants among the delegates, a reactionary majority might be forced to bring a Social Democrat back to the Duma.


  • When comparing the figures, it should be noted that the long-distance traffic kilometers in the eastern federal states, such as e.g.Examplethat of the Pennsylvania Railroad and New York, New Haven & Hartford does not differ much in safety standards or unit cost from the best British design, though improvement work is credited to revenue much more generously in America than in England.


  • In all countries, the weight of passenger trains must vary according to the different services they must perform; On-site weight trains, e.g.Example, which are designed to accommodate as many passengers as possible and at low speeds, do not weigh as much as long-distance express train cars, which include dining cars and sleepers and in which each occupant must be given more space for reasons of comfort. comfort.



  • Andrew Jackson Davis was America's most prominentExampleof these people; hers The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations (New York, 1847) would have been dictated in a "psychic" trance, and before 1848 her followers expected a new religious revelation.


  • It is also impossible to give an overview of the purposes of the sacrifice; Not only are they very numerous, but forms are seldom found that are not mixed; the scapegoat forExample, is also a messenger of the dead, and his meat is eaten by those who offer sacrifices.


  • Of this we have an interesting one.Examplein the vivid episode preceding the battle of Ramoth-Galead, described in 1 Kings XXII, when Micah appears as the true prophet of Yahweh, who in his rare independence stands in stark contrast to the conventional courtly prophets then prophesying, as do his descendants more prophesied than two centuries later, slippery stuff.


  • snowfall tooExample, ranked third in amount of wheat produced per acre (28.7 bushels), 4 in 1909, but in total amount produced (1,033,000 bushels) it ranked only thirty-eighth, yielding only 0.145% of the growing states of the United States.


  • The city of Rome is aExamplewhat can be done by drainage; situated in the midst of malaria, it is quite healthy in itself.


  • The unity of knowledge is not an isolated impression, but a judgment; and in such a judgment the reference both to a constant subject and to a constant world of thoughts is already contained from the beginning, and these judgments, for example,Examplesuch as existence, substance, cause and effect.


  • It's not clear whyExample, to which category it is necessary to refer the excretory organs of Arenicola or Polynoe.


  • To beExampleit resembles the cases of Polychaeta, in which a true nephridium is provided with a large funnel, a coelomostome, according to Lankester's nomenclature.


  • Perhaps the most characteristicExampleunsystematic pessimism is the language of the preacher who concludes that "all is vanity."


  • Hardwick Hall is pretty perfectExampleof the Elizabethan building; The ruins of the old Tudor Hall are nearby.


  • Since i +47-K' can never be negative, the apparent susceptibility will be positive or negative depending on whether it is greater or less thanExample, a tube containing a weak solution of an iron salt appears diamagnetic when immersed in a stronger iron solution, whereas it is paramagnetic in air.4 Circular magnetization.



  • the cotton desmotatorExampleit's the same as replacing Chad with a gin.



  • uno notableExampleis a paragraph from Mrs. Keller in Youth's Companion.



  • Last summer's money-making scam was a good one.Example.



  • It is probable that the recognition and appointment of elders was simply the transfer from the synagogue to the church of a custom considered essential among the Jews; and the Gentile churches naturally followed suit.ExampleChristian Jews.



  • The Irish Presbyterian Church founded aExampleto all sister churches for their willingness to care for the poor.



  • you discuss whyExampleyou don't have free will.



  • It would be impractical to enter all the varieties of each specific form; but partly asExampleAn exception to modern geographic classification can be made, in part because of the exceptional importance of mountains among land features.


  • This is how new landforms are formed: valleys of strange complexity, e.g.Exampleby "catching" and diverting water from one river to another, resulting in basin change.


  • then forExample, on a ridge at right angles to the prevailing offshore wind, landforms dictate that one side of the ridge is abundantly irrigated and deeply dissected by a complete system of valleys, while the other side is barren and indefinite in its edges. valley systems and diverts none of its scarce drainage towards the sea.


  • In this way eg.Example, it has been suggested that a land, "Lemuria", once linked Madagascar with the Malay Archipelago, and that a northern expanse of Antarctic land once linked the three southern continents.


  • He died in 1572 on Tower Hill by aExampleto disloyal counties, he protested with innocence and remorse, and in a final letter warned his sons to discredit all "false rumours" that he was a papist.



  • ForExample, the larva of the pea or bean weevil (Bruchus) hatches from the egg laid by the mother in the carpel of a legume, with three pairs of legs and spiny processes on the prothorax.


  • Die Amphizoidae, zExample, a small family of aquatic beetles, are known only from western North America and eastern Tibet, while a related family, the Pelobiidae, inhabits the British Isles, the Mediterranean region, Tibet, and Australia.


  • Ivan III showed some respect for the ancient traditions and sensibilities of those around him, despite the influence of his Greek consort, but his successor, Basil, did not follow in his father's footsteps.Example.


  • oExampleThe Stockton & Darlington line was followed by the Monklands Railway in Scotland, which opened in 1826, and several other smaller lines, including Canterbury & Whitstable, which ran partly on fixed engines and partly on locomotives, quickly adopted steam traction. .


  • ForExample, Michigan, in 1837, in the first session of his legislature, planned the construction of 557 miles of railroad under the direct control of the state, and the governor was authorized to issue bonds for this purpose.


  • ForExampleSuppose it is necessary to start a 200-ton train from a standstill and drive it at a speed of 30 m.


  • These relationships can be illustrated with aExample.


  • The nature of this problem is illustrated by the numerical equationExamplesin § g.


  • It is sometimes argued that if these things apply to one country, they must also apply to another, Great Britain.Example, the use of more spacious cars would decrease.


  • Of this tradition the incident of Naboth in the days of Ahab furnishes clear evidence.Examplewhich emphasizes the contrast between the unethical worship of Tyrian Baal, dedicated to Jezebel and Ahab, and the moral requirements of the Yahweh religion, of which Elijah was the prophet and ardent exponent.


  • We have a live one of thoseExamplein Folge 2 Kings xviii.


  • The bell tower (850-878) is round and perhaps the oldestExamplethe use of colored earthenware discs as decoration.


  • you can giveExample, it has been proposed that the sun's heat is provided by a chemical combination analogous to combustion.


  • An incentiveExamplethis is due to the remarkable fact that malaria, once widespread in certain parts of England, is now extinct, although the Anopheles maculipennis mosquito still exists there.


  • This provides aExampleprinciple that had been established by Hess in a very general way under the name of the law of the constant sum of heat, namely, that thermal action is equal to a given chemical action, independently of the nature and number of its stages. what happens.


  • SopaExample, it is irrelevant whether M displaces M" directly from its salt, or whether M first displaces M', which is then used to displace M".


  • ForExample, when metallic zinc is dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid, producing zinc sulfate (in solution) and hydrogen gas, a given amount of heat is produced for a given amount of dissolved zinc, provided that the excess energy appears entirely as heat in the original system.


  • As aExampleFrom the use of the Ostwald energy equations for the indirect determination, we can assume the case of carbon monoxide.


  • The relationship between the heat of combustion of a hydrocarbon and its heat of formation is evident from the followingExample.


  • ForExample, ethylene, C2H4j is formed with an absorption of 16,200 cal., acetylene, C 2 H 2, with an absorption of 59,100 cal., and liquid benzene, C 6 H 6, with an absorption of 9,100 cal.


  • The following shows that the rule is not very accurateExample.


  • However, the church was almost completely rebuilt in the Perpendicular period and is beautifulExampleFrom this style the interior derives beauty from the color scheme in the choir, while the magnificent stone vaulted ceiling with fan tracery, which extends throughout the church except for the south transept, is second to none.


  • The fact that a single man held both positions was against it.Exampleby Moses and could only be admitted as a temporary concession to necessity.


  • They probably followedExamplefrom your father


  • a goodExampleThe dependency of jurisdiction of the prelature is found in religious orders, such as the Dominican Order, where the authority is strictly elective and temporary.


  • The "Solemn Pact and Alliance", which forced both countries to eradicate the prelature and the subsequent decision on the ecclesiastical government to the "Exampleof the best of the Reformed Churches" passed, after some minor amendments, both to the Houses of Parliament and the Westminster Assembly, becoming law for both realms. Henderson thus had considerable influence on British history. Britain .


  • Pierre d'Ailly, who, despite his connection to the Pope, was carried away by the ChurchExampleof the Empire, he was one of the first to advocate and celebrate the restoration of obedience in 1403, after witnessing what had happened.


  • ForExample, priests cannot be elected by the people; Penitents are not allowed to be present at ordinations (lest they hear the candidates' faults being discussed); The bishops must be appointed by the metropolitan and his auxiliary bishop; Subdeacons may not distribute the elements of the Eucharist; Clergy are prohibited from leaving a diocese without the bishop's permission.


  • Even more sublime, however, is the sudden ecstatic vision granted to him.Example, for Paul.


  • So asceticism is the opposite of medieval mysticism; and for youExampleUnfortunately, as well as through his teachings on such passages, Saint Bernard encouraged practices that inevitably led to self-deception.


  • There is no evidence that Tauler, p.Example, or Ruysbroeck, or Thomas a Kempis felt that the dogmatic doctrine of the Church was crumbling at all points of their religious consciousness.


  • All these physical theories are mixed with a mystical theosophy, the most notable of which isExamplethey are perhaps the chemical-astrological speculations of Paracelsus (1493-1541).


  • The nests of different species of ants are built in very different situations; many species (Lasius, p.Example) build underground nests; Galleries and chambers dug into the ground and opened by small holes on the surface or protected by a large stone on top.


  • In these ants the difference between the large, heavy, winged males and females and the small, long-legged, active workers is so great, that different forms of the same species have often been assigned to different forms. genders; in Eciton, tooExample, the female has a single pedunculated abdominal segment, the worker has two.


  • ForExample, a tiny species (Solenopsis fugax), lives in a nest composed of various species of Formica, forming narrow galleries that open into the larger galleries of its host.


  • He was an enthusiastic Buddhist and gave the firstExamplea missionary religion, as through their efforts the faith spread throughout India and Ceylon.


  • This story, as we now have it, is drawn from various sources of unequal value that fit together in a way that causes considerable difficulty for the reviewer. In the story of David's early adventures, p.Example, the narrative is rarely overloaded and sometimes seems to repeat itself in detail with bewildering variations, leading critics to the unanimous conclusion that 1 Samuel is derived from at least two sources.


  • That they were affected by the growth of popular tradition is clear from the traces of double narratives, from the difficulties this caused.Example, for the story of Goliath and for a more detailed study of the chapters.


  • The Polychaeta, however, present us with a different form of Nephridium seen byExample, in Arenicola, where a large funnel leads to a short and wide excretory tube, the lumen of which is intercellular.


  • As aExamplefrom the first it has been shown (Beddard) that a large median sac in Lybiodrilus first opens freely to the coelom, which is then closed from the coelom, which then receives an external opening and finally encloses the ovary or ovaries, between the and step A is thus carried out on the outside.


  • In burial and tube forms, it is not uncommon for the body to be distinguished into two or more regions; a "thorax", for exampleExample, is clearly marked by a "belly" in sabellids.


  • Although Howe was now nearly seventy years old and had been brought up in the old school, he displayed an originality unusual among veterans and was not decorated by any of his successors in the war, not even by Nelson, as they had been.Examplenext and were served by squadrons better trained than his.


  • But in 1561 another master followed.Examplevon Albert and received Courland as hereditary fiefdom from Poland.


  • Because he showed that the various changes that take place in the various fermentation processes -such asExample, in wine, where alcohol is the main product; in satin, where the vinegar appears; and in lactic acid, where milk turns sour - are invariably due to the presence and growth of small organisms called yeasts.


  • McCormick and others in the United States, and finally perfected about 1879 with the addition of an efficient self-ligating apparatus, is the most impressiveExampleThe application of mechanics in agriculture.


  • His accession was "the firstExampleof inheritance to the Scottish throne in a direct line".


  • The common limpet is a particularly interesting and common species.Exampleof the most primitive Aspidobranchia.


  • The great Morgagni, the founder of morbid anatomy, founded it himself.Exampleperform this study in parallel with clinical observation; and he always insisted that the clinical history of the case be combined with the results of the autopsy.


  • This was shown byExample,.


  • ThereforeExample, the word electricity.


  • In fact, I often have to convince them to drop one.Exampleor a composition.



  • ForExample, the menu features dishes like seared tuna, macaroni and cheese with scallions and breadcrumbs, and lobster cake.



  • ExampleDishes include grilled duck served with pumpkin risotto and chili with ribs and cheese.



  • it is not true becauseExamplethat a fish is a reptile that has been arrested in its evolution, or that a reptile was once a fish; but it is true that the embryo of the reptile is at a stage in its development, an organism which, if it had an independent existence, would have to be classed with the fishes; and all the organs of reptiles pass through conditions in the course of their development which are quite analogous to those of some fishes.

  • Venice, a city that does not really belong to either of these classes, essentially a city of the Eastern Empire and not of the West, gives us aExamplethat none is more instructive.

  • He was bigger and probably richer than - umExampleSilchester.

  • In Jope, throughExample, the Jewish settlers, two hundred in all, were "invited to the ships provided by the general ordinance of the city."

  • The district buildings on Buccleuch Street are imposingExamplein the Scottish baronial style.

  • Key recommendations included changes to farm property and tithe laws, rail tolls, damage from hunting, the sale of adulterated produce, and the sale of imported goods (for example, meat).Example) than homemade products.

  • It is also true that under the influence of a special or other local demand - proximity to cities, convenient railways or other forms of communication, e.g.Example- The products that would otherwise remain on the farm are exported from it, the importation of fertilizers or other fertilizers is generally an essential requirement for such a practice.

  • like a typicalExampleOf these organizations the Shire Horse Society may be mentioned.

  • A Deptford, porExample, a large number of cattle and sheep that arrive by this route -mainly from Argentina, Canada and the United States- are slaughtered immediately, which guarantees a constant supply of freshly slaughtered beef and sheep.

  • We saw for exampleExamplethat he was led to examine the question of logic because, in trying to promote his humanitarian projects in politics, he found a lack of that basic agreement that he saw as the basis of scientific progress.

  • AsExampleThe latter can be seen on the hop aphid Fig.

  • The standard of living of the wealthy middle class in England, p.Example, implies not only food, clothing, and housing, which differ in many respects from a similar class in other countries and from other classes in England, but also a very complicated mechanism, both public and private, for satisfying these primary needs, habits, satisfying housing, social coexistence, educational and health organization, recreational facilities and many other elements.

  • Studying the economic history of the eighteenth century, p.Example, in Defoe it is not enough to assume that "benefit is the design of goods".

  • In today's labor disputes to take anotherExample, can hardly be resolved into a purely financial gain or loss.

  • There is no explanation of the industrial situation in Germany, e.g.Example, it would also be understandable or satisfactory from an economic perspective that ignores the importance of the political conditions facing the Germans.

  • If we take forExample, the cornerstone of the British trading system in the 19th century, i. h the "free trade" policy, today's public does not read and would not be swayed by the economic works that provided the theoretical basis for this policy.

  • Through his personal conduct he established an idealExamplefor Anglican priests, and it was not their fault that the national authority failed to crush the individualistic tendencies of the Protestant Reformation.

  • The support he received from the regional church despite his excommunication must have been of great importance at the time, and probably also because of theExampleVon Lamberton.

  • The lumpfish (Aplysia), of which several species are known (some of which occur off the coast of England), serves as a practical aid in many ways.Examplethe most complete development of the characteristic organization of Opisthobranchia.

  • Trade with Egypt, p.Example, increased to a marked degree, and Aegean objects, or imitations thereof, were found to begin to penetrate Syria, the interior of Asia Minor, and the countries of the central and western Mediterranean, e.g.

  • Green's teachings were, directly and indirectly, the strongest philosophical influence in England in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, while his enthusiasm for common citizenship and personalityExampleIn practical community life, he inspired many of the efforts in the years after his death to bring universities closer to the people and to lessen the severity of class distinctions.

  • But it is also clear that the ophitic core received from time to time very numerous and often strangely perverse additions from Babylonian Judaism, Eastern Christianity, and the Parsi, to impressive effect.Exampleof religious syncretism.

  • The rise of Mandaeis.m and the earliest gnosis of the elaborate Old Babylonian-Chaldean religion is also clearly seen in the fact that the names of the ancient pantheon (such asExamplethose of the planetary deities) are preserved, but their bearers are demoted to the rank of demons, a conclusion corroborated by the fact that the Mandaeans, like their Ophite, Peratican, and Manichaean allies, certainly had their original headquarters in Mesopotamia and Babylonia.

  • War can be studied from a military point of view as an extremeExampleof what Clausewitz calls "limited purpose warfare."

  • These qualities were particularly manifested at a later period, asExampleduring his tenure as president.

  • pine trees often do good thingsExampleof "secondary sexual characters" that are more developed in the male than in the female of the same species.

  • In many blood-sucking flies, e.g.Example, the galea absent, while the lacinia becomes a strong knife-like perforator, and the palp is well developed.

  • ForExample, the muscles of the head pull the sternal muscles of the tergum A, connect r.

  • In various groups of Hexapoda - aphids and some meat flies (Sarcophagus), e.g.Example- the egg develops in the mother's body, and the young insect is born in an active state; such insects are called "viviparous".

  • These last stages, which make up most of the larvae's history, adapt to a habitual or parasitic life, where shelter and abundant food are provided, while the short-lived active state allows the newly hatched insect to find its way. to a favorable place. place for its future development, adherence, p.Example, in the case of the beetle larva, to the hairs of the bee that flies to the nest.

  • Mature dragonfly nymph, fromExample, leaves the water in which the initial stages have passed and, clinging to an aquatic plant, undergoes the final ecdysis so that the imago can rise into the air.

  • The row of paired spiracles on most stem segments is usually easy to see in terrestrial larvae, eg caterpillars and the larvae of most beetles.Example.

  • mosquito larvae, p.ExampleShe breathes at the end of the tail, hanging upside down from the surface sheet.

  • The Australian fauna is rich in distinctive and peculiar genera, and New Zealand, while having some notable insects, is entirely lacking in several families with near universal distribution, e.g.Example, Notodontidae, Lasiocampidae and other families of Lepidoptera.

  • Of these arthropods live the Symphyla - of which the delicate little Scutigerella is a well known species.Example- Damage to a property.

  • In many ways, the shortened abdomen, e.g.Example, are more specialized than the Thysanura, and most of the features in which they appear simple, such as the absence of a tracheal system and compound eyes, can be explained by degradation.

  • you bid oneExample- parallel to other classes of the animal kingdom - an order which, though specialized in certain respects, retains many primitive characters, and has worked its way to dominance more by perfection of conduct, and especially by the development of family life and useful socialism, than by an excessive elaboration of the structure.

  • The main merit of this last work lies in its forty panels, in which the heads and legs of numerous birds are represented indistinctly.ExampleWhile precision in language had a tremendous effect on science writers, various other authors advanced the study of ornithology in very different ways, ways that pleased the eye more than their works pleased the mind.

  • Not only is it a key to much of his later work, nearly all published during his lifetime, but it establishes a number of distinct groups (p.Example, Passerinae and Picariae), which later turned out to be more or less natural; and it still serves as further evidence of the breadth of his views and his confidence in the principles of anatomy.

  • The one in which only the right carotid artery is present, of which, according to our author's experience, only the flamingo (Phoenicopterus) was found.Example.

  • The sternum is keelless and ossifies only from the lateral and equal centers; the axes of the scapula and coracoid have the same general direction; some of the cranial bones have characteristics quite different from those of the following order: the vomer, e.g.Example, broad behind and generally hooking between the basephenoidal rostrum and the palates and pterygoids; spring tines are separated; no lower syrinx or larynx; and the diaphragm is better developed than in other birds.'

  • The following year followedExampleby Henrique de Navarra, who renounced the Protestant faith.

  • All Souls Church was built in 1859 to the design of Sir Gilbert Scott, of whose work there is a good deal.Example, at the expense of Mr. Eduard Akroyd.

  • The attacks of the Dalmatian pirates, attracted by the growing wealth of the city, forced the construction of strong crenellated houses, of which none existed.Exampleit has survived to the present day, but we can deduce its appearance from Petrarch's description of his house on the Riva degli Schiavoni, with its two flanking towers, which probably retain the original form, and also from representations of protective towers found in Carpaccio. photos.

  • The canals were also guarded by chains stretched across their mouths, and in some cases by towers, e.g.Example, in the case of the Torresella Canal, which bears the name of these defenses.

  • In some cases, however, such asExamplein the ducal palace itself, when the clay seemed strong enough, the pilings were dispensed with and the foundations were raised directly on the oak platform which rested directly on the clay.

  • Together with these two churches we can mention Santo Stefano, an interesting central Gothic-style building, “the best ecclesiastical monumentExampleof her in Venice".

  • Most impressiveExampleIt is undoubtedly the Ca' d'Oro, so named because of the abundance of gold used on its façade.

  • Other artists we no longer know, such as Antonio Busetto, Antonio Foscolo, Gasparino Rosso, Giacomo da Como, Marco da Legno and others, were invited to collaborate in the development of this masterpiece of decorated architecture and give us aExamplethe way in which the Doge's Palace and other monuments of Venice were created from the collaboration of many anonymous artists.

  • the most perfectExampleThis style in church architecture includes the small church of Miracoli, built in 1480 by Pietro Lombardo.

  • It is still characterized by great splendor; of San, in fact, the library of San Marco, built in 1536 by Jacopo Sansovino, is rightly considered the most splendidExampleof world renaissance architecture.

  • In some other cases, eg.Examplein San Giorgio Maggiore the fallen campanilis were restored; but most were not replaced.

  • The main door of the armory is the firstExamplein Venice in a purely classical style.

  • In Marietta, fromExample, it measures 42.1 inches, but in Toledo it measures only 30 8 inches.

  • When demons are considered spirits, they may belong to any of the classes of spirits recognized by primitive animism; that is to say, they can be human or non-human separable souls or disembodied spirits that have never inhabited a body; These two classes are often clearly distinguished, particularly by Melanesians, West Africans, and others; the Arab geniuses, ofExample, are not reducible to modified human souls; At the same time, these classes are often designed to provide identical results, e.g.

  • But just as gods are not necessarily spiritual, demons can also be considered physical; vampires tooExampleSometimes they are depicted as human heads with entrails attached, emerging from the grave to attack the living during the night's vigils.

  • Perfect orb webs are produced by many genera of Argyopidae (Zilla, Meta, Gasteracantha), the best knownExamplethis is the common garden spider of England, Aranea, or Epeira diademata; but these nets are not associated with any tubular retreat, except those made under an adjoining sheet or in a near corner.

  • Dictyna can be cited asExamplefrom a group of spiders, sometimes called cribellata, that have specific glands and rotational apparatus that others do not possess.

  • murderer, don't you.Example, of large species of the family Aviculariidae, sometimes called Mygales, and sometimes, but incorrectly, known as tarantulas, species that have half-inch-long, needle-sharp fangs and a considerable amount of venom, can be very painful, although rarely serious as long as the patient's health is good.

  • The Orthodox Church firmly maintains its position, arguing that the name bread, the holiness of the mystery and theExampleof Jesus and the early church, testify to the use of unleavened bread in this context.

  • It is only possible to specify viaExample, some of the points of similarity.

  • then forExampleIn the United States, the worst season seldom reduces the crop by more than a quarter or a third; something like a "half crop" is unknown.

  • "Cotton spot", various species of Dysdercus, are widespread and occurExamplein America, the Antilles, Africa, India, etc. The larvae suck the juice from the young capsules and seeds, which leads to wilting and a reduction in the amount of fiber.

  • Exports fell from 3,600 bales in 1865 to 946 in 1905; There are large fluctuations in exports in 1904Example, only 338 bales.

  • ForExample, after the size of the 1904-1905 crops became known and the Americans tried to control cotton, "spots" for many grades increased significantly due to artificial scarcity, although the price of cotton, as indicated by "Spot" , remained low .

  • AsExamplewill clarify the nature of the straddle.

  • The collegiate church from the 12th century, a beautyExamplein the Limousin Romanesque style, it contains a richly carved tomb of St Junien, the 6th-century hermit from whom the town takes its name.

  • President Harding preventedExampledefined by his predecessor and did not attend as a delegate.

  • Other theories of a similar nature have been proposed by various chemists, MendeleeffExample, which attributes the formation of oil to the action of water at high temperatures on iron carbides inside the Earth.

  • En IIIo, zExamplehe was able to conquer Sidon with the help of Sigurd of Norway, the Jorsalafari, who arrived in the Holy Land with a fleet of 55 ships from 1107 and in three years "wandering", in Old Norse fashion, fought the Moors in Spain. and fraternized with the Normans in Sicily.

  • Already in 1267, Saint Louis had carried the cross for the second time, moved by the news of the conquests of Bibars; and though the French barony, even Joinville himself, refused to follow his king's example, Prince Edward of England imitated hisExample.

  • Consequently, southern Palestine was continually "Arabized"; and, indeed, the whole of Syria was marked by racial and religious fusions, and by a civilization of a singularly syncretic and derivative type, of which the ancient Phoenician is a sufficient example.Example.

  • The Hotel de Ville, whose façade is decorated with carved Renaissance coats of arms, and the Church of St.Exampleof Romanesque architecture, are of interest.

  • Archytas can be cited asExampleof Plato's perfect ruler, the philosopher-king, who combines practical wit with high character and philosophical acumen.

  • He soon distinguished himself as a scholar and preacher and had every reason to remain at his monastery, but in 716 he followed suit.Exampleof other Saxon monks and went to Friesland as a missionary.

  • The adult stage, p.Example, has been found in the nostrils of sheep, goats, horses, and even humans, and in the larval stage in the pleural and peritoneal cavities of dogs and cats.

  • ForExample, the physicist determines density, elasticity, hardness, electrical and thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, etc.; the chemist, on the other hand, examines changes in composition, such as those that can be produced by electric current, by heat, or when two or more substances are mixed.

  • ForExample, one volume of oxygen combined with two volumes of hydrogen to form two volumes of steam, three volumes of hydrogen combined with one volume of nitrogen to form two volumes of ammonia, one volume of hydrogen combined with one volume of chlorine to form two volumes of hydrochloric acid.

  • ForExample, positive iron combines with negative oxygen to form positive iron oxide; positive sulfur combines with negative oxygen to form negative sulfuric acid; positive iron oxide combines with negative sulfuric acid to form neutral iron sulfate.

  • From a study of free elements, Cannizzaro showed that an element can have more than one molecular weight; forExample, the molecular weight of sulfur changed with temperature.

  • silver chloride, zExample, whatever the form of preparation, is always composed of chlorine and silver in weight proportions of 35.45 parts of the first and 107.93 of the second.

  • ForExample, Oxygen compounds are oxides, chlorine, chlorides, etc.

  • ForExampletake the oxides of nitrogen, N 2 0, NO, N 2 0 3, NO 2, N 2 0 5; these are known as nitrous oxide, nitric oxide, nitrous oxide, nitric peroxide, and nitrous oxide, respectively.

  • Using these symbols, the weight distribution of chemical change can easily be expressed in terms of equations; the equation 2HC1+Zn =ZnCl2+H2Example, can be read such that 136 parts of zinc chloride and 2 parts of hydrogen are formed from 73 parts of hydrochloric acid and 65 parts of zinc.

  • ForExampleWhen a solution of an iron salt is added to a solution of potassium thiocyanate, a deep red color is produced due to the formation of iron thiocyanate.

  • If, as in the formation of naphthalene tetrachloride, e.g.Example, one ring becomes saturated, the other, as expected, assumes the normal centered shape and becomes relatively inactive.

  • Unfortunately, the normal term is sometimes given solutions that are strictly decinormal; forExample, iodine, sodium thiosulfate, etc. In technical analysis, where a solution is used for a single trade, it can be set up so that I cc. is the same as.

  • AsExampleit will suffice here.

  • combustion is familiarExamplethe conversion of chemical energy into heat and light; quantitative measures of heat evolution or absorption (heat of combustion or heat of combination) and their derivations are discussed in the article Thermochemistry.

  • Recent research has shown that the law originally proposed by Kopp is: "That the specific volume of a liquid compound (molecular volume) at its boiling point is equal to the sum of the specific volumes of its constituents (atomic volumes) and that each element has a definite atomic value in its compounds "- is by no means exact, since isomers have different specific volumes, and the volume for one CH 2 increment in different homologous series is by no means constant; forExamplethe difference between fatty acid esters is about 57, for aliphatic aldehydes 49.

  • The same difference is present, for example, in the introduction of the methyl group in many classes of compounds.Example, paraffins, olefins, acetylenes, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and esters, while a slightly lower value (157.1) is found for halogen compounds, nitriles, amines, acids, ethers, sulfides, and nitro compounds.

  • It should be noted that the position of the halogen in the molecule does not influence the heat of formation; forExample, chloropropylene and allyl chloride, as well as ethylene dichloride and ethylidene dichloride have the same heat of formation.

  • The nitro group has a very important effect mainly due to the ease with which it can be introduced into the molecule, but its effect is much less than that of the azo group. The color produced is generally yellow, which as a general rule increases as the number of groups increases; Compare withExample, Mono-, die Tri-Nitrobenzol.

  • The color produced is usually a greenish tint; forExample, nitrosobenzene is green when molten or in solution (when crystalline it is colorless), and dinitrosoresorcinol has been used as a dye under the names "solid green" and "chlorine".

  • The carbonyl group alone does not produce color, but when two adjacent groups are present in the molecule, such asExamplea-diketones (such as diacetyl and benzyl) produce a yellow color.

  • Thiele manufactured similarly structured hydrocarbons forExample, the yellow-orange tetraphenyl-para-xylylene obtained by boiling C6H4[CBr(C6H5)2]2 bromide with benzene and molecular silver.

  • The quinoid structure of many colored compounds has been demonstrated experimentally, e.g.Examplevon Hewitt for benzolazophenols and Hantzsch for derivatives of triaminotriphenylmethane and acridine; but at the same time many substances cannot be explained in this way.

  • uno notableExampleit is provided by phthaleins, which result from the condensation of phthalic anhydride with phenols.

  • ForExamplethey have obtained episomorphs of white potassium alum and violet chromium alum, of white magnesium sulphate and green nickel sulphate, and of many other pairs of salts.

  • afterExampleOf his ancestors, Philip looked after the education and general welfare of his country, and the Protestant University of Marburg, founded in 1527, owes its existence to him.

  • This is caused by the y sound with which u now begins, and is carried further in dialect than in literary language, sue and suit, becauseExample, pronounced in Scotland as Eng.

  • Jewish expectations fitExample, by Papias, by the writer of Barnabas and by Justin.

  • To beExamplefrom the simplicity of life, he put the luxury and extravagance of the Roman nobles to shame and in many ways initiated a marked improvement in the general tone of society.

  • More than once it suffered conflagrations - for exampleExample, 1719 y 1808.

  • On July 25, 1898, he addressed a letter to the Catholic bishops of Scotland, in which he said that "many of the Scots who differ from us in faith sincerely love the name of Christ, and seek to confirm and imitate his teachings, his saints of the saintsExample."

  • oExampleBritain was gradually followed by other European countries, and some Americans had already taken similar steps.

  • Seven years before this law was passed, the emperor, whose influence was always exerted in favor of freedom, had freed his private slaves, and many Brazilians after 1871 followed his example.Example.

  • others followedExampleand they were called leaders, a name already given on November 5, 1738, to those in charge of the bands in London.

  • There Julio César made 47 a. Court of Chr. Cleopatra. and he was surrounded by the crowd; to be thereExamplehe was succeeded by Antony, whose favor the city paid dearly for Octavian, who placed a prefect of the imperial house over it.

  • In the Gathas he appears as a wholly historical figure; he is essentially for your power and your goodExamplewhich the Prophet owes his success.

  • The importance of his work in organizing and building the American Lutheran Church, of which he was named patriarch, can hardly be overstated; but haveExampleUnfortunately, due to the growth of the Lutheran church, his immediate successors did not follow him in preaching in both English and German.

  • Cicero shows that he was very interested in casuistic questions, becauseExampleif a good man, receiving a coin he knew to be bad, had the right to pass it on to another.

  • This catacomb contains an undeniableExamplea church, divided into a nave and a choir, with a rough stone altar and behind it the bishopric.

  • that's interesting howExampleof what was known as memoriae damnatio, or the suppression of a name by a dishonorable act.

  • What is popularly called the instincts of animals, p.Example, hunting foxes and wolves, or handling ants in their nests are generally joint products of hereditary and acquired factors.

  • It should be noted, however, that although the way the prey is stung (p.Example) is generally similar for members of all species, that is, all wasps of the species behave in the same way, although there are slight differences in detail.

  • A State Experimental Sugar Station is maintained at Audubon Park in New Orleans, and its work includes planting seedlings, improving sugarcane crops, studying fungal diseases of sugarcane, improving milling methods, and adjusting milling methods (p.Example, the use of sulfur as a bleaching and clarifying agent) with the requirements of the "clean food" law.

  • Since then, health conditions in New Orleans have been revolutionized (state control of the maritime quarantine in Mississippi was replaced by the national government in 1907), and smaller cities and towns have been spurred to respond.Example.

  • English law has had a significant influence, e.g.Example, criminal and commercial law, as well as evidence law; the development of corporate law, compensation, prohibitions and extraordinary remedies such as mandamus was very similar to that of other states; while in the fusion of law and equity and inheritance law, family relations, etc., the civil law of Spain and France was not affected.

  • The current sugar harvest of 1899-1900, A.C.Example, it was not a quarter of that of 1894.

  • It was highly appreciated byExamplethat 90-95% of all thoroughbred horses, cows and pigs on the entire island were lost in the war years 1895-1898.

  • aboveExample2 R is a real integer, distinct from a rational integer and a cardinal number.

  • ForExample, the class of rational numbers whose squares are less than 2r, satisfies the definition of a real number; is the real number A I 2.

  • ForExample, Geometry is one such department.

  • ForExample, the application of cardinal number theory to classes of physical units implies in practice a certain counting process.

  • ForExample, if it happens that the mass of a body must be estimated by counting the number of particles (whatever they may be) that compose it, then a body with an irrational measure of mass is intrinsically impossible.

  • East-northeast at Kermario (Place of the Dead) there is another system consisting of 855 stones, many of large size, some e.g.Example, 18 pies.

  • From themExamplehe was succeeded by the Emir Shems-ed-din of Kizil Ahmedii, whose family later became known as the House of Isfendiar in Kastamuni.

  • The viceroy of Egypt, Ismail Pasha, followed the example of his overlordExamplein this respect, and was extravagant in bribing his imperial lord to obtain the extension of his own privileges and the institution of succession from father to son in Egypt; These concessions were granted by the firmans of May 27, 1866 and June 8, 1867, in which the viceroy is called "Kedive" for the first time.

  • External influences and latent fanaticism were active; In 1875 a major uprising broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and efforts to suppress it nearly exhausted Turkey's resources. EITHERExampleit spread to Bulgaria, where failed escapes in September 1875 and May 1876 led to those savage repressions known as "the Bulgarian atrocities,"3 inflamed Muslim public sentiment, and an attempt was made in Thessaloniki to marry a Christian girl to become Islamized to restore his faith. caused the assassination of two foreign consuls by a fanatical mob.

  • The Christian population, suffering along with their fellow Muslim Macedonian subjects at the hands of their rulers' faulty methods of government, had at least that muchExampletheir brothers - Greek, Bulgarian or Serb - who live in independent kingdoms under Christian governments on the other side of the border.

  • This is how we find it after the Battle of Dresden - a splendor in itselfExampleof his effectiveness, suddenly reverting to the terminology of the school he had grown up in, which he himself had destroyed, only to revive in the days to come and strategically use his powers with all his usual brilliance.

  • Captain Desbriere's exhaustive work was done for the Historical Department of the French General Staff and is excellent.Exampleof the learned and conscientious school of modern French history.

  • All these walls collapsed long ago; in some places they were used as quarries, and finally following the great reforming governor (1868-1872), Midhat PashaExampleFounded by many European cities, it undertook to destroy them completely and use the free space thus gained as a public park and esplanade.

  • The coast of Melville Bay (the northern part of the west coast) is more of an exception, although the fjords here can be somewhat glaciated and then again.Example, it can be noted that Peary observed a clear contrast on the north coast.

  • there is a fineExampleone there Synagoge Great St. Helens en Londres.

  • As aExamplewe can take the case of a saline solution, such as copper sulfate in water, through which an electric current passes between copper plates.

  • interesting oneExampleThe usual technical process of electroplating with silver from a bath of potassium cyanide and silver has a side effect.

  • Tests for a salt, potassium nitrate, p.Example, the tests are not for KNO 3 , but for its ions K and NO 3 , and with double decomposition these ions are always exchanged for those of other substances.

  • As aExampleFrom a fairly constant cell we may take Daniell's, consisting of the electrical arrangement—zinc sulphate solution, copper and zinc sulphate solution—the two solutions being usually separated by a porous clay vessel.

  • If we take it that wayExamplea concentration cell in which silver plates are placed in solutions of silver nitrate, one ten times stronger than the other, this equation gives E = o 060 X Io 8 C.G.S.

  • until then theExampleNor did the Roman Church have a single decisive influence on ritual development in the West.

  • Pure rubber from Ceará, likeExampleThe "biscuits" prepared in Ceylon are of excellent quality, not inferior to those of Pará.

  • ForExample, an increase in bath temperature causes an increase in its conductivity, so a lower E.M.F.

  • ForExampleWilde made copper print surfaces for calico print rollers and the like by immersing rotating iron cylinders in a copper bath as cathodes.

  • Bei Trimellidae, zExamplesome of the muscles are attached to a solid or domed platform located in the median longitudinal region of the posterior half or umbonal part of both valves.

  • Application to the multiplication of symmetric functions.-AExamplewill explain.

  • ForExample, we consider the ternary quadratic (aixl+a2x2+a3x3) 2 =a2x, or in real form axi +bx2+cx3+2fx 2 x 3+ 2gx 3 x 1 +2hx i x 2.

  • In the fourteenth century, Gerson (1363-1429) appears to have been the first theologian to compose and preach in French, but hisExampleNo man of equal genius succeeded him.

  • It would be impossible to list here all the monographs that, for example,Example, the ruins of Carthage, the Temple of Water on Mount Zaghuan, the Amphitheater of El Jem (Thysdrus), the Temple of Saturn, the Tomb of the King and Theater of Dugga (Thugga), the Cave of Chemtu (Simitthu), las ruins and Freedom of Tebursuk and Medeina (Althiburus), the kingdom of the Laberii at Wadna (Uthina), the sanctuary of Saturn Balcaranensis on the hill called Bu-KornaIn, the ruins of the Enfida district (Aphrodisium, Uppenna, Segermes), the Leptis minor (Lemta), Thenae (Teil of Sfax), the intestinal meninges (Jerba), the meninges Zarzis, Mactar, Sbeitla (Sufetula), Gigthis (Bu-Grara), Gafsa (Capsa), Kef (Sicca), Veneria), Bulla Regia usw.

  • Long home to the Dukes of Kingston, Kingston House is beautifulExampleresidential architecture of the early seventeenth century.

  • You are aExampleIf a knitting needle is stroked with the south pole of a magnet, alternating strokes from the center of the needle toward the two ends, the needle will have a north pole at each end and a south pole in the middle.

  • The dimensions of a piece of iron, p.Example, its elasticity, thermoelectric power and electrical conductivity are altered under the influence of magnetism.

  • A friendExamplethe hysteresis is represented by the case of permanent magnets.

  • since, for exampleExample, deformation reduces the magnetization of nickel, stems from the theory that the length of a nickel bar must be reduced by magnetization and vice versa.

  • Many of its compounds are strongly magnetic, erbium, e.g.Example, in Er203 is four times stronger than iron in the well-known magnetite or magnetite, Fe203.

  • This view reflectsExample, in the Canon of Melito de Sardis and in the Prefaces and Epistles of Jerome.

  • We are told that the universalExamplefrom his peers, more than any desire for female companionship, urged him to marriage; he chose a lady from the Conti family, who came to him in Berlin at his request.

  • The mithraeum excavated in the tuff quarries of the Capitoline Hill in Rome, which survives until the Renaissance, is aExample.

  • Those of Santos and Manaus, for example.ExampleThey have obtained good results.

  • Rio and Santos, although both expressed a desire for independence, followed suit.Examplethe paulistas

  • Numerous English craftsmen and shipyards, Swedish blacksmiths, German engineers, and French manufacturers tried their luck in the new country and spread the industry throughout their country.Example.

  • The choir (restored by public subscription in 1873) is beautifulExampleof XV century architecture, and the Gothic crown of the central tower is one of the most striking elements in any view of the city.

  • Other churches with historic associations are the two Greyfriars churches which occupy two halves of one building; the Church of Tron, scene of the New Year's midnight revelry; St Cuthbert's Church; St Andrew's Church in George Street, from which, on one memorable day in 1843, that long procession of preachers and elders set out to Tanfield Hall which ended with the founding of the Free Church; St. George's Church in Charlotte Square, a goodExamplethe work of Robert Adam.

  • Knox, abdominalesExample, put an end to the laying on of hands (M`Crie's Knox, Period VII), although the rite was restored by the Scottish Presbyterian Church in the Second Book of Discipline.

  • He scolds Roscelino, forExample, because he could not think of whiteness as separate from his existence in something white.

  • However, despite the above teaching, Scotus holds that all created things possess matter and form: the soul, e.g.Example, which, given its principle of individuation, has its own thing.

  • The theological centilogue se ha citado a menudo comoExampleof deep skepticism under a mask of solemn irony.

  • the most interestingExampleThis method can be seen in the Tractatus de sacramento altaris, where Occam accepts the doctrine of the Real Presence as a matter of faith and presents a rational theory of the Eucharist (later adopted by Luther) known as "Consubstantiation".

  • Occasionally Dominicans may like this principle at an earlier date, e.g.Examplein Simon de Tournay at 12:00.

  • On the other hand, yoursExampleby freeing most of his slaves, along with Church edicts, he virtually ended slavery in the 13th century, with slaves becoming mainly serfs, differing from free peasants only in that they were tied to the land (adscripti glebae ) .

  • The foolish and failed conspiracy of Peter Zrinyi and three other magnates, who were publicly executed (April 30, 1671), was followed by mass arrests and confiscations.Exampletheir masters; they were then mere servants without political or religious privileges.

  • Other relics from this period include the oath taken by John Hunyady when he was elected Governor of Hungary (1446); some verses sung by the sons of Pest at the coronation of his son Matthias (1458); 1 yearExampleThis work, printed on parchment in Gothic script (Augsburg, 1488), from the library of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, is on display in the British Museum.

  • He aspired to be a politician and left a memorable markExampledemoted from genius to subservience over a track and a title.

  • As aExample, take the following.

  • Equations with fractional coefficients.—HowExamplein a special equation form we can take zx+ 3x = Io.

  • The sum and product of two quaternions are defined by the formulas mi ase + F+lases = (a s + 133) es 2arer X ZO,es = Fiarfseres, where the products e,e are further reduced according to the following multiplication table , wowExample, la segunda línea debe decir eo e1 e2 e3 eieo = e1, e 1 2 = - eo, e i e 2 = es, eie3 = - e2.

  • ForExample, if n= 4, I e1 = e2e3e4, Ieie2 = e3e4, 1e2e3e4 = - hey and so on.

  • The quaternions provideExamplea quadruple algebra of this type; Ordinary algebra is a special case of linear duplex algebra.

  • Various special algebras (eg.Example, quaternions) can be expressed in matrix algebra notation.

  • The Greeks managed to solve an isolated problem.Example; the Arabs performed the general solution of numerical equations.

  • Nor is it surprising that the hotheads among them are dismissed from theExamplede Jukic and other possible assassins of Varesanin, Cuvaj and Skerlecz should have given themselves over to terrorist projects.

  • Both theory and experience show that a double line whose components have the same strength is best resolved when, for example,Example, one sixth of the horizontal opening is blocked by a central screen; or rays directly in the center can get through while others a little further away are blocked.

  • ForExample, if the direction is such that the projection of AB on it corresponds to a wavelength, the elementary components cancel each other because their phases are distributed symmetrically, although discontinuously, throughout the period.

  • On each side of each one of them, the lighting is distributed according to the same law as the central image (m = o), making it disappearExample, when the deceleration reaches (mn t 1)X.

  • Problems that are not limited to two dimensions, such asExamplelike the shadow of a circular disk, they present great difficulties and have not hitherto been treated with any rigorous method; but there is no reason to believe that Fresnel's results differ significantly.

  • Unfortunately, very few of these networks have come down to us intact and we cannot find a complete network.Exampleand take it as a type.

  • Her style is heavily influenced by Preciosita; and the main surviving interest of him is as an obvious oneExamplethe evils of which Bossuet exonerated the French pulpit.

  • None of these works is known today; onlyExamplethat we have a large volume of Zarlino's compositions is a manuscript. Mass for four voices, in the library of the Bologna Philharmonic Lyceum.

  • then forExample, the numerous Psalms in which the poets, though perhaps not speaking as individuals but as members of a class, describe themselves as poor and tormented at the hands of certain impious men who appear to be Jews, can hardly have been originally collected. through the temple. choirs

  • There is an Italian from the 15th century.Exampleat South Kensington Museum, a pilastered tower containing an elongated glass box, all supported on a post base and topped by a dome.

  • AndExampleChristmas cards as a warning that it was (they argued) a matter of life and death for white people, and that without registration they could not stop the smuggling of new arrivals.

  • They are formed by parallel light rays emanating from two sources, such asExample, the sun and its image on a body of water that is between the observer and the sun.

  • So far we have only discussed the Christian use of Syriac. Not one of the pagan Syriac literature, which came mainly from Harran, a city a day's journey south of Edessa.Exampleseems to have survived.

  • But whenExampleof the Syriac prose style is the best, and the author sometimes displays considerable dramatic power.

  • In general, it has been found that in the East, unlike in the West, the main components of the clothing of the mass of the population have changed relatively little, although it is often difficult to interpret or explain some of the details presented (one could, without however, forExample, worn carvings, or seals with vivid Egyptian paintings), comparison with later descriptions and even modern usage is often instructive.

  • interesting oneExampleof the long and flat variety it is offered by the captives of Lachish before Sennacherib (701 BC); the circumstances and the comparison of the details would suggest that it is essentially a simple dress, indicative of mourning and humiliation.

  • The pathology of aphasia, elaborated by a combination of experimental, pathological and anatomical directions of research, is aExampleof what has been done.

  • In the different reactions of the tissues to the exciting cause of the lesion we see a remarkableExamplea beautifully organized plan of attack and defense of the organism.

  • In some infectious diseases, conflict strengthens the body against future attacks of the same type, such asExampleon immunity after many of the acute infectious diseases.

  • It is known that cancer can develop in places where chronic irritation has occurred; oneExampleit can be found in tongue cancer after prolonged irritation from an uneven tooth.

  • Due to the damaged skin surface, various color pigments can be stored in the tissue; note e.g.Example, the well-known practice of "tattooing".

  • Two years later, after theExamplede Chateaubriand supervised a lavish edition of his own works in forty-one volumes.

  • The fruit of Aristotle's teaching andExamplelater it was seen in the schools of Alexandria.

  • That his personality was formative and his unabashed originality was of great value.Examplein his own country, it is undeniable.

  • But thatExample, combined with Cartesian principles, have led many active and ingenious minds to reconstruct all medicine on a physiological or even mechanical basis, to strive to shape what we would now call physiological or scientific medicine.

  • Hippocrates had no opportunity for autopsy verification and Sydenham ignored pathology; the clinical features of many recently described diseases, such asExample, such as the one named after Graves, and myxedema, both associated with perversions of the thyroid, were as open to doctors of the past as they are to us.

  • The first clinical laboratory seems to have been that of Von Ziemssen (1829-1902) in Munich, founded in 1885; and although youExampleit has not yet been pursued as it should have been, enough has already been done at Johns Hopkins University and elsewhere to demonstrate the vital importance of the system in advancing modern medicine.

  • uno notableExampleThe unspeakable evil caused by lack of integration is well illustrated in the radical separation of surgery from medicine, which is one of the most pernicious legacies of the Middle Ages, one whose evil is still fully recognized but so entrenched in our institutions , at least in the UK, to the point where it's hard to erase.

  • At the beginning of the 19th century, and in more remote areas even later, alcohol consumption was not considered a mere pleasure but essential for health; EITHERExampleof teetotalers, as seen in personal life and insurance agency testimonials, undermined this bias.

  • In the case of polio, e.g.Example, and in tabes dorsalis, there is good reason to believe that, definitely, since the traces of the disease are found in certain physiologically distinct nervous elements, they are nonetheless due to toxic agents entering the blood.

  • We know for exampleExamplethat the choice to live a contemplative life was not the result of indifference to the fate of the world, or of a natural coolness or even composure of temperament.

  • The famous "pour cheering others" (that Byng's shooting "cheering others" is incidental) is typicalExample, and in general Cándido shows the style in its perfection.

  • There's a good one in Lochrutton Township, a few miles southwest of Maxwelltown.Examplea stone circle, the "Seven Gray Sisters" and an ancient tower on the Mains of Hills.

  • Other accounts of its composition from rabbinic sources are found in various works on Jewish antiquities; consultExample, Reland, Sacr.

  • The Hall of the Middle Temple is admirableExamplefrom a later refectory (1572).

  • At the beginning of the 20th century, several important local expansions of road equipment were carried out, such as:Examplebetween Sloane Street and Hyde Park Corner, with no beach and no Marble Arch (1908).

  • Many of the leading citizens followed suit.Exampleof courtiers and country houses built in Middlesex, Essex, and Surrey; thus we learn from the North that Alderman Roe lived on Muswell Hill, and we learn that Sir Thomas Gresham built a fine house and planned a fine park at Osterley.

  • Only the presbytery remains of the old church, but its red sandstone arch is beautifulExampleof Norman work; It dates from the middle of the 12th century.

  • ForExample, the deposit does not occur as in roller shutters.

  • Such, for exampleExample, are long wire, locked coil and flattened wire cables.

  • The containers sometimes have a very large capacity and contain 5, 7 and even 10 tons of ore; such are used forExample, in multiple drill holes in Butte, Montana, in the Copper Lake Superior District and in South Africa.

  • ForExample, carbon dioxide is produced in some mines and hydrogen sulfide, a poisonous gas, in others.

  • In a two-shaft mine, the draft may be caused by other conditions that create a difference in air temperature in each shaft, e.g.Example, the cooling effect of falling water or the heating effect of steam pipes.

  • Ventilation can be generated by heating the air in the pit, e.g.Example, Construction of a ventilation oven at the bottom of an air shaft.

  • Spent air is sent directly to the well as much as possible, instead of going through other mechanisms; forExamplePit stalls, if any, are placed close to the high pit and are ventilated by a partition separate from the ventilation flow.

  • This condition is manifested byExample, in mine pillars subjected to a weight greater than the elastic limit of the mineral from which they are made.

  • Similar swollen soils are not uncommon in metal mines, e.g.Example, at the Phoenix copper mine in Houghton County, Michigan, where the force developed was sufficient to crush the strongest lumber that could be used.

  • You are aExampleIf we assume that the useful life of a mine is 10 years and the interest rate is 5%, the property should earn about 13% per year, that is, 5% interest and 8% for the annual depreciation payment. or the reserve fund.

  • Suppose, for exampleExample, the life of the mine in ten years as before, and assuming that the interest expected to be earned by the sinking fund is 3% and the investment is 1%, we see that the annual income should be 18.7% annual.

  • On the other hand, in the case of uncertain and irregular deposits, whose value fluctuates between very wide limits, e.g.Example- In most metal mines, and particularly gold and silver mines, a large number of samples must be taken, sometimes no more than two or three feet apart, in order to average the ore within limits. reasonable error.

  • The so-called oil and air pumps are much more efficient; Valve problems are avoided and the risk of leaks is minimized; Also, there is no air gap between the piston and the cylinder base as in older mechanical forms. The Fleuss pump can be seen as aExample.

  • Some of the latter are represented with such fidelity of color and delicacy of detail that even the separate feathers of the wings and tail are clearly distinguishable, as in aExamplein the British Museum, a human-headed falcon, the piece with the figure not exceeding 4 inches.

  • The Portland or Barberini Vase in the British Museum is the bestExampleof this type of work that has come down to us and was in one piece until a madman broke it into a few hundred pieces.

  • but probably the bestExampleis a situla, ovules in.

  • All other specimens have their bottoms similarly covered with a network of circles rising about half a centimeter from the body of the cup. OneExampleAttached to the specimens just described is the cup belonging to Baron Lionel de Rothschild; Although externally it has a dull greenish color, light turns it a deep red.

  • The earliestExamplehowever, the beaker, to be described later, made of blue, enameled, and gilded glass, is no older than 1440.

  • the oldest knownExampleof these enamelled glasses it was closed in 1553.

  • Sensing the need for more followers and a stronger organization, he continuedExampletheir Muslim enemies used their religion as a basis for political power.

  • potassium, zExample, produces peroxide, K202 or K204; sodium gives Na2O2; metals from the barium group as well as magnesium, cadmium, zinc, lead and copper are converted to their MeO monoxides.

  • ForExample, a pair of equal opposite vortices moving in a line parallel to a plane boundary will have a pair of corresponding images that form a vortex rectangle, and the path of a vortex is the Cotes spiral r sin 20 = 2a, or x - 2+y -2=a-2; (io) So this is the path of a single vertebra in a right-angled corner; and generals

  • Example3.-If the rotation of a rectangle filled with liquid is analyzed in this way in the two shear components, the flow function 1//1 must be made to satisfy the conditions v 2 /1 =0.111+IRx 2 = satisfies IRa 2 , o /11 =o if x= = a, +b1+IRx 2 = I Ra2, y ' 1 = IR(a 2 -x 2), if y = b expands into a Fourier series, 2 232 2 cos( 2n+ I )Z?rx/a a -x 7r3 a Lim (2n+I) 3 '(1) so that '?"

  • then forExample, with = 4Uy 2 (r 2 a 2 -I), r2 = x2 +y 2, (13) for the interior space of the sphere r=a, compared with the value of i' in § 34 (13) for the Outside of space there is no break in speed when crossing the surface.

  • However, like all the others, his system is mainly based on hypotheses that, at the moment, cannot be satisfactorily tested, such asExample, as the putative reading "Gargamish" for a group of recurring symbols in inscriptions at Jerablus and elsewhere.

  • a goodExamplefrom the 12th century, Thomas Becket's roquette, preserved in Dammartin in the Pas de Calais, is the only medieval one that survivesExampleIt stands out for the fold, which, like the albums, gave it greater width and more elaborate folds.

  • Our knowledge of the chemical structure of monosaccharides dates back to the 1880s, when Zincke hypothesized that some were ketone alcohols, such as those derived from glucose and fructose.Example, gave pentaacetates and on reduction gave hexahydric alcohols which, when reduced with hydroiodic acid, gave normal and minor hexyl iodide.

  • The grouping of the forms 5 to Io with II to 16 is intended to show that the pairs 5, II toExamplebecome identical if the final groups are the same.

  • Cestodes that do not have a highly differentiated union organ (such asExample, like Gyrocotyle) do not have a marked nodal thickening, more pronounced at one end of the body than at the other; and as these are forms which have retained more primitive characters than the others, and show a greater affinity for flukes, it seems highly probable that the intricate nervous thickening found in the scolex, and often compared to the "brain" from other platyelmia, it is a sui generis structure developed within the limits of the subclass.

  • From this perspective, multiple scolices are not buttons, but aExamplethe non-localized organization of the embryo, as occurs in other groups of animals, and is demonstrated experimentally.

  • Tankerness House is a featureExampleof the mansion of an Orkney Laird of ancient times.

  • The brothers were helped in old age, sickness and poverty, often also in case of loss due to theft, shipwreck and fire; forExample, was to be helped to all members of St. Catherine's Corporation, Aldersgate, if "he fell into poverty, or beset by old age, or by fire or water, thieves, or disease."

  • However, until clearer evidence of foreign influence is found, it may be safer to view it simply as a new application of the old corporate principle, although this new application may have been prompted by continental influences.Example.

  • laws were passedExamplein 1503 requiring royal magistrates or other crown officials to approve new ordinations of "offices or mysteries"; and the authority of businesses to fix the price of merchandise was thus restricted.

  • Although the plant arrived in Europe from Spain, the habit of smoking was started and spread by the British.Example.

  • Lane is considered the first English smoker and, by influence andExampleof the famous Raleigh, who "took a pipe before he went to the gallows", this custom took root among Elizabethan courtiers.

  • Borchers attribute it to the presence of rust, produced byExample, either by using a solution containing traces of basic zinc salt (to prevent the bath from remaining only -almost imperceptibly- acid), or by the presence of a more electronegative metal which, if deposited together, forms locally the effect on zinc. Many processes have been patented in which the ore is treated with acid and the resulting solution is chemically or electrolytically treated to successively remove other heavy metals.

  • Precariousness was a form of land tenure not intended primarily for rent but for use when the lease was made out of friendship.Example, or as a reward, or to guarantee a debt.

  • In this way the feudal county or duchy was formed, which in most cases corresponded only approximately to the old administrative divisions of the state, because private feudal possessions were often formed within county limits, too powerful to depend on. they. the count, sometimes the deputies followed the countExample, and on the other hand, the earl has often joined his earldom as if they were his own lands lying outside his borders.

  • The case of the Count of Champagne, one of the peers of France, is a famous caseExample.

  • Superficial, for exampleExample, the feudal court differed little from its Germanic predecessor.

  • In many places his work gives the impression of being genuine rather than an imitation of the old Germanic epic.Examplehis, though occupied with the deeds of heroes other than those of the Germanic tradition.

  • Here the traveler coming up from the shore sees the firstExamplethe Jebel, or country villas, with their tall three-story ashlar houses, their narrow facades dotted with small windows with whitewashed borders and decorated with various arabesque motifs; each Dar has the appearance of a small self-contained castle, and the overall effect is more that of a collection of separate fortresses than a city occupied by a unified community.

  • Another poet, A'sha (q.v.), followed hisExample.

  • Ibn Muqaffa` translated the Great Book of Persian Kings and others followed hisExample.

  • Again, the construction of electric ovens can often be too crude and simple; in the carborundum furnace tooExample, the outer walls are loosely stacked bricks, and in one type of furnace the charge is simply piled on the floor around the carbon resistance used for heating, with no supporting walls.

  • Alumina and lime, eg.Example, which cannot be reduced at normal furnace temperatures, readily give up their oxygen to carbon in the electric furnace and then combine with the excess carbon to form metal carbides.

  • In the king's blast furnace, inExample, the crucible or lowest part of the furnace, is removable so that when it is full it can be removed and replaced by an empty crucible.

  • In such a furnace, a direct current, e.g.Example, 3000 amps, 50 to 60 volts can be used initially and ramp up to 5000 amps in about half an hour.

  • The accountant in London soon had to do the same.Examplefrom the other branches in Bruges, Novgorod and Bergen.

  • The history of Rome, which consisted of eighty books, and after thatExampleby Tito Livio, it was divided into decades, - began with the landing of Aeneas in Italy and lasted until the reign of Alexander Severus (222-23s).

  • The native dynasty grew stronger instead of weakening, and Tunisia can be called the best and the wisest.Exampleof the French administration over a foreign country and a foreign race.

  • The mutual action of electrified bodies, p.Example, is affected by its relative or absolute motion.

  • Virtually any container can serve as a template: test tube, flask, beaker, etc. If noxious vapors escape, it is necessary to provide a hermetic connection between the condenser and the receiver, and to provide the latter with an outlet pipe leading to an absorption column or other conducting device in which the vapors are absorbed. Do the operated substances decompose when heated in air, e.g.Example, zinc alkyls that ignite, the air inside the device is replaced with an inert gas, e.g.

  • For substances that tend to discolour, e.g.ExampleB. certain amino compounds, the operation can be carried out in a carbon dioxide atmosphere, or the water can be saturated with hydrogen sulfide.

  • These conditions apply to cases where steam extraction is successful, where the relatively high volatility of the water is balanced by the relatively high molecular weight of the other component; forExample, for nitrobenzene and water the ratio is 1 to 5.

  • AsExampleIt's propyl alcohol and water.

  • If the operated substance is of uncertain composition, such asExampleB. coal, wood, coal tar, etc., the term destructive distillation is used.

  • Sometimes reagents are placed in the smoke tube, e.g.ExampleLead oxide (litharge), which absorbs bromine and sulfur.

  • ForExampleIn the less modern methods of nitric acid production, the vapors were channeled directly into two-necked flasks (bonbons) submerged in water.

  • Many types of stills are used in addition to those mentioned above.Examplethe Rayners, Kirkaldys, Merlees, Normands; The US Navy adopted a form designed by the Office of Engineering.

  • The morality of the time was lax, mainly in Spain and Portugal, where the laxity of the marriage bond andExampleof the Moors encouraged polygamy.

  • Adjacent is the imposing, if somewhat ornate, Church of the Theatines.Exampleof the Italian rococo style; contains the royal burial chamber.

  • Yahweh or Yahweh is apparently oneExamplea common type of Hebrew proper names with the form of the third person.

  • The entire plan was based on faulty information and preconceived notions; went down in history as a classicExamplebad publicity, and its author Weyrother, who was perhaps no more than a pedant than a charlatan.

  • Romolo is young and simpleExampleTuscan Romanesque style; It is a minor basilica begun in 1028 and restored in 1256.

  • Later sociologists may have thought that people's minds were in the theological state, for example, on political events.Example, were explained by the will of the gods and political authority based on divine law.

  • adoption, zExample, as a practice to improve the happiness of families and the well-being of society, can be, and indeed can only be, weighed against utilitarian considerations, and has been praised. 1 To know Comte's place in the history of ethical theory, see Ethics.

  • In addition to Run-nan Fu, the capital, the province contains thirteen provincial cities, some of which are Teng-ch'uen Fu, Ta-li Fu, Yung-ch'ang Fu, Ch'u-siung Fu, and Lin- won. fu, stopExample- They are located in the plains of the valley.

  • He was very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a radical reform of social life in Livonia, which (after theExamplede Rousseau) believed that it would bring about a better method of school education.

  • But in doing so he was less encouraging his compatriots to freely develop their own national sentiments and ideas than sending them back to the classics.Exampleand beginning.

  • Ludolf did not take long to followExampleby Conrad; and with the conquest of Regensburg in 955 the uprising ended.

  • afterExamplevon Disraeli in 1868 resigned without meeting Parliament.

  • Zeno, rebuilt in 1123, are interestingExamplebrick and marble buildings.

  • The first palaces of Verona, before the Venetian conquest, were of noble and simple design, built mostly of fine red brick, with an internal courtyard surrounded on the ground floor by open arches like a cloister.Example, the Palazzo della Ragione, a jury started in the 2nd century.

  • The Scaligeri Palace is a good thingExample, from the 14th century, with an external staircase in the patio that leads to an upper loggia, above the usual porticoed room on the ground floor.

  • The Baptistery near the Duomo is one of the firstExamplethis.

  • i am winter zExample, when the northern monsoon begins to blow, several residents of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk swim south to the more pleasant waters of northern Japan; and in summer, the Indian Ocean and the Malay Archipelago send throngs of emigrants to their southern shores, returning home as winter approaches.

  • AsExampleit is only needed to destroy the balance once and for all.

  • ForExample, the ideograms meaning rice, metal, or water in Chinese were used to convey the same ideas in Japanese.

  • ºExample, but it has already been defined.

  • oExampleintroduced by the imperial court and still introduced, he did not tend to correct this style.

  • If the box is round, they will try to divert attention from the sheer regularity of the circle with a distracting pattern, such asExample, supported by a zigzag that breaks the circular outline, and by other ornaments.

  • However, he was heavily influenced by Okyos.Example, and their sons, Gantai, Ganryo, and Gantoku o Renzan, are descended in a manner almost indistinguishable from that of the ShijO school.

  • I guess becauseExamplethat the artist wants to make a built-in diaper.

  • ForExample, on the surface of a shibuichi cover we see the back of a flock of geese carved in silver, and when the cover is opened, their breasts and the lower part of their wings appear.

  • The Great Lochana Buddha Image in Nara, fromExample, would measure 138 feet.

  • The vein of a cherry blossom petal, ofExample, the mosaic of a carp scale, the indentation of the margin of a leaf: all these lines remain intact, saved by the cutting tool, while the leaf itself, or the petal, or the fish scales have the filaments that show velvety hair, and appear in soft bas-relief.

  • a trueExampleTo today's Japanese fans, it's worth many times its weight in gold, though to foreign eyes it's little more than interesting.

  • From now on yoursExampleIt was widely followed, and today it can be said that many of the best Japanese potters often copy the work of the Chinese chef.

  • Before that, some time passedExampleit found supporters, but eventually a program based on a large pipeline running the entire length of the main island from Aomori in the north to Shimonoseki in the south for a distance of 1153 m was devised and implemented; and a continuation of the same line along the island of KiQshiO in the south, from Moji in the north, which lies on the opposite side of the strait from Shimonosekito Kagoshima in the south, at a distance of 2323/4 m; and a line from Moji to Nagasaki, a distance of 1631/8 m.

  • In a more specific sense, "a liberty" is the term for an option, privilege, or branch of the prerogatives of the Crown granted to a subject, such asExample, carry out legal proceedings; hence the district over which the privilege extends.

  • Electrolytic chlorine can also lead to the formation of organic halogen products, e.g. b.Example, in the manufacture of chloral, by the gradual introduction of alcohol into an anodic cell, in which the electrolyte is a strong solution of potassium chloride.

  • Again, anodic reactions such as those seen in the electrolysis of fatty acids can be used, such asExample, when the radical CH3CO2 - deposited on the anode in the electrolysis of acetic acid - dissociates, two of the groups react to form one molecule of ethane, C 2 H 6 , and two to form carbon dioxide.

  • The ozone produced in this way has numerous possible uses, e.g.Example, bleach oils, waxes, cloth, etc., sterilize drinking water, age wine, clean dirty beer barrels, oxidize oil, and make vanillin.

  • The Cornhill followed the sameExample1883, he reduced the price to sixpence and made its pages easy to read.

  • maybe the oldestExampleit can be found in Selected Views of Literature (1811-1812).

  • That he learned something and grew up as a kind and generous man was due solely to his natural courage, for no one has had less education or family.Example.

  • ForExample, Jewish believers, including the apostles themselves, first demanded that Gentile believers be circumcised.

  • So his mistakes, while easy to understand, are by no means as forgivable as they used to be, forExample, those of the Jorges, who had been absolute monarchs in their own country.

  • The Indochinese squid is aExampleburrowing snakes, with short tails and small eyes; in Typhlopophis from the Philippines the eyes are covered.

  • ForExampleWhen vapors of the volatile metals cadmium, zinc, and magnesium act on platinum or palladium, alloys are formed.

  • ForExample, in the gold-aluminum curve, apart from the small singularities, we find two intermediate peaks, one in the Au 2 Al percentage and another in the AuAl 2 percentage.

  • We have also learned that solid solutions that exist at high temperatures often split into two materials upon cooling; forExample, where fig.

  • With some bronzes, p.Examplethat with about 25% tin the solid solution is soft and the complex in fig.

  • ForExamplethe sodium-mercury system has a notable peak in the NaHg 2 composition.

  • ForExample, the Cu3Sn compound is not shown on the freezing point curve, and in fact a liquid alloy with this percentage does not start to solidify by the formation of Cu3Sn crystals; the liquid completely solidifies into a uniform solid solution, and only at lower temperature does it transform into crystals of the compound, the transformation being accompanied by a considerable evolution of heat.

  • for oneExamplefor such a diagram see Bakerian Lecture, 1903, Phil.

  • It is obvious that any other property can be represented by similar diagrams. ForExample, we can build the conductivity curve of bimetallic alloys or the surface conductivity of ternary alloys, etc. for any measurable property.

  • At about the same time, Timothy's successes in the west led to the acceptance of Corcyra and the cities of Cephallenia into the league, and his restraint induced Acarnanes and Alcetas, the Molossian king, to follow his plans.Example.

  • On the eastern side, the parallel valley of `Asal el-Ward deserves a special mention; the descent to the eastern plain, seen fromExampleat Ma'lula it is unique: first a spacious amphitheater and then two deep and narrow gorges.

  • The great mass of vegetation, however, is of the low type (maquis or western Mediterranean garrigue), with small, hard leaves, often thorny and fragrant, likeExampleCairn (Quercus coccifera), Smilax, Cistus, Lentiscus, Calycotome, etc. (2) Next comes, from 1,600 to 6,500 feet, the montane region, which may also be called the forest, still showing scattered forests and isolated trees for shelter. the humidity and the inhabitants have allowed its growth.

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The above word usage examples have been compiled from various sources to reflect current and historical usage. They do not represent the views of

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In formal writing in the U.S., a leading tendency is to follow the abbreviations with a comma and enclose the text in parentheses. Macy said she'd join us at the tavern at 6:30 p.m. (i.e., 7:00 in Macy time). Please bring something to the potluck dinner (e.g., salad, appetizer, dessert).

How do you use parentheses correctly in a sentence? ›

  1. Use parentheses to enclose additional or supplemental information that clarifies or illustrates a point. ...
  2. Use parentheses to offer a digression or afterthought. ...
  3. Use parentheses to enclose numbers or letters introducing items in a list or outline.

What is brackets sentence examples? ›

Round Brackets

Example: Peter decided (after an hour's delay) that he would take the offer. Round brackets can also be used to add a comment by the person writing. Example: They were going to get caught (even though they were innocent). Tip: Brackets are not part of the subject of the sentence.

Why sentence examples? ›

Why as a question word. We can use why to ask about reasons and explanations: Why did he leave home when he was 16? Why didn't you tell Gemma?

What is example in simple words? ›

An example of something is a particular situation, object, or person which shows that what is being claimed is true.

What is a full sentence example? ›

Answer: It must have a subject and a predicate. An example of a simple, complete sentence is “She sleeps.” She is the subject; sleeps is the predicate.

What are the 4 types of sentences with examples? ›

The 4 English Sentence Types
1declarativestatement: It tells us something
2interrogativequestion: It asks us something
3imperativecommand: It tells us to do something
4exclamativeexclamation: It expresses surprise

What punctuation comes after example? ›

A comma or a semicolon is placed before for example. A comma is placed after it.

How do you write for example in the middle of a sentence? ›

When at the beginning of a sentence, for example should be followed by a comma. In the middle of a sentence, a comma should be placed before and after. And when for example is at the end of a sentence, a comma is only needed before.

Why should there be a comma after example? ›

"For example" and "for instance" introduce a specific person or thing to illustrate what has been recently said. These expressions should be surrounded by commas because they add extra information and/or interrupt the sentence flow.

What are the 8 rules for commas with examples? ›

  • Commas (Eight Basic Uses) ...

Can you use a colon before an example? ›

Common uses of colons. 1. To announce, introduce, or direct attention to a list, a noun or noun phrase, a quotation, or an example/explanation.

Do you use a semicolon when giving an example? ›

Use a semicolon before such words and terms as namely, however, therefore, that is, i.e., for example, e.g., for instance, etc., when they introduce a complete sentence. It is also preferable to use a comma after these words and terms.

How do you write an example of a paragraph? ›

Illustration paragraph: a 5-step example
  1. Decide on a controlling idea and create a topic sentence. ...
  2. Elaborate on the controlling idea. ...
  3. Give an example (or multiple examples) ...
  4. Explain the example(s) ...
  5. Complete the paragraph's idea or transition into the next paragraph.

What is the use of for example? ›

Use "for example" when the list of possibilities is too long. It might be that the list is just too long and would be cumbersome to write or read.

Should I use brackets or parentheses? ›

Do not confuse brackets [ ] with parentheses ( ). Parentheses are used to enclose additional information in your own writing; brackets are editorial marks used to insert comments into someone else's words that you are quoting, or to insert material into a passage already in parentheses.

Which examples correctly use colons? ›

Typically, a colon is used when the second sentence clarifies or explains the first sentence. For example, Me and my sisters are really excited: We're going to Disneyland!

Can I start a sentence with eg? ›

The abbreviation e.g. means "for example", and it can be used interchangeably with the phrase "for example". However, there is a difference between the two. Although a sentence can be started with the words "for example", a sentence cannot be started with e.g.

Which comes first brackets or parentheses? ›

Parentheses are to be used first, then brackets, and then braces: { [ ( ) ] }. Sometimes, instead of brackets or braces, you will see the use of larger parentheses.

What goes first parenthesis or? ›

We can remember the order using PEMDAS: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division (from left to right), Addition and Subtraction (from left to right).

Does punctuation go before or after parentheses? ›

As a general rule, a period goes outside of the parentheses when the parenthetical phrase is an incomplete sentence sharing contextual information or examples. A period goes inside the parentheses when the parentheses contain a complete sentence that stands alone.

What is an example of an ellipsis? ›

In linguistics, ellipsis means leaving out words rather than repeating them unnecessarily; for example, saying `I want to go but I can't' instead of `I want to go but I can't go. '

What is an example of a sentence with quotation marks? ›

Example: “John thinks that this brother [Jeff] will be a great dad,” said Andrew. Use quotation marks if the word or words are meant to imply irony or sarcasm. Example: The mayor told the people of his town that he “cares” about their well-being. Use quotation marks to highlight certain words within a sentence.

What is an example of a dash in a sentence? ›

Dashes are also used to mark the interruption of a sentence in dialogue: Example: “Help! This horse is going too fast,” the actor yelled. “I think I am fall—.”

How long is a 5 sentence? ›

Paragraph length recommendation: a traditional 5-sentence model, with 100-200 words per paragraph can work well for school essays.

How much is a 5 sentence? ›

How much money did you spend? How much sugar would you like in your coffee? How much paper will I need? How much milk is in the fridge?

What is an example of a 5 sentence in 1 paragraph? ›

Last summer my family went on an amazing picnic in a park. We brought freshly made ham sandwiches, apple pie and ice cold lemonade. While we enjoyed our picnic lunch under a tree, a small gray squirrel crawled close to us. Suddenly this squirrel grabbed my delicious piece of pie off my plate and scurried off.

How many words do 5 sentences have? ›

A paragraph typically has 75-160 words.

With an average of 15-20 words per sentence and 5-8 sentences in a paragraph, this comes to approximately 75 to 160 words. However, this will depend on the expectations of your audience.

How long is a sentence example? ›

How long? is used to ask questions about amounts or periods of time. Take a look at the following: 'How long have you been waiting?'

Is a 40 word sentence too long? ›

Fairly difficult (Medium long sentence length): 21-25 words. Difficult (Long sentence length) : 25-30 words. Very Difficult (Very long sentence length) : 30-40 words. Extremely difficult (Extremely long sentence length) : 40+ words.

Is the longest sentence ever? ›

The Guinness Book of Records lists the longest proper sentence as one from William Faulkner's novel 'Absalom, Absalom!' (1,287 words).


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